We Turbo'd the Auction Corvette in ONE DAY! (RIP Truck Engine)

  • Published on: December 12 Des 201

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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland   1 months ago

    Website is in and out. We’re working on it. You guys may have to check back in an hour or so to place your orders!

  • Butthole Tickler
    Butthole Tickler   3 minuts ago

    You don't get to control what your viewers comment just like they can't control your builds.

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham   4 days ago

    I love your builds. I like building MadMax shit.

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham   4 days ago

    Look in to Bunker Branding. They can take care of your hats and T-shirts. Same guys from Demolition Ranch.

  • Mark Grosso
    Mark Grosso   4 days ago

    What is the name of the song at 14:10 in?

  • Rob O
    Rob O   4 days ago

    I hope you realize how inspiring you are with your "I gotta learn", "they are gonna hold" attitude with the welds. So many people, myself included, have been afraid of exhaust pipes and general welding work because of "that's a shitty weld" - people. Yeah, it's shitty, but it's my first, second, 20th, whatever. I AM TRYING! If it doesn't work, I will try again! Good for you.

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan   4 days ago

    not that I could do better, but what was that line from Roadkill with Big Chief? Like Ray Charles welded it with his feet?

  • Stray Mongrel 野犬
    Stray Mongrel 野犬   1 weeks ago

    Over the hood was a good call. The off-center non-symmetry was an added bonus.I love it.

  • Tony Page
    Tony Page   1 weeks ago

    You used the same song as CMS 2018 lol

  • J.Z.G
    J.Z.G   1 weeks ago

    Cleeter, you do you... that makes for the best vids👍

  • Ben Applbaum
    Ben Applbaum   1 weeks ago

    why don't you hook up with Demolition Ranch? He has that Bunker Branding company specifically for youtube creators merch.

  • P Ferris
    P Ferris   1 weeks ago

    I'm sorry, focusing on the man talking whilst Holly was being wonderful was impossible. Who was he anyway? Distracting us from the sweet puppy... was there supposed to be a car somewhere? I forgot. 😅

  • Jacques von Romburgh
    Jacques von Romburgh   1 weeks ago

    TELL EM Cleetus!! This is your channel. They should be accepting you and what you guys do HANDS DOWN!! Personally I believe your channel is different because I ALWAYS want to see what epic crazy ideas you gents have !!! DO IT FOR YOURSELF + Team (and DALE ). :)

  • BigDeWitt88
    BigDeWitt88   1 weeks ago

    Man build it how you build it fuck the haters. I’m a corvette enthusiast and while looking at videos I found your channel because I saw LEROY. Immediately subscribed!! Bad ass!

  • TwistTheWrist
    TwistTheWrist   1 weeks ago

    "I think I'm just gonna close my eyes for a second and let'er rip." lol

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos   1 weeks ago

    hey bro where is ur location i have a 2013 sti to rebuil

  • DEW W
    DEW W   1 weeks ago

    You DewW you... It's your car... Btw, DewW is my nickname.

  • Bones Jones
    Bones Jones   2 weeks ago

    You guys are great mechanic! You installed that turbo in one day and you took it out and blew the engine in one day!

  • Kopronko
    Kopronko   2 weeks ago


  • Max P
    Max P   2 weeks ago

    LeRoy has a hood??? must have missed that! LOL. "Ruby Rocket"

  • mick coomer
    mick coomer   2 weeks ago

    It would help stupid people like me if you numbered the vids so we knew which order to watch them in.

  • chuck thomas
    chuck thomas   2 weeks ago

    What the hell did you guys use to map fuel? The cars pcm doesn’t understand boost...

  • Daniel Murphy
    Daniel Murphy   2 weeks ago

    The fuel quarter miler racers roar, rumble and sometimes blow up and are ultimate excitement, but for speed, the action is going to be with the electric cars. Tesla is coming out with a $200,000.00 street legal roadster that will do 0-60 in 1.9 seconds. Better have your head firmly in place on the headrest when you punch the button on that little ride or your neck will be in jeopardy of snapping. They describe the acceleration as ludicrous. I enjoy the videos being a child of the '60s. You bought a jet engine so time to build an electric. The biggest problem will be controlling it on the track or street.

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe   2 weeks ago

    Keep doing different. That's why I subbed. I want to see roof-high turbos sticking out of hoods.

    BBGUNOO7   2 weeks ago

    Hell yeah brother keep this shit outrages!

  • 1StiDriver
    1StiDriver   3 weeks ago

    LOL, I'm here because I was scrolling down youtube and saw some crazy turbo sticking out of a Vette. Great job guys

  • Cj Rider
    Cj Rider   3 weeks ago

    Should have just put twins on it and wouldn't have had to run that crossover pipe :)

  • Alexander Martinez
    Alexander Martinez   3 weeks ago

    Screw everybody! Do you! Thats what we love you from you! Your amazing , humble and unique! Never know what to expect from you guys! Keep it up guys! Much Love Cant wait for CnC Houston 2019!

  • Louwrens Stassen
    Louwrens Stassen   3 weeks ago

    lol these people thinking they own you. do what the H*ll you want brother!

    JAX POSE   3 weeks ago

    Keep the unruly look, Leroy it the king of unruly!

  • Derick McCarrell
    Derick McCarrell   3 weeks ago

    I like your channel b/c your builds are insane and wild! Screw the norm, do it for Dale!!!!!!!!

  • rylan short
    rylan short   3 weeks ago

    t shirt shorts no gloves now thats how you weld

  • John Ventshop
    John Ventshop   3 weeks ago

    Cool video's man. Subscribed now. Looks like it will be a ton of fun when it's all done. I could only dream to have something like this. Do have to say that a lot of those welds look like some chicken crap but hey you gotta start somewhere right? Love the build though, can't really do that type of stuff anymore but did a ton of helping as a kid. Remember pulling a 457 out of a suburban and dropping it into a 57 Chevy two door Belaire cause the 400 small block just wasn't enough. Also remember pulling drive shafts out of a 4wd GMC Jimmy while laying on two inches of ice for three hours and breaking half the bolts off then going in and trying to get warm and do homework. Still miss working on cars though but wife is in bad health and with no extra money it's hard to just keep the car running. Did change out the injectors in my 03 Dakota to some 2.3l Focus ones but the old ones had 200k on them and the bodies were starting to crack.Keep it up and before you give that beast away bring me down for a run. The wife loves watching it all as well and she just gets a grin when she hears the rumble.