We Found the Auction Corvette's Previous Owner... The Story is INSANE!

  • Published on: December 10 Des 201

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  • Martin Sloan
    Martin Sloan   49 minuts ago

    Struck by lightning....More like you were drinking white lightning and drove that h.o.s. into a creek.

  • T.Winters
    T.Winters   11 hours ago

    Lmao my 87 Iroc was named ruby xD

  • Neezy Ko
    Neezy Ko   13 hours ago

    Jackstand to ground probably helped the car from more damage. My dad's truck got hit by lightening, ripped off the roof rack, went through the body, into the frame, then the axles, and ARC'd around the rubber to the ground. There were 4 holes in the driveway where the lightning arc'd around the rubber. The stupid insurance company tried to say it was an easy fix, then ended up replacing every single computer in the truck, the radio, guage cluster and main harness's in the car. They originally started replacing computers, then harnesses and the price just kept going up as codes kept popping up. All said and done it ended up costing more to fix than it was worth. The insurance adjuster was an idiot, I told him to total it before they started dumping money into it. The truck always popped the occasional CANbus code, but my dad would just erase and ignore it. The catalytic converters also died 2 years later, and the truck was 4 years old when they died. I think the lightening cooked the cats and melted them a little, causing them to clog prematurely. We had to pay for that ourselves.

  • Harold Buford
    Harold Buford   13 hours ago

    Hey fuck face. You the guy that looks like that fuck face from Facebook the owner fuck face. Can you shut the fuck up and let the man talk. For fucks sakes.

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker   21 hours ago

    If it was struck by lightning, you HAVE to name it lightning.

  • pressley10r
    pressley10r   1 days ago

    So this guy shows his face on a Youtube channel with 1.2m subscribers to share a pretty elaborate fraud scheme? Ballsy. Maybe carmax will ad some clips of this to their training vids. Hope I never have to deal with a guy like this.

  • Delightful Douschebaggery

    "I didn't want to screw anybody over" after he puts a truck engine in a corvette.... This guy is a real piece of work.

    MARK MROZ   1 days ago

    Jack stands or not, when lightning travels through a few miles of air, a few inches of rubber is nothing.

  • Chrontius
    Chrontius   2 days ago

    How about "Crimson Thunder"? I'm a big fan of hair metal, and it fits...

  • ak
    ak   3 days ago

    This sounds like some pawn star fake story crap, but the good news is most people are idiots and will believe anything you tell them. Struck by lightning my ass. This is why he keeps interrupting the guy, because it's a bs story just for the show.

  • Jake V.
    Jake V.   3 days ago

    hahahaha lesson learned - dont leave the fucking car grounded to the earth via jackstands and let it become a huge lightning rod. rofl....

  • villen
    villen   3 days ago

    I mean with that story you really should have named the car "Ruby Lightning"

  • Andy Harman
    Andy Harman   3 days ago

    Drag racing a Corvette?  Why not call it "Knuckledragger"?

  • Rick Velocity
    Rick Velocity   4 days ago

    Cleetus seems to know what he's talking about, but man, he has a case of the giggles, he laughs at everything, like a giggle, giggle.....

  • John Doe
    John Doe   4 days ago

    my dads car got struck by lighting and fried the Radio he was driving down the road the lighting struck in a field 100 yards from the road the force from the lighting fried the radio when my brother turned 16 he but a new radio in. For 5 years we had no working radio in the car LOL

  • Stray Mongrel 野犬

    Due to the detailed public history, and competent love that's gone into it, in fifty years I would bet that it appreciates in value beyond a stock version of the same year.If it don't get wrapped around a tree at some point.

  • Kama Kairade
    Kama Kairade   4 days ago

    Name suggestion: "Wonder Boy" (from The Natural)

  • Mike
    Mike   5 days ago

    OMG just let him talk ffs!

  • Jason Peacock
    Jason Peacock   5 days ago

    After the owner telling the cars history only one name is fitting. "Reds Redemption".

  • Chris Philhower
    Chris Philhower   5 days ago

    I'm just curious, This guy isn't very old. Early 20s. How did he afford to do all this??

  • Bikefiend
    Bikefiend   5 days ago

    Alright I’m not sold on the lightning part but cool story on the car.

  • Cerd71
    Cerd71   5 days ago

    What's with all of the tinted taillights in the shop? That's so tacky.

  • Fem Latra
    Fem Latra   6 days ago

    Carmax would not sell it even if it was stock... Dealt with them and they always said they do not sell Corvettes or Vipers, A Viper is what i want.... Seen a blue one once for $15k in a showroom in some dealership in 2003ish and have not seen one since but also stopped looking.

  • jackson mcbride
    jackson mcbride   6 days ago

    i had my valves on my audi meet pistons poor car has been in the driveway for a few

  • EssTEye
    EssTEye   6 days ago

    That car’s name should be Cherry Bomb.

  • dl1027
    dl1027   1 weeks ago

    You can tell the guy did not understand the part about the jackstands grounding out the car leading to the lightning strike.

  • Kate Whitmire
    Kate Whitmire   1 weeks ago

    I started this journey on the corvette last night and I just found this video -- im so glad because I am so invested in this story now.

  • Vracktal
    Vracktal   1 weeks ago

    That corvette might not have an LS2, but it already has a personality