Taking Apart the Auction Corvette's BLOWN Engine! The Carnage is AMAZING!

  • Published on: December 1 Jan 2019

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  • Runtime : 13.12


  • David M
    David M   11 hours ago

    Fewer cylinders equals increased fuel efficiency

  • Metalmachine467
    Metalmachine467   13 hours ago

    That would make a good video Put it together with jb weld see how it goes

  • Dustyn Williams
    Dustyn Williams   1 days ago

    Watching this for like the third time because it’s such a entertaining video

  • Vega
    Vega   1 days ago

    I’m rebuilding my supercharged srt8 as I write this I know the feeling, though I just popped a ringland.

  • Pete Moore
    Pete Moore   2 days ago

    Erm, I was wondering, is that old block, this weeks giveaway?

  • George Blackmore
    George Blackmore   3 days ago

    There is a Kenny Rogers tune to go along with the name... Ruby.

  • Bansaku
    Bansaku   3 days ago

    Why is it when one looses a socket, it's always the 10mm? Don't know how many have got away from me and rolled into something nasty.

  • Whatareyoudoingyouidiot

    This is the worst engine carnage I've ever seen in my entire life. And I watch Roadkill.

  • DaddytechEnt
    DaddytechEnt   3 days ago

    Why not get a 6.0 to put in there?it's a tougher motor specially if you get the truck motor 6.0

  • david valens
    david valens   4 days ago

    This guy is gonna spend a fortune on an 05 corvette

  • Ralstin Welding
    Ralstin Welding   4 days ago

    "Look at that piston, it's just gone" yeah so.. I cant look at it lol

  • Dorian Ortega
    Dorian Ortega   4 days ago

    I saw this coming lolI honestly thought you guys were gonna pull the engine to check it out. Maybe Put forged pistons and whatnot. I would have stopped when i saw the low oil pressure. Still fun to watch

  • Mustang Guru
    Mustang Guru   4 days ago

    If that was the LS2 the block would’ve split.

  • Mustang Guru
    Mustang Guru   4 days ago

    You had a cylinder go lean and burnt that piston.

  • Garry DeWitt
    Garry DeWitt   4 days ago

    Hey look it's roadkill but not commercialized.Keep it up, great videos.

  • Neil Rosh
    Neil Rosh   5 days ago

    how can you build an engine and not gap the effing rings?!

  • JohnnieRhodes
    JohnnieRhodes   5 days ago

    Hey Cleetus , I have an ‘84 Corvette (semi-stock) and would like to know what you suggest to get some power out of it without replacing everything, altogether. Please don’t tell me to dump the car as everyone else suggests this and it has very sentimental value for me (more than you could ever imagine). It’s just a dog as you’re probably already aware. Still has the dreaded cross-fire injection which I know is the biggest problem, but I did put trick flow heads and changed the exhaust (headers) and did the simple things (performance chip, lower thermostat, oversized pulleys, etc.). It’s still a dump truck and I feel I have been going backwards instead of making any progress. I also don’t feel that I got any bang for the buck on the trick flow heads, possibly because it’s not working properly with the other components. It now has a computer that was completely reprogrammed and chipped which now makes it backfire and fail emissions. I purchased a used “original ECM and chip” to get it back to where it was, but where it was is dreadful. Spending money after money to go backwards and I can’t abandon this car as it means so much to me and my family (long story). I just want it to run decent and respectable. I’m not needing it to run 10’s, 11’s, or even 12’s (but 12’s would be awesome). I just want it at the very least “respectable” for its generation. Can you give me any advice ? Thank you, Cleetus !

  • Michael Lund
    Michael Lund   5 days ago

    I still think you got to name her "Scarl ette"! Ruby's waaaay too overdone........She's got the scars.........

  • bob bobo
    bob bobo   6 days ago

    Well on the bright side you can prolly save a couple of the bolts off the pan, sell em on ebay.

  • Gmon750
    Gmon750   6 days ago

    Funny... I mis-read the headline. By "blown engine" I interpreted it as a supercharged engine... I didn't think it literally meant "blown up"! Wow... that motor got shredded!

  • wolfman9999999
    wolfman9999999   1 weeks ago

    Now THAT oil should have gone in for OA, just to see the numbers that liquid metal oil would give back.

  • Arctic Scrap
    Arctic Scrap   1 weeks ago

    Reminds me of Roadkill but without any humor.

  • Jesus G. Fuentes
    Jesus G. Fuentes   1 weeks ago

    An old LT1 should be the next after the new junkyard engine

  • ripdaddy KC
    ripdaddy KC   1 weeks ago

    Y'all sound like a trio of young Sam Elliotts.

  • Owen Campbell
    Owen Campbell   1 weeks ago

    "The verdict is ........ the engine is blown!" LOL

  • Jeff Jankiewicz
    Jeff Jankiewicz   1 weeks ago

    Whomever built that...they totally fucked up....take the ring gap to 30 thousanths and it will be fine on boost. Shit happens fast when rings are not gapped right for boost.

  • Terry Ambrogio
    Terry Ambrogio   1 weeks ago

    looks like your shit turbo setup blew the engine...

  • Filiberto Barrera
    Filiberto Barrera   1 weeks ago

    But a 2.5 engine in it , you'll have plenty of room to work on it.😁 No need to thk me.

  • Tim Jensen
    Tim Jensen   1 weeks ago

    How to blow an engine 101, Ya done good son! Total carnage. I love it!

  • vtr0104
    vtr0104   1 weeks ago

    Since the block is toast, why not just plasma-cut it in half length-wise and recover the cam that way? :P

  • Alan Snider
    Alan Snider   1 weeks ago

    Love carnage, but seen better last year when my buddy pushed the #4 piston into the lifter valley on the new stroker in his 70 Vette. Thanks or the video.

  • Scooter FPV
    Scooter FPV   1 weeks ago

    Keep the turbo setup and slap a Caddi 500 in Rubies brassiere . * Rubs hands together *

  • Cal Wizzarak
    Cal Wizzarak   1 weeks ago

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