Neighbor's Engine is TORE UP... Here's What Happened! (good/bad news)

  • Published on: December 4 Jan 2019

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  • silkysixx
    silkysixx   12 hours ago

    How the fuck much does a chain cost vs. how much you spent on that motor? I know you get a lot of help from sponsors, but Jesus Christ! Do some simple maths and don't be a tightwad.

  • Cj Cox
    Cj Cox   3 days ago

    Secondary tensioner failure. MMR has a flip kit to fix this design issue. Your welcome cleeter, your birthplace Pueblo, Colorado for the win...

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony   3 days ago

    You know how it works engine problem just clean the car all good lol

  • William Minyard
    William Minyard   3 days ago

    I make mistakes..but always learn from them. If more people had his humility and his integrity it would surely be a better world. Do it for good man .Cleetus

  • Fish Boi
    Fish Boi   3 days ago

    Clickbait control, just what I need in my life

  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above   4 days ago

    Put more force through metal than it's designed to take, and it breaks. Welcome to the mod world hungry on HP. If you like G-force, just buy a couple-year old 1,000cc Superbike and do 9's all day reliably.

  • J H
    J H   4 days ago

    Thats how we all live and learn! Try and see what works, learn from there and try again!

  • Darrell Cascone
    Darrell Cascone   6 days ago

    Hell ya. I have neighbour to your north. It the female version I guess. By car "neighbour" is a 2008 grand marque ls. Its actually parked on my neighbour's driveway do to snow and parking issues. Do it for dale lives up here too.

  • BAims
    BAims   1 weeks ago

    Sounds like esslinger 4cyl racecar s in background? Sweet New Symrna?

  • Tanner187 97
    Tanner187 97   1 weeks ago

    Cleetus you know better than reusing parts on a ford.

  • David Williams
    David Williams   1 weeks ago

    Dang not a good run on the engines currently😞

  • RebelRacer99
    RebelRacer99   1 weeks ago

    If ya ain't breakin' shit, ya ain't goin fast enough.

  • Pippy Domar
    Pippy Domar   1 weeks ago

    I was gona say ya stupid ford broke!!! But instead tables are turned. It was due to Chevy guys reusing old parts. Dangit Chevy guys

  • Drum Method
    Drum Method   1 weeks ago


  • Robert Spencer
    Robert Spencer   1 weeks ago

    That's what happens when you don't replace the "flux capacitor". It's your own fault.

  • 510Redneck
    510Redneck   1 weeks ago

    Doesn't matter how well a product is designed or how well something is put together, when you get into these types of numbers (and even far lower) shit is bound to break or come apart sooner or later.... the lottery is how long before it will do so. Anyone that has ever been around them certainly know it.... its just "is what it is".

  • Bob Last
    Bob Last   1 weeks ago

    Cleetus helped... now we know why it broke... :D

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H.   1 weeks ago

    Your intro screams " Idiocracy ". Thank you for being a continuation of that movie :)

  • smallblockV8
    smallblockV8   1 weeks ago

    I'm curious, are those cam sprocket bolts torque-to-yield, and were they new with the last build or reused also? Cam sprockets don't fracture into pieces for no reason. However, an overstretched bolt that comes loose can cause the sprocket to split as it hammers on the keyway.

  • Germ .Fish
    Germ .Fish   1 weeks ago

    This is why Ford sucks. Stupid engine design that's prone to failure .What Ford does best is break

  • James Manning
    James Manning   1 weeks ago

    I love seeing Chevys pull a Ford but this tops it

  • john0270
    john0270   1 weeks ago

    I don't know if you re used the old cams ect ect??..... after hydrolocking a motor so many of the old parts would have been put under abnormal stress.. And your talking about pistons surviving valve contact again!?!?! Would definatly check the bearing surfaces of the cam for damage though, it might of just sized???

  • //Emma msp//
    //Emma msp//   1 weeks ago

    oh look i click baited lol so you click bait

  • Hunter Mcadams
    Hunter Mcadams   1 weeks ago

    I have a 2011 built camaro as with 200 shot wet kit on it I really want you to do a review on it