3 Rotor is DEAD. I’m done with rotaries for a while...

  • Published on: December 8 Jan 2019

  • This one hurts. I hate seeing all the progress and good stuff get sidelined by one failing part of the car. It happened the day I hit 500k subscribers too. Bittersweet day. Shop: https://bit.ly/2Stuv0WPatreon for Build Videos: http://bit.ly/2koiw8GInstagram: http://bit.ly/RobDahmIGSubscribe to Rob Dahm: http://bit.ly/1OAN9yiAWD 4 Rotor Video Series: https://bit.ly/2QiFduE
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  • 金3 A.M.
    金3 A.M.   1 hours ago

    2Jz swap it BOOOIIIIIIII 1000+HP in no time and it won’t break

  • Joseph Waters
    Joseph Waters   23 hours ago

    Dahm I've been following your build for quite a while and frankly I have to tell you that you have a bad tuner. In the initial videos it sounded like you had a stuck side seal or corner seal and the tuner tried to go around it. I see later it was fueling and somewhat ignition related, your tuner should have heard the breakup and stopped you from doing anything till the problem had been resolved. For your tuner to push your car on a dyno (a WAY higher load then street driving) with it breaking up on street conditions is reckless to say the least. He then puts your car on the dyno and tunes under high load while the engine is still breaking up, knowing that breakup is happening under street load. I do not know what you think of this guy but he is not worth your time, I've tuned countless rotaries and wouldn't touch your car with that breakup; let alone put it on a dyno. As you know rotaries are very sensitive but also strong when setup correctly, this tuner doesn't seem to understand that basic premise. Either way I hope you the best and please find a better tuner so you can hit your goals and we can see some awesome videos!

  • Aut Vincere Aut Mori

    Rob, I'll give you 500 bucks and a limp handshake for the car and engine, take it off yours hands.

  • a456987
    a456987   2 days ago

    You need a Snickers break

  • MrMeoow91
    MrMeoow91   2 days ago

    Rob Dahm, this is what you need for your new 3 Rotors, even your 4 Rotorshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOWx4PtMV9w

  • Larz
    Larz   2 days ago

    This is your best video ever! Love the carnage. Too bad it wasn’t more exciting, like with a full on explosion. Keep up the great work. Hopefully this is your last car project we ever see.

  • Marek Sumguy
    Marek Sumguy   2 days ago

    I warned you this would happen!. Fuel starvation = detonation = breakage. No competent tuner would allow this to happen.

  • Classic Chris
    Classic Chris   3 days ago

    can you start hitting the gym agian please your were a beast

  • nsrracing1
    nsrracing1   3 days ago

    Rotary engines are not reliable in general and sure as hell not reliable with 700+hp. Instead of building a one off car I'd really like to see a reliable car build that lasts and hell gets more that a 1000 miles out if it. That would be cool. A daily driven rotary instead of a garage queen.

  • nick b
    nick b   4 days ago

    Just put a 2jz in it, due to your frustrations. Its probably the reason behind most 2jz conversions.

  • Nick
    Nick   4 days ago

    Im curious as to more of what happened. The way a surge tank works, feed pump needs to have volume not PSI and the pumps feeding the engine have a linear ratio of PSI and flow @ at a certain line volume rate regulated by the FPR. you were saying a PSI increase or maintained, but a flow drop? FPR problem? maybe im not understanding what happened?

  • 87Fox
    87Fox   4 days ago

    Put some flex seal on it

  • Chet Carson
    Chet Carson   4 days ago

    Boo-hoo.... That's what happens when you push stuff to the limit. Don't feel sorry for you in the least.

  • tuurbow
    tuurbow   5 days ago

    This car has so many damn issues, you really need to just build it from the ground up.Stop half-assing the build and trying to rush through it/cut corners. If the fuel system is the problem, upgrade it. Dont just turn off safety features and then expect miracles to happen.

  • Driveway
    Driveway   5 days ago

    So... was this still on 0lbs of boost?

  • vdochev
    vdochev   5 days ago

    Sorry for your loss, Rob. I hope you can rebuild it soon.F

  • NelKel JDM
    NelKel JDM   5 days ago

    A bit late on this video, so sorry about blown engine! Maybe a good thing you are taking a break from rotarties.... Do you still have the R32 GT-R? Maybe get stuck into that RB26 a little? I chop and change between mine when I get fed up.. Anyway, sorry about the motor!

  • King Cairo
    King Cairo   5 days ago

    You should watch car throttle “how rebuild rotory haha

  • Don S
    Don S   5 days ago

    Maybe the 02 sensor was right?

  • Sneaky Foz
    Sneaky Foz   5 days ago

    Owning and maintaining a rotary is a lifestyle, not a mode of transport.

  • Mike C
    Mike C   5 days ago

    I just watched the previous video. You were all giddy like school girls trying to hit 1000hp, while IGNORING the fuel system saying it has a problem. A good tuner would not have pushed the engine that hard in that particular scenario. If the tuner did NOT learn from this, then they should re-evaluate what they do for a living. On the one had the tuner learned a lesson at the cost of Rob's car. I am not poking fun of the subject, as I learn the hard way as well.

  • rotor t
    rotor t   6 days ago

    At least it's not the 4 rotor independent suspension built

  • Demonic Dreamz
    Demonic Dreamz   6 days ago

    Damn dude hate to see that happen to you.. Youll rebuild....or move on to another build

  • This is how it's done

    You are like a DSM guy from the 2000s. just half ass stuff and don't have enough knowledge to make it work.

  • Counter Life
    Counter Life   6 days ago

    I hope no one's gonna sneak up to me from behind and strangle me for suggesting this, but maybe you should consider doing an L-htrsthsgyfffjmjj

  • MyLonewolf25
    MyLonewolf25   6 days ago

    Dumb decision on both rob and able Seriously safety’s are there for a reason! If it’s tripping find out what’s causing the problem

  • Pablo Arteaga
    Pablo Arteaga   6 days ago

    Why would you stay WOT if you see it's going lean? I suggest you fire your tuner

  • sachelle babbar
    sachelle babbar   6 days ago

    As far as I saw, the car pretty much lived the last years on the dyno for YT videos anyhow. Maybe sell it and someone will actually drive it. Maybe sell it to Tavarish and in like 4 weeks, he'll actually have it running as a reliable street car with insane power.