When You Go FULL SEND and Crash Into a Barrel at 50mph... (Ft. BoostedBoiz)

  • Published on: December 8 Agu 2018

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  • Runtime : 15.23


  • CD'S Automotive & Repair

    Dang that ant good to do all those burnouts like that and get it all hot and going and then just cut it off that's very very bad for the engine to do something like that it did drive it or something and let it cool down and then turn it off don't just cut it off if you do it freaking massive burnout pour engine

  • Guadalupe Jimenez
    Guadalupe Jimenez   2 weeks ago

    When you grabbed 4th in the drift I yelled DO IT FOR DALE! My wife was sleeping and wasn’t too impressed. Lol

  • Christian Lauderdale
    Christian Lauderdale   3 weeks ago

    The bald eagle sound in ANY Cleetus video INSTANTLY brings a huge smile to my face.

  • Alexiz Ortiz
    Alexiz Ortiz   2 months ago

    Cleetus the “All American Drifter” HELL YEAH BROTHR

  • baseball1090
    baseball1090   2 months ago

    ive always wondered how drift cars dont flip it just seems like they would flip doing that

  • Hayley Bartlett
    Hayley Bartlett   2 months ago

    Hey cleetus if possible could you give a shout out to my bf kenny he is a huge fan of yours and hopes one day to meet you and do what you do. I know your busy and have alot to do but it would make his day.

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills   3 months ago

    the kid never should be driving he was bad

  • Seth Barby
    Seth Barby   3 months ago

    I think a drift event is needed. Neighbor and Leroy need a go at it

  • Estilo Regalo Caro
    Estilo Regalo Caro   4 months ago

    Make sure u upgrade fuses for THE fans i use to drive my vik with the hood open till i needed to hop in the freeway 😈 lol

  • Joel LaJuett
    Joel LaJuett   4 months ago

    Cleetus, something tells me you would love to play in a big block dirt modified!! 1 lap is equal to 2 drag races with 2 high speed corner drifts. Lap after lap in traffic. You ever consider giving it a try ??

  • XxNightHawk77xX
    XxNightHawk77xX   4 months ago

    That first jump at the beginning of the video was hilarious, had me rolling

  • 91timmyd
    91timmyd   4 months ago

    damn cleetus shifting up through the corner like a pro. you earned a bardle skeet

  • Mr S
    Mr S   5 months ago

    Seems like he would be racist

  • Clitorus Mcfartcan
    Clitorus Mcfartcan   5 months ago

    Hell yeah brother, you’re on the clitorus mcfartcan YouTube channel

  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers   5 months ago

    How about a giant online vote on the proper/perfect rear gear for Neighbor, to optimize that savage?

  • nichollsboy11
    nichollsboy11   5 months ago

    I love brent man he such a laid back guy and a cool personality you need to feature him in more of your videos

  • theunknown302
    theunknown302   5 months ago

    I can see the boosted boiz k swap crown vic coming lol

  • mitchsfarm
    mitchsfarm   5 months ago

    Need to slam the vic to get the stability.

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan   5 months ago

    Brent had a smile on his face the whole time he was in that car!! Lol

  • charles oliveirarodrigues

    i was going to say just like me in a audi a4 a 000mph broke my side mirror.. then i saw metal barrel. mine was plastic lol