Guess That Song Challenge | FBE Staff React

  • Published on: December 15 Des 201

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  • Andres Escamilla
    Andres Escamilla   2 weeks ago

    lol i was sure the 1rst second of bleeding love was ``Fix You`` by Coldplay

  • Joselin yay
    Joselin yay   3 weeks ago

    bro I literally knew beautiful liar after the 1st second and I was literally born in the 2000s

  • Mary Matheson
    Mary Matheson   3 weeks ago

    You should try “let her go” by passenger or “Hotel California” by Eagles

  • Mario Anims
    Mario Anims   3 weeks ago

    my name is stephen people call me stefan XD

  • The Avatar
    The Avatar   3 weeks ago

    make something like a Scene in a film and they have to guess what film it is

  • Nicolas Hardiman
    Nicolas Hardiman   3 weeks ago

    I’m watching this video because Gwen Stefani 🤣🤣🤣

  • qunjy
    qunjy   3 weeks ago

    2:52 I have to scream

  • donuts globonuts
    donuts globonuts   3 weeks ago

    Did he really just say hips don't lie by Shakira and Christina Aguilera? I-

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith   3 weeks ago

    lol I would have got all of them wrong! I'm not familiar with any of this music. Not my type of music.

  • AT 01
    AT 01   3 weeks ago

    Rebecca is adorable

  • cerrismatic
    cerrismatic   3 weeks ago

    I got all of them in the first second. I think this was my best one yet.

  • Janie
    Janie   3 weeks ago

    Producers vs parents.

  • Jessi Jess
    Jessi Jess   3 weeks ago

    1:16 How you can't know the song 😱😭😭

  • Jordan Mwesiga
    Jordan Mwesiga   3 weeks ago

    I’m so stressed at how no one could get beautiful liar at the first second 😞

  • Taylor
    Taylor   3 weeks ago

    what's with the description? 'SabrinaStefanStephen' ? are they all one person lol

  • Taylor
    Taylor   3 weeks ago

    I'm gonna play along1. hollaback girl - gwen stefani (1 second)2. shakira (1 second) - beautiful liar ft. beyonce (3 seconds) 3. kelly clarkson - since u been gone (1 second) literally heard it on VH1 30 minutes ago 4. leona lewis - bleeding love (1 second) was on VH1 too LOL5. they guessed it before me so im not sure if i would have guessed title on my own

  • dstarkspp
    dstarkspp   3 weeks ago

    Just here to see Katie awesome smile!

  • Paris Rose
    Paris Rose   3 weeks ago

    Sabrina is doing just a little too much for me

  • Selma
    Selma   3 weeks ago

    Please react to 5sos

  • smmc1223
    smmc1223   3 weeks ago

    I’m so glad you used Beautiful Liar! I forgot how much I loved that song!

  • Aaliyah Nagee-Bailie
    Aaliyah Nagee-Bailie   3 weeks ago

    can you guys do a parents react to newschool music but this time do trap artists?

  • S Dix04
    S Dix04   3 weeks ago

    React to Why Don't We.

  • Azhar ƎE
    Azhar ƎE   3 weeks ago

    stefan so cute he ythe new staff?

  • Tash Chapman
    Tash Chapman   4 weeks ago

    Stefan is giving me Ryan Tedder/Spencer Pratt vibes 😂😂

  • WILLIAMG 317
    WILLIAMG 317   4 weeks ago

    Do guess the kpop songs to teens or adults or college kids

  • hlnl56
    hlnl56   4 weeks ago

    Nope. I couldn’t guess one. I was too busy studying for tests and smelling books. I was a bookworm. 😆

  • Alex Leon
    Alex Leon   4 weeks ago

    Generations react to Miley Cyrus No Tears Left To Cry!!!

  • Sandra J
    Sandra J   4 weeks ago

    Rebecca was so nice at the end with Micah :)

  • Sierra Wo
    Sierra Wo   4 weeks ago

    Hey , just made a YouTube channel . Please subscribe !!!! 😇