Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV

  • Published on: December 8 Jan 2019

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  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams   2 minuts ago


  • Chilliwack56
    Chilliwack56   4 hours ago

    The timeline and increases in illegal immigration is interesting.....illegal immigration has been falling for years till it reached the lowest in over a decade shortly after Trump was elected. However since Trump started talking about his w

  • keigh d
    keigh d   6 hours ago

    A stalemate cause by a malestate.

  • kelly Johnson
    kelly Johnson   6 hours ago

    Dick Smothers in the Pilot Skit said: truth is what you get others to believe. Of course it was a joke but today it seems more like what some people think is the definition of ‘truth’ aka truthiness

  • fongule100
    fongule100   12 hours ago

    Colbert just wants to be on primetime, that's why he lies for a glutenous living.

  • Robert Rijkers
    Robert Rijkers   14 hours ago

    all of the above... guess there are going to be large walls to close off both coasts and more walls around the airports....

  • Geo H
    Geo H   18 hours ago

    I Started A JoKe

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson   22 hours ago

    This guy sounds best with the volume down really low. The poor souls who think he is funny or intelligent are just as delusional as he is.

  • Fred H
    Fred H   23 hours ago

    Your show sucks!!!!!

  • mjimih
    mjimih   1 days ago

    5:49 is a funny one

  • Hollins23
    Hollins23   1 days ago

    9:23 Your writing team needs to grow up. They have no maturity.

  • Brigada entrevero
    Brigada entrevero   1 days ago

    4th Reicherss should check this out. Laughter relieves hatred

  • Kristen a.k.a. Craftrat

    Here's the "funny" thing: Pence and Sanders are by their own accounts Christians, and yet they lie through their teeth. Antinomianists.

  • MJB For Trump
    MJB For Trump   1 days ago

    EXCUSE ME! But it's the DEMS that are responsible for the shutdown! Because Chuck Schumer supports building the WALL, he just doesn't want to give Our Champion and Chief a victory!!

  • John Kincaid
    John Kincaid   1 days ago

    Trump hasn't the mental or emotional solidity in the first place, his staff reflects this. President Trump is displaying symptoms that will get worse, quickly.

  • R D
    R D   1 days ago

    How about we open the northern & southern borders & let everyone in & see what happens. It will be a good time , I’m sure :)

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers   1 days ago

    It would cost over 70+ billion dollars to build a 2000 mile wall not to mention the legal battles over tribal and private land on the borderThe cost of building in the areas that require new roads and infrastructure are not being talked about

  • michael blue
    michael blue   1 days ago

    He love prime time this remain me how the sick criminal Hugo Chavez use prime time to abuse power,is a Russian tactics that is been use in south america from the 70s

  • BartJ583
    BartJ583   1 days ago

    6:05 - everyone is laughing, but this tweet was dead serious. This is what fascists do - they scare the people into giving them emergency power.

  • Stephen Nam
    Stephen Nam   1 days ago

    How is Trump a billionaire businessman with his IQ stupidity??!!

  • AK AK
    AK AK   1 days ago

    Funny but trump will shut this guy in one second so sad

  • ray Seckler
    ray Seckler   2 days ago

    Trump is doing what the last 5 boneheads known as president failed to do on purpose, all Globelist, NWO ,Illuminati ,No Border freaks, all 5will go down in Flames,all our being Charged for Treason, you Doubt now, but not for long !!

  • ray Seckler
    ray Seckler   2 days ago

    Ritter,You not to bright, your music tells on you, Doobie Brothers, named for a joint, EWF, you need to study up on your music legends, most were occultic, but guess you were Trained to believe!!

  • ray Seckler
    ray Seckler   2 days ago

    Colbert, Ha Ha Ha !! what a Loser , he 's on TV and is not viewed home, Trump is viewed all the time, he is a winner, he is a Real man, not a Moron !!

  • marty one
    marty one   2 days ago

    hahaha 365 piece of s*** Colbert jokes about Trump while we go down in flamesshould have voted for Ralph Nader Ron Paul Jill Steinall Trump wants to do is fix the old piece of crap/wall that's already there

  • Jonathan 55
    Jonathan 55   2 days ago

    When will these moron liberals finally get it. We do blame Trump for the government shut down but, we blame the dems for the continuation of the shut down. By the illegal immigration cost he U.S. over one hundred billion a year but apparently we cant spare six billion which by the way is 0.09% of the United States financial holdings #buildthewall.