Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► is DEAD! ►► is the VICTIM! ►'ve seen a lot of Spider-Man lately. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and soon Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before that we saw Andrew Garfield slinging webs with Emma Stone for a couple movies, but I want you to think FURTHER back. That's right, I'm talking Tobey Maguire Spider-Man. Remember how at the end of his first movie EVERYTHING had gone wrong? Norman Osborn - the Green Goblin - was gone, his best friend was fatherless, Uncle Ben did what all Uncle Ben's do, etc.. It was all very sad. In Spider-Man 2, we see a Spider-Man without his powers. I want to talk about WHY he lost his powers. What made our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man just plain, old Peter Parker? Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound.Get A 30 Day Free Trial Now! ► http://share.epidemicsound.......#Spiderman #PeterParker #Marvel #Spiderman2 #IntoTheSpiderVerse #SpiderVerse #TobeyMaguire #FilmTheoryMORE FILM THEORIESThanos Was RIGHT! ► Ant Man's GIANT Problem ► is DEAD! ►►'s Ant-Man Could KILL Us All! ►► Deadpool WRITE Deadpool?!? ► the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! MEDIA:Twitter: @MatPatGTFacebook: Matthew Patrick and Zach StewartEditors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, and Mat4yoSound Editor: Yosi BermanSources:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...https://www.sciencedirect.c...
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  • logan archibald
    logan archibald   23 seconds ago

    11:12 well you're in luck cause they did that in spiderverse

  • Hazed Out
    Hazed Out   8 minuts ago

    When you can't watch a single thing without making a theory

  • Aspenit
    Aspenit   26 minuts ago

    Why is it almost everyone in theories have PTSD? Too much PTSD!

  • Mattman vlogs /games
    Mattman vlogs /games   26 minuts ago

    Shit I might have PTSD I can't get one of my friends out of my head ever since she left me (told me to fuck off then blocked me) and I have all but the physical thing for PTSD every day

  • Packs On Packs
    Packs On Packs   34 minuts ago

    I think that the spider man into the spider verse movie proves this to be true

  • {SleepyCakes}
    {SleepyCakes}   46 minuts ago


  • SoulHuN7eR
    SoulHuN7eR   1 hours ago

    Spiderpig... Spiderpig.... Does whatever a spiderpig does.... :P

  • Hi my name is jasper
    Hi my name is jasper   1 hours ago

    His comedy is so bad and unfunny like people only watch your channel for game theories not for failing comedy

  • River Lily
    River Lily   2 hours ago

    1:19 LUCUS THE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3:3:3:3:3:3

  • Alex 303
    Alex 303   3 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  • Eddie K
    Eddie K   3 hours ago

    Great video in so many ways . Great edition . Very funny and very well informed. Thankyou

  • Logannev Gaming
    Logannev Gaming   4 hours ago

    I don’t know, I feel like the DNA change could have been a temporary thing to avoid serious genetic disorders, but instead of totally going away it goes into “ hibernation “ until he needs them most

  • James Morris
    James Morris   4 hours ago

    Can we agree MattPat that Spidey had a case of the Yipps?

  • lera
    lera   5 hours ago

    I mean I watched those movies when I was like 14 and even I remember putting together that 'spiderman lost his powers because bad things are happening to him and the powers are somehow tied to his emotions and belief in himself' so i never really considered it a mystery that they stopped working u just have to,,,, not be stupid

  • Takai153
    Takai153   5 hours ago

    How is this theory worthy, because I can't be the only one who found this blatantly obvious the first time they watched it as a kid

  • Silent DylanYT
    Silent DylanYT   6 hours ago

    I have a theory about spiderman HOW DID HE COME BACK IN SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME

  • Leon
    Leon   6 hours ago

    I thought (in my teenage years) he lost his powers because he was starting to stop loving Mary Jane. Think about it, the spider has bitten Peter when he was taking pictures of her, he was in love. When Mary got engaged the reality that he won't be able to be with her makes him lost his powers. And everytime he sees Mary with his friend the reality weighs like an anvil to the ground. That's why in the end of spider-man 2 his powers got back just to save her. And that's why at the end of SM2 Mary run away of her wedding to Peter's house, and Peter got back at the spider-man life full recovered.

  • Yaugz
    Yaugz   6 hours ago


  • tracy wisdom
    tracy wisdom   7 hours ago

    Ha I'm the meme guy and I'm going to make a meme