Trump: Democrats don't give a damn about crime

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • Talking to reporters as he departs the White House, President Donald Trump says that "Democrats don't care about crime" and that he is willing to declare a national emergency over border security if he does not get funding for a wall in the deal to end the partial government shutdown.#CNN #News
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  • ramrod 60th
    ramrod 60th   2 hours ago

    The southern end of Houston Texas was so bad with crime there was like 650 people killed every month we don't need a walk LOL send them back businesses in Texas like them because they're cheap labor and they don't have to pay him any benefits or nothing

  • ramrod 60th
    ramrod 60th   2 hours ago

    Ellie need to do something about that border I live down there in the 80s and then Mexicans will try to sell you drugs and then rob it from you when you come back or they just take your money there's like 15 of them living in a two-bedroom apartment on both sides of our complex they were stealing gas raping our girls I think you should put some snipers up along the border and once they see that's happening they'll stop coming illegally anyway

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams   18 hours ago

    "Peachy Dory" or Hunky Keen??? I'm confused... But not nearly as confused as you Mr. President!๐Ÿ˜‹

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams   18 hours ago

    "There's nothing that can't be penetrated, but you fix it!" By paying $130,000 to shut it up!๐Ÿคฃ

  • stan whipple
    stan whipple   1 days ago

    All that dirty money hes making and he wears the same black zip up everyday, and if America wasnt great before how did he get so rich ?

  • Jesus Saves
    Jesus Saves   2 days ago

    Fake news. Mr Trump has a lot a compassion. Much more than what you think

  • Louis Bermudez
    Louis Bermudez   2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me whoโ€™s going to pay for the wall I think itโ€™s going to be American taxpayers ha ha Ha

  • Tony Navarro
    Tony Navarro   2 days ago

    I liked how he tried to blame the lying on the Democrats, with the phrase: "If you ask McCarthy and Pence on what I said in the meeting" ... oh sure, we're supposed to believe two of the biggest liars this side of Pinnochio, from Pinnochio himself!

  • james c
    james c   2 days ago

    Trump is no real president.

  • Christo Casabov
    Christo Casabov   2 days ago

    Democrats and Hollywood hide the truth about child trafficking. Every year 400,000 children disappear from America to be prostitutes or to be used as donors somewhere in the world ....

  • Christo Casabov
    Christo Casabov   2 days ago

    True liars, fascists and racists are Democrats and Hollywood....

  • Christo Casabov
    Christo Casabov   2 days ago

    Anyone who is against Trump's policy is against America and proves they are not interested in the safety and the future of the American nation.

  • Teresa Navarro
    Teresa Navarro   2 days ago

    i love this country and people...but MEXICO IS NOT GOING TO PAID THE WALL...SORRY FOR THE RACISTS PEOPLE...

  • russell bergener
    russell bergener   2 days ago

    We will all be better of if we open the borders, dissolve ICE, give amnesty to all illegals, allow convicts to vote, take guns away from the cops, make all cities sanctuaries for all criminals, legalize recreational drugs, make college free, abolish any reference to gender, exile all straight white males, exile all Christians and Jews, make Islam our national religion....and anything else left wants.

  • russell bergener
    russell bergener   2 days ago

    Leave the border open, we need more cheap drugs in my city.

  • Byrdman 51/50
    Byrdman 51/50   2 days ago

    Fuck CNN!!!! The Clinton/Criminal News Network!

  • MarcoA1971
    MarcoA1971   2 days ago

    Excuse me, we don't what? What the s*** f*** is this man talking about.

  • dave690
    dave690   2 days ago

    My thoughts go out to all the people effected by the shutdown.

  • CItec Xeon
    CItec Xeon   2 days ago

    Mr President, unfortunately *you under estimated the ignorance* of the fellows from the DEM party followers, therefore, next time, PLEASE GET A KINDERGARTEN TEACHER to explain to them using drawings a the Kindergarten level, hopefully they might understand implicit effects.!!??

  • RedBaronAce 0207
    RedBaronAce 0207   2 days ago

    I know someone whoโ€™s not getting re-elected in 2020.

  • tammy steves
    tammy steves   2 days ago

    Democrats were in favor of a newer wall from the 90โ€™s up until trump was elected and there is video evidence ... so Dems are racists also ? ? ? Fucking idiots

  • BoaSky
    BoaSky   3 days ago

    Yes they do Democrats wanted to ban guns

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones   3 days ago

    Dems pretend to love illegals! They Don't ... They see slaves that will vote for their evil assess for promised freebies!. In Ca the commercials run constantly offering help to these ILLEGALS for FREE... Many of these gov " American taxes paid programs run by LIBERALS / Dem's ... To promote this Scantuary State of Ca, as a safe haven for criminals. The Dem's NEED THESE ILLEGALS FOR VOTERS ... THE DEM PARTY IS ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE WITHOUT THE ILLEGAL AMNESTY VOTERS.

  • Jean Jones
    Jean Jones   3 days ago

    Schumer, Pelosi and CNN - the three stooges!How dare they stand in front of the American Flag while spouting this vile anti-American tripe?

  • Nick Sofialakis
    Nick Sofialakis   3 days ago

    It sounds so funny when the US Conman-Neocons are sounding extremely empathetic towards a few Mexican intruders and kids, while millions of young and old people are destroyed merciless during their raids for OIL and Control. They're so confident and don't give a shit about their serial global crimes any more...

  • Stev MTS
    Stev MTS   3 days ago

    trump is wrong that the democrats don't care about crime, why does he think he's being investigated ?

  • Wired Weird
    Wired Weird   3 days ago

    Forrest Trump: "Mama says stupid is as stupid does"

  • jedberten
    jedberten   3 days ago

    I actually think they're crazy.ย  lol

  • Whitney Lyn
    Whitney Lyn   3 days ago

    3:52... Anyone else hear him say gina as when he says China? Sounds like vagina ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. God, this dumb mother fucker.

  • N S
    N S   4 days ago

    Trump lied when he said Mexico would pay for the wall, and failed to negotiate a deal when Republicans controlled all branches of government! A wall can be tunneled under and climbed over. Open the government first, then discuss border security.

  • N S
    N S   4 days ago

    The Trump temper tantrum government shut down is a distraction. Follow the money from Russia, through the NRA to the RNC, and arrest all Republicans involved for treason! We have a traitor in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler.

  • N S
    N S   4 days ago

    The border wall is a distraction from the Russia investigation. The only wall needed is the wall around Trump with bars on the windows. We have a Russian agent in the Whitehouse! Arrest Agolf Twittler.

  • John Humphrey
    John Humphrey   4 days ago

    Is it just me or is he blaming dems and past presidents for not building the wall. He clearly said he was going to take ownership of the shutdown. I see nothing but pointing on his end, get back to the table and work this out!

  • Joe S
    Joe S   4 days ago

    CNN doesn't give a damn about proper reporting, or it's viewers.