Traditional Vietnam Street Food FEAST in Saigon: SIXTEEN DESSERTS!

  • Published on: December 6 Feb 2018

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  • tienglongmy
    tienglongmy   6 hours ago

    It's a crepe, not eggs. Comes from the French-Vietnamese tradition.

  • خضر 313
    خضر 313   21 hours ago

    RIP Anthony Bourdain, he'd enjoy this episode

  • Zack T
    Zack T   2 days ago

    I have to say Vietnamese food is probably one of the healthier Asian food.

  • Thu Huỳnh
    Thu Huỳnh   2 days ago

    i'm from Vietnam, I'm very happy that you have come here to experience and enjoy the traditional dishes of my hometown <3

  • pressefr
    pressefr   3 days ago

    11:55 Vietnamese food is always bland first on purpose, don't forget to add a blob of fermented shrimp paste.

  • cam12 cam12
    cam12 cam12   3 days ago

    Why do i love thai and Vietnamese food so much ughh i try it everyday but i bet it taste different lol. I also follow alot of coocks. Is there like a good yt for beginners and mistakes you make at home because im not asian. I know it taste good but it can be better hahaha. Btw my fav is jajangmeyon if i write it right and steamd chicken, jungle seafood curry and peking duck. My lord i will do a crime for this

  • Kabsati
    Kabsati   3 days ago

    3:41 double LET US SING IT 😂👍

  • Lien Ta
    Lien Ta   3 days ago

    That’s not egg ,it’s rice flour

  • Monica Pham
    Monica Pham   4 days ago

    I’m sure the Mike gets there’s no egg in banh xeo now. You guys don’t have to keep commenting on the misunderstanding. Cut him some slack lol.

  • Jake Doogily
    Jake Doogily   4 days ago

    The yellow crispy pancake is turmeric not egg

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M   5 days ago

    Sounds like he’s saying crap not crab lol

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee   6 days ago

    Mike what you are eating is called Banh Xeo. The Yellow liquid she added into the hot Pan is not egg, but flours batter. It is a batter made from two types of flours and Turmeric powder. I made 32 large one when I first made it. I loves making and especially eating Banh Xeo. I like the way I made it. You can even make the Pan fried batter alone and eat it. My craps was so good that I did not need to eat it with the dipping sauce. It may look easy but it is actually hard to make. You have to be good at what you are doing to make it come out right. You have to learned how to do it step by step to do it right. Even the tool you use to cook it require that you have a certain type of wok to use and temperature control is most important. It took me half a day literally to make 35 large pieces of craps. I have many herbs that I use to eat it with. Thus, it takes times to wash them. I have to make the dipping sauce and I have to make the batter. Then there the meat that I have to chops and cook separately to use to place in the craps.

  • Lovable Mz
    Lovable Mz   6 days ago

    you can eat intestines but not brains 🤔

  • aya
    aya   6 days ago

    the soup oh my god

  • Tim
    Tim   6 days ago

    Fish sauce... in Vietnamese it's called nuk mam.

  • Kaylee Wileman
    Kaylee Wileman   1 weeks ago

    Oh wow I couldn’t stomach the thought of the crab soup. I guess my American is showing but the texture of the soup looked like a gelatinous seafood pudding with raw egg and everything else made me queasy! I usually have a strong stomach.

  • Amaterasu
    Amaterasu   1 weeks ago

    I've ate everything in this video

  • Carron Andrews
    Carron Andrews   1 weeks ago

    You guys took the last bowl of soup..."girl...(yes)"well I should keep walking then.....FBI OPEN UP

  • Bo Seng
    Bo Seng   1 weeks ago

    Where do you have room for all the foods?

  • Trang Pham
    Trang Pham   1 weeks ago

    haha i think you gotta do 1000 of food vlogs in order to reach the eating capacity that he has

  • Bryce Arnold
    Bryce Arnold   1 weeks ago

    My time is Saigon was amazing and the food was definitely a part of it. So many new flavours and curious combinations that I took back home with me. The street food never failed to impress!

  • Jay Ape
    Jay Ape   1 weeks ago

    Bro i can go there with 20$ and eat so much food and still take some home lol here in Cali thats like 1 meal lol

  • Kelvin Nguyen
    Kelvin Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    You should try the buns and noodles from Ca Can in District 5, 110 Hung Vuong, HCM City.

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin   1 weeks ago

    Where is the ""all the addresses are listed in the description box below"?????!?!?!

  • Barbara Vo
    Barbara Vo   1 weeks ago

    I don't know if they mixed it in or have it, but if your bun rieu isn't flavorful enough, you should try shrimp paste (mam ruoc)!

  • Trang Nhu
    Trang Nhu   1 weeks ago

    Most of foreigner come to Viet Nam, they just stay in district 1, and actually, almost delicious foods are from in many district, hope he can show the address for pp

  • Hina Tymah
    Hina Tymah   2 weeks ago

    Love every video there is & such an amazing experience to be able to travel for food tasting. Keep it coming

  • Zed Orchard
    Zed Orchard   2 weeks ago

    I would eat myself to death if I ever go to Ho Chi Minh City

  • Outlaw
    Outlaw   2 weeks ago

    I thought it was Jackie Chan in the thumbnail.