The Problem with YouTube Rewind!

  • Published on: 12 December 2018
  • A look into YouTube Rewind from someone who was in it. Is this what you wanted?

    YouTube Rewind 2011:
    YouTube Rewind 2012:
    YouTube Rewind 2013:
    YouTube Rewind 2014:
    YouTube Rewind 2015:
    YouTube Rewind 2016:
    YouTube Rewind 2017:
    YouTube Rewind 2018:

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    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Half of the Way by Vulfpeck

  • Runtime : 11:11
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  • Stefan eg
    Stefan eg   4 minuts ago

    I had a notification saying that u got a friend request from marques brownlee i was shocked so i checked it out and it wasnt there. What?

  • EjraM
    EjraM   9 hours ago

    mArkAsS bRoWnLeE

  • shining pearl
    shining pearl   18 hours ago

    I don't even know who is marques until yt rewind 2018 came along

  • misha
    misha   18 hours ago

    Mark Ass Brownie

  • Reagan Luker
    Reagan Luker   18 hours ago

    “Top stuff in YouTube, biggest you tubers, top videos and memes.” Where is everything then?

  • RepteyTEC
    RepteyTEC   1 days ago

    The problem with YouTube rewind 2018... everything

  • Mum Jooj
    Mum Jooj   2 days ago

    Whats up Mark ass browlee

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby   2 days ago

    Genie: You have 3 wishes Me: 5 more shrek moviesGenie: That's a good one Thats on me Genie: One more wishMe: Some Markass BrowneeGenie: Yeah no more from you

  • shado w
    shado w   3 days ago

    now the problem was no oewds

  • distie1002
    distie1002   3 days ago

    95% people in the rewind nobody knows

  • Jayson A
    Jayson A   3 days ago

    YouTube people are weird.

  • Yume Rini
    Yume Rini   4 days ago

    There’s a fine line between general celebrities and YouTube celebrities

  • Chris L
    Chris L   4 days ago

    The observation about YouTube Rewind turning into an appeal to advertisers was very insightful. The problem with this approach is clearly that it paints a distorted image of 2018... when people look back at a year in review, or a list like Time's "most influential people", they are not only looking for the good people or the positives - they're looking for the good, the bad, and everything in between. An actual, accurate, year in review, which YouTube is too afraid to do (perhaps because it would shine a light on their flaws).

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name   4 days ago

    Me to YT Spotlight showing the dislikes:"Is this what you wanted?"