Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: The Ultimate Slider?

  • Published on: 03 January 2019
  • The bezelless, notchless slider. Can't even be mad.

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    Phone provided by Xiaomi for video
  • Runtime : 5:59
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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee   2 weeks ago

    Pinned comment correction time (since there are no annotations)The slippery back is ceramic, like the rest of the Mi Mix seriesThe slider mechanism is actually held in place by magnets, unlike the blackberry

  • Jorge Villalobos
    Jorge Villalobos   2 hours ago

    Nice video. Can you do a review of the Mi Max 3? That phone is HUGE (6.9” screen). That’d be a good video.

  • William Su
    William Su   2 hours ago

    I prefer the slider designs over the Hole punch. Slide phones have been around for so long, it's plenty reliable for way longer than the life of the time that you will use the phone. Remember when you had slider phones in the early 2000s, even then with the full keyboard slides they were bulletproof.

  • E A
    E A   14 hours ago

    hundreds of thousands ? haha, lol.

  • Pipa Cacao
    Pipa Cacao   20 hours ago

    Yes, this is to me the definitive solution to the bezels.

  • Atip Paijitprapapon
    Atip Paijitprapapon   21 hours ago

    poor attempt on the vid, such a view grabber. basic info already off, likely no research done beforehand. Only watchable vid from you is the one that you need to be handsomely paid it seems.

  • UFR00lz
    UFR00lz   1 days ago

    whats the light on the sides when the slider is moved up and down?

  • wellygeek
    wellygeek   2 days ago

    a thousand times better than notch phones

  • Noel john
    Noel john   2 days ago

    Hey,Can you give me a smart phone with you?Sorry if im disturbing you.I dont have money to buy a new one.I will use it carefully.Regards,Noel John from India.

  • Ran Lin
    Ran Lin   4 days ago

    And the back is not glass, but ceramics.

  • Ran Lin
    Ran Lin   4 days ago

    Actually, it's not spring loaded, but magnetically loaded.

  • Jonty Bregazzi
    Jonty Bregazzi   4 days ago

    When you open snapchat and slide up the camera to take a selfie does it still bring up the camera app???

  • 4boyscouts
    4boyscouts   4 days ago

    Tell me you can answer a phone call by sliding it open, and hang up by sliding it closed!!!

  • Matt Adams
    Matt Adams   4 days ago

    I beg to differ - the ultimate slider has got to be the Pantech Matrix! This feature phone slides up for the numeric/T9 keypad and sideways for the QWERTY keyboard. The tactile buttons on the front for navigation, call control, and music are especially useful. 10/10 best slider. There was even a version that ran Windows 10 (Pantech Matrix Pro)As far as phones that still work in 2019 and can access the internet at faster than dialup speeds, yeah, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is probably near or at the top.

  • 2spoopy4u
    2spoopy4u   4 days ago

    The ultimate slider is when don't have to wipe.

  • Jagman
    Jagman   5 days ago

    I’d buy a phone with no bezel, no front camera and no slider.

  • evilsbrother
    evilsbrother   5 days ago

    This is the best way to avoid the notch, until they can figure out a better under display method, or a nice fold-able phone.

  • nishant singh
    nishant singh   5 days ago

    Haha for all those secretly opening front camera and checking themselves out.. there's no hiding from this 😂 personally don't like the moving concept.

  • Adam Macias
    Adam Macias   5 days ago

    If anyone ever had a Sidekick yall really know how addicting manual functionality like this is.

  • UrsoPolar
    UrsoPolar   5 days ago

    I would love a cheaper Mi phone with this slider mechanism!!!

  • Danial Azman
    Danial Azman   5 days ago

    ADDICTIVE not addicting, please don't make this mistake more widespread.

  • FaerieDust
    FaerieDust   6 days ago

    Love it. I pretty much don't use my front facing camera (maybe a few times per year at most), but it's nice to have. This way it doesn't take up screen real estate but is still there if I need it!

  • Zahuruddin Sheik
    Zahuruddin Sheik   6 days ago

    There have been multiple instances where exposed camera gave access to hackers causing suicide and other traumatic problem in common ppl’s life. Am not against technology like some idiots out there but I believe as tech development happens. It is in our hands that we secure our gadgets. Cameras shd not be exposed 24*7 on a design basis anymore.

  • Raza Mohamed
    Raza Mohamed   6 days ago

    Awesome 👍 video brah make a review plzz

  • Sandra Pool
    Sandra Pool   6 days ago

    Like the short videos! Very informative and you will be able to put out more content which is always a plus :-)

  • Andrew
    Andrew   6 days ago

    This should be the future of front facing cameras. Bring old tech back.

  • Futgame Pros
    Futgame Pros   6 days ago

    this kind of slide will probably be the future for hidindthe cameras and avoiding the notch

    NTH THN   6 days ago

    I prefer the motorized selfie cam though :<These sliders don't sound so good against drops :(

  • HorizonMelt
    HorizonMelt   6 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of both your video formats. Honestly, sometimes I only have a few moments to kill, so this format works great.

  • daentastic
    daentastic   6 days ago

    Means u also can't slap any case on this one?