Full Game Recap: Bulls vs Warriors | Steph, Klay, and Durant Combine for 80 Points

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • The Warriors defeated the Bulls, 146-109 tonight in Oakland. Klay Thompson led the Warriors with 30 points (7-11 3pt FG), while Stephen Curry tallied 28 points (10-16 FG) and 8 assists in the game. The Bulls were led by Zach LaVine who finished with 29 points (10-16 FG) in the losing effort. The Warriors made 18-39 3pt FG (46.2%) as a team, compared to 9-20 3pt FG (45%) for the Bulls. With the win the Warriors improve to 28-14, while the Bulls fall to 10-32 on the season.
  • Runtime : 9.35


  • Jason Winterboer
    Jason Winterboer   5 days ago

    7:30 this has to be one of the best plays I've ever seen... Curry is a Wizard not a Warrior!

  • Theron Prescott
    Theron Prescott   5 days ago

    Kobe be like: need Curry, Klay, and Durant to get 80? I scored 81 by MYSELF!!!!

  • ThaSouthTV
    ThaSouthTV   5 days ago

    It criminal how bad Lavine is on defense. 15 of GSW first 25 points are scored by the man he’s guarding. A simple screen or rub and he’s out of the play. Wow....

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O   6 days ago

    God damn I can't wait to see Boogie play. Every time I see him on that bench that's what I think.

  • Justin Choi
    Justin Choi   6 days ago

    1:01 does that count as an assist or missed field goal? And how do the officials make the distinction? Thank u for ur time

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez   6 days ago

    Pfft big deal.. Kobe and Luke Walton once combined for 81 points 😏

  • Kaylin Cruz
    Kaylin Cruz   6 days ago

    When bogey come Houston well have a problem

  • kneehigh
    kneehigh   1 weeks ago

    My babby Steph at it again

  • Maddy T
    Maddy T   1 weeks ago

    Klays doing real good this year

  • swingtrade2
    swingtrade2   1 weeks ago

    Why doesn't anyone play zone defense against these guys? Quit chasing them around - they know how to beat that. So many teams in NBA now have monsters in the middle but don't use them in a space defense. Granted, GS is going to score but shut down , at least partially those easy drives and you got a chance.

  • James M
    James M   1 weeks ago

    Looks like the Washington Generals were once again defeated by the Trotters!

  • Martin Jensen
    Martin Jensen   1 weeks ago

    Bulls going hard to get that first lottery pick great team effort.

  • Brooks 93
    Brooks 93   1 weeks ago

    That’s my team....the best

  • Cely Malik
    Cely Malik   1 weeks ago

    LAVINE carries the bulls off a bigger loss

  • nonov yobiznez
    nonov yobiznez   1 weeks ago

    40 points in quater? I remember a time when the final score was high 80s.Chicago is not on this guy's level

  • GreatShinzo
    GreatShinzo   1 weeks ago

    What a joke. Chicago’s fall started with trading Derrick Rose.... now they got one kid with all nobodies

  • Westside 4LIFE
    Westside 4LIFE   1 weeks ago

    Bobby Portis tough enough to hit his teammate at the time Niko Mirotic in Practice, but I didn't see him running to Knock Klay and Steph on their Frail Asses! I'm glad I watched MJ's Bulls play Tough, cause these Bulls are some Hoes! I'd take 12 Street Ballers from My City to replace these No Heart having Bums!! #GoSeeTheWizardForSomeHeart

  • Ra Li
    Ra Li   1 weeks ago

    Looks like a loopsided 5th grader game

  • MizerisMoney
    MizerisMoney   1 weeks ago

    Bulls in full tank mode with a performance like this. Pathetic game from Markennen and Carter jr.

  • EyeLoveTheStars
    EyeLoveTheStars   1 weeks ago

    I'm a big 90s Bulls fan since I grew up watching idolizing that team, but these Warriors are the greatest team ever. They would beat my Bulls in 7 games in a series.

  • Chris Breezy
    Chris Breezy   1 weeks ago

    Doing what they supposed to do vs the Weak East. Gotta start doing this against playoff teams again. Iron sharpens iron.

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23   1 weeks ago

    They just kick their asses. Lol

  • OVO XO
    OVO XO   1 weeks ago

    It was a nail biter game. Lol

  • Real Talk University Founder

    As a bulls fan I didn't belive we were this bad damn we're worse than the worst team in the league and they have a nerve to try to get mad at the coach for making them work harder in practice that's crazy they need it look like a 65 overall team

  • Hu Zheng
    Hu Zheng   1 weeks ago

    The NBA starts to officially make the highlights?

  • Mikey Dunks
    Mikey Dunks   1 weeks ago

    Zach Lavine needs help. : ( Why doesn't Blakeney get 25-30 mpg??? ~sigh~ #BullsNation