McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a move by Senate Democrats on Thursday to get the chamber to vote on spending bills to reopen the government on day 20 of the ongoing partial shutdown.#CNN #News
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  • Thorne K
    Thorne K   15 minuts ago

    can somebody kill that dirty dusty white FUCK already?!

  • Kingship LLC
    Kingship LLC   1 hours ago

    Pittiful weak shakey voiced Democrap libtards. Hes almost crying

  • Kingship LLC
    Kingship LLC   1 hours ago

    Shut the Senate down shut congress down give those rooster suckers a shovel and make them build the wall

  • Dorothy Duran
    Dorothy Duran   2 hours ago

    What an asshole McConnell with his geriatric was....OPEN THE GOVERNMENT NOW !!!

    TIM PHANEUF   3 hours ago

    Time to check out there Mitch, you're not doing the job.

  • Jawbreaker
    Jawbreaker   4 hours ago

    WE MUST get rid if this OLD SORDID CUNT ! This piece of shit is working AGAINST Americans. A fucking TRAITOR willing so SUCK Trump's COCK !

  • Ulot 23
    Ulot 23   4 hours ago

    This is for some people who supports this govt shutdown:Trump is trying to protect American's lives from immigrants by building a wall.... this, is okay! He said he doesn't mind shutting down the govt to achieve this... This, is bad! Now, govt is shut down. And some Agencies like TSA, FDA, Coast Guards, among others are affected... This, is very very bad!Reason - Some of these Agencies exist to protect American lives... This is very very very bad!Conclusion: While trying to protect American lives, Trump risk killing or hurting more American lives... This is insanely crazy, stupid, bad! Advise For Govt - Try Protecting Americans Lives And Do it without hurting Most Americans and also crippling the economy :)Thank you!

  • teresa prete
    teresa prete   8 hours ago

    Mitch are you afraid that congress would override a Trump veto? And then how would he look?

  • M Hilde
    M Hilde   16 hours ago

    Thanks KENTUCKY for mitch. With the size of his gizzard, you think he could pull something out of there besides lies.....LIES!

  • Ra Nev
    Ra Nev   19 hours ago

    That Democrat speaking is a Hippocrate because if what he said us true, they would put the money in fir border security and that would be it.But the democrats want to play politics with Trump. That is so wrong.

  • Aneel Chattar
    Aneel Chattar   1 days ago

    That's a nice board. Did the Devos family pay for that too?

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin   1 days ago


  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin   1 days ago

    Fuck mitch the bitch mcconnell what a total asshole this piece of shit is, DO YOUR GODDAMN JOB TURTLEBOY YOU FUCKING TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES!!!!!

  • anoniem always
    anoniem always   1 days ago

    Pelosy is a reminder of how Messed up Our political system is.Fire that mental ill witch.

  • Lillian Walcott
    Lillian Walcott   1 days ago

    McConnell retire or quit you're not doing your job, knowing opening the shutdown of the government is right. We the people " don't need you

  • crispy
    crispy   1 days ago

    Spineless McConnell, doesn't want to offend Trump even though he got burnt by him at the end of Dec.

  • hg8droid
    hg8droid   1 days ago

    Democrats don't want a wall, Republicans do want a Wall. Nobody caves in . Shutdown continues.

  • hg8droid
    hg8droid   1 days ago

    Democrats don't include money for the Wall , then no reopening. That's it.

  • Meat & Potato Burrito

    Keep the government closed!! Build that wall!! We all want the wall. Even if the dems forget that they voted for a wall just a few years ago.

  • christopher unfus
    christopher unfus   2 days ago

    The money that is owed to federal employees should come out of Trump's and McConnell's pockets.

  • Champagne 316
    Champagne 316   2 days ago

    what if Donald Trump is up to something bigger and their waiting to ATTACK from Russia, what's trumps motive?

  • Cary Clan
    Cary Clan   2 days ago

    Now you are seeing the real Republican Party. Time to remove McConnell. 2/3 vote of congress beats the President maybe McConnell forgot.

  • Patti Fearon
    Patti Fearon   2 days ago

    Why does Turtle get to block things the people want & okay what Trump wants RIGHT NOW!!! with no vote

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen   2 days ago

    Mitch makes me sick to my stomach. I can't watch this.

  • Mike Sidon
    Mike Sidon   2 days ago

    Keywords Veto majority rule. You won’t need the president to sign off on anything just get thegovernment back open and let the president pay for the wall he’s a billionaire wellat least claims to be. Bad turtle!

  • Miguel Lopez Garcia
    Miguel Lopez Garcia   2 days ago

    Lock him up for treasonous activities by violating his oath of office .

  • American Mom
    American Mom   2 days ago

    Mitch, put on your big boy pants and stop saying the government can't open because of anyone other than Trump. You know it's POTUS that cause this and he needs to make a deal. We blame Trump for the TRUMP SHUTDOWN!

  • L S
    L S   2 days ago

    McConnell MUST BE BEING BLACKMAILED. His funders are threatening to pull funding if he doesn't continue down this outrageous path of keeping the government closed.

  • Espy Wilson
    Espy Wilson   2 days ago

    I already know that mcconnell is spineless however, I just had to hear for myself how much worst he really is. Is this is caring about the people we are continuing to be screwed. MAGA??? More like MAWA...Make America Worse Again is more like it.!!!

  • Muhammad Steinberg
    Muhammad Steinberg   2 days ago

    Mitch's smug behavior in this post is despicable!Several months ago him and his wife were accosted by protesters will dining out. I was opposed to that at the time. Seeing his cavalier and smug attitude on this post I look forward to seeing him get grief wherever he may go.

  • Klex
    Klex   2 days ago

    McConnell is such a pussy.

  • Ms. Green
    Ms. Green   2 days ago

    Senate should be shut down!!!

    KING KONG   2 days ago

    So the republican object the Bill to open back up fed govt....but American citizen dont care and will forget and voted back these idiots to ruin there lives again and again...didnt know the wall was more important then American citizens.....smh

  • Steven Ratti
    Steven Ratti   2 days ago

    I wonder if McConnell is in Russia's pocket, like Trump...