How Things Were Named - Merrell Twins

  • Published on: December 7 Nov 2017

  • Have you ever wondered how things are named? We show you how these iconic names came to be! Subscribe to Our Channel: We post NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY!Subscribe to our OTHER CHANNELS!!!!!MERRELL TWINS LIVE MERRELL Merrell Twins Merch:https://www.districtlines.c...Official music video for our single "Runner Runner" available on iTunes: Music: Out Our Other Videos:DAD BUYS DAUGHTERS OUTFITS Things You're Doing Wrong in School BOX TRASHY LIFE HAVE MERRELL TWINS SOCKS!!!! 😱 Click this link to get our, "These Are My Tuesday Socks": @featsocks :) SNAPCHAT: @merrelltwinsTWITTER: By: David Alvarez
  • Runtime : 8.00


  • Mishtu Ghose
    Mishtu Ghose   9 hours ago

    This is the first video i have seen guys .... Love you

  • Anam Playz
    Anam Playz   1 days ago

    Can you guys please make a part 2 of How Things Were NamedPlz

  • Irisplayer 2233
    Irisplayer 2233   6 days ago

    Not to be rude merrel twins but, cardi b was named cardi b because they call her Bacardi

  • MLP love rarity TM
    MLP love rarity TM   6 days ago

    Vanessa: Grandma is calling.Grandma: I just said a word in my office. WORD OFFICE!

  • ISB Family
    ISB Family   1 weeks ago

    If you guys created that then you guys are creative

  • mariam abdelhamid
    mariam abdelhamid   1 weeks ago

    VVeVer VeroVeron VeroniVeronicVeronicaANDVaVanvanevanesvanessvanessa

  • _Cool_Kid_ 101
    _Cool_Kid_ 101   1 weeks ago

    How the weekend was name: Merrell twins so your a singerWeekend yeaMerrell twins quick question do we have work tommrowWeekend now tommrow is the weekend WEEKEND

  • sara almalki
    sara almalki   1 weeks ago

    u guys should. do a part 2 that includes TikTokI know im a little late and you'll never see. this....but it's worth a shot

  • EuniceDivine Reyes
    EuniceDivine Reyes   1 weeks ago

    Can i request can u do part two pleaseee notice meeee im your big fan

  • Raven Is gaming!
    Raven Is gaming!   1 weeks ago

    My fav part of the vid was when ronni got so mad she pushed the paper of the table

  • Mariam Akhtar
    Mariam Akhtar   2 weeks ago

    what about snapchat btw add me my name is mariamakhtar7

  • bbyvaressa
    bbyvaressa   2 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh when Vanessa was play as 'Cardi b' I straight away knew it was Cardi even when she didn't say anything😂 Cardi b Is my girllllll!!!!❤

  • Jade Young
    Jade Young   2 weeks ago

    5:30. I love you guys so much I just wanted to point out, it's The Weeknd.

  • MrsCarol Yuen
    MrsCarol Yuen   2 weeks ago

    Facebook:Somebody’s face landed on a book. You say “Why do you keep on landing your face ( on a) book? gasps Facebook!

  • Nithusha A
    Nithusha A   2 weeks ago

    You should do a Do's , Dont's, and Please Dont's: New Years!

  • Hunter Conner
    Hunter Conner   2 weeks ago

    Who else is trying to guess the apps and names