Film Theory: Is Hitman's Bulletproof Skin POSSIBLE?

  • Published on: December 20 Agu 201

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  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi   13 hours ago

    He would want to wear that in a thunderstorm because it’ll act like a faraday cage

  • Aditya Didwania
    Aditya Didwania   1 days ago

    Bruh, Common science, Carbon is brittle in nature, it doesnt strech, get some sense in that brain Mat

  • killer wolf
    killer wolf   1 days ago

    Ok there levels of armor and most Kevlar armor has a thick ceramic plate and so that plate breaks the Bullet and the Kevlar catch it

  • Knights of Camelot
    Knights of Camelot   2 days ago

    If its under his skin then there would still be holes in his skin and it would block off the cells so it would never heal

  • Zachary Corven-Tullett

    fuck yeah graphene, i dont live near electricity and i get into alot of fights, if you need a test subject hit me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nirnay kumar
    nirnay kumar   4 days ago

    7:32 to 7:38 John Smith's boobs bounce😂😂😂

  • nirnay kumar
    nirnay kumar   4 days ago

    6:36 when you see "True Love" in the list of person vulnerable to 🤣🤣🤣

    PIYUSH SINGH   5 days ago

    I'll rather have clothes made out of it than in skin

  • Sans Moyer
    Sans Moyer   5 days ago

    I would... Parkour kills me... Literary

  • D4SHKA
    D4SHKA   5 days ago

    im 11 years old and i have heard of carbon

  • Blue Bleach
    Blue Bleach   6 days ago

    just use bigger bullets, like .50 cals

  • zackary kidder
    zackary kidder   6 days ago

    Yes definitely, it'd basically give your body a overpowered feel, and for thunderstorms just wear rubber stuff on your normal skin to stop the electrical flow from getting to you

  • Ryan Vincentius Gaming

    Titanium is the lightest metal but wearing the thinnest titanium subdermal body armor 1/4 inch is still heavy and 1/4 inch can only protect from 9mm bullets

  • H410pr0
    H410pr0   1 weeks ago

    f his skin is bulletproof then all the hitman games lied.

  • DiamondBoss 63
    DiamondBoss 63   1 weeks ago

    Personally I wouldn't have the aomor because I'm a gamer so I wouldn't be able to play any videogames because the weakness of that is electricity so essentually it wiuld completely fry me if i hade it so no i wouldn't have the armor

  • Ben -
    Ben -   1 weeks ago

    This is so cool

  • Vantage Zone
    Vantage Zone   1 weeks ago

    this actually makes a lot of sense. john smith gets electrocuted to death. but the under the skin part doesn't. they could bleed to death.

  • DaProRobloxer 06
    DaProRobloxer 06   1 weeks ago

    Ok fine if might be like this but have you ever thought he can just be some random strong guy i mean I have had brain damage multiple times and it wasn't really painful i could nearly feel it even when I was a baby and my skull wasn't built yet so yes I fell about umm like I should be dead but yea I fell a lot and landed head first o onto steel floor

  • SugarMoon Hellscythe
    SugarMoon Hellscythe   1 weeks ago

    Hmm seems like that MatPat has looked at the graphite but he needs to do more research now and possibly a new video about it as Graphite has grown to be useable for lots of new things. If you read this I suggest you look more into the subject, by the way, it was a great episode to watch.