Know the lie that Kate Middleton is living

  • Published on: December 14 Jun 201

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  • Varinia Jackson
    Varinia Jackson   4 hours ago

    Well, I lived in China and know about Chinese astrology.  Both Kate and William were born under the sign of the Rooster.  And the Chinese say that when you have two Roosters together.  You know what happens with two Roosters together?,  "a big fight".  However, they have a very good Numerology.  So know knows!.  My parents were sort of enemies in Chinese astrology but their numerology was excellent and my father adored my mother all his life and was never unfaithful.  So let's hope for the sake of Kate and William that the numerology is the one that prevails.     Note that English is not my mother tongue so I apologize if I am not using the correct language.

  • Yogitha Shetty
    Yogitha Shetty   9 hours ago

    Who knows the true story and their real lives? Every thing about the royalty is fabricated, I only credit the queen , from her young age having to carry on the royal duties day after day with such dedication, while Kate simply knew what she’s getting into, and everything was handed to her in a platter !!!!

  • Bianca Winston
    Bianca Winston   19 hours ago

    How stupid. Of course their weddings real. What? Do you people make up bullshit for the ratings or the number of "likes?" Plus your captions haven't ever had much to your stories you tell. Are you trying to keep people gossiping, or like Trump. Keep people away from the real world issues?

  • Vickie Phillips
    Vickie Phillips   2 days ago

    I think Prince William is jealous of Prince Harry and Megan's love I think he didn't get to marry the love of his life. I think he was forced to marry this lady and she was to

  • R Singh
    R Singh   1 weeks ago

    photoshop all the way

  • Jacqueline Chalaye
    Jacqueline Chalaye   1 weeks ago

    Really looking for gossip ... ashamed to even comment. Leave them alone,

  • MCpual tokyoghoul12321x

    just because they does not show their affection in public does not mean they are not in love.They're just matured enough to know the right place and time to show their love for each other.GROW UP.pls.

  • Chad Yeary
    Chad Yeary   1 weeks ago

    the imbred family must die and all these people in babylon

  • Dennis Kaaihue
    Dennis Kaaihue   1 weeks ago

    The NEWS MEDIA should give time n space for royal family to breath called Ha!! Kanaka meaning. Hello, Knock, Knocj!?!

  • Emmy P
    Emmy P   1 weeks ago

    I believe they are in love, but they aren't in some deep passionate love which is good. The more passionate the love the more likely it is to burn out because they never took the time to really get to know each other, which will and kate have taken the time to be best friends first

  • Elizabeth Sobel
    Elizabeth Sobel   1 weeks ago

    I think they are in love. Remember the succession is firmly vested in these two. So they have to behave differently.

  • miruna-simona vrabete

    It;s visible that it's real! They are from more than 10 years together and also William doesn't seem the guy who is showing his affection in public!!!! I also don't celebrate and never did the date when me and my b-friend come together, because we celebrate it every day or to hold hands in public or to share our affection in public, that is for us! So this video it's a crap!

  • Lynne Cox
    Lynne Cox   1 weeks ago

    Utter should be closed down not supported

  • Janie Rogers
    Janie Rogers   1 weeks ago

    What a load of tosh.if it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny.

  • Grant Armstrong
    Grant Armstrong   1 weeks ago

    This commentary is a load of BOLLOCKS. Typical bloody Yanks. They tried to bugger the Monarchy when they slipped in that cow Wallis Simpson, and now they inserted another dysfunctional divorcee into the system to try and wreck the Monarchy. I once thought a lot of Prince Harry but now he seems to act like a bloody idiot. Germaine Greer said before he married Debacle Markle that this marriage won't last 5 years and already it seems to be steering toward the iceberg that sank the Titanic. The yanks my buy this crap but I don't. What a waste of 5 minutes looking at this Yank balderdash.

  • Connie Fields
    Connie Fields   1 weeks ago

    This crap was made up for Megan because she is such a bad example for the crown. William and Kate are mature.

  • Karen Olson
    Karen Olson   2 weeks ago

    With William and Kate, there is a real possibility that they are both exhausted with 3 young children and a lot of social responsibilities. Maybe that is what you are seeing.

  • Redhorse89
    Redhorse89   2 weeks ago

    Meghan and Harry "one of the most exciting couples. history"? What huberous! Duller than dirt.

  • Kell Withers
    Kell Withers   2 weeks ago

    Who is William, Carlos and Diana? Definitely not Kate n Williams kids, get your facts right dude

  • Jenny Bentancort
    Jenny Bentancort   2 weeks ago

    Kate is so beautiful... she is not Diana... but she is very nice... all the contrary to the blooming Meghan.

  • Dni KL
    Dni KL   2 weeks ago

    Like the legal succession of an American President if he should die in office, Britian also has legal succession...this is not decided on a whim by either the Queen , or the press. Charles is next in line, followed by William, and no amount of ignorant gossip will change that.

  • Sieben Gestirn
    Sieben Gestirn   2 weeks ago

    Not every woman feels the need to act like an American chick.

  • Jilly Wells
    Jilly Wells   2 weeks ago

    Some people wouldn't know love if they tripped over it! Sad people!

  • Diana Constable
    Diana Constable   2 weeks ago

    Sounds like another tabloid stirring the pot and speaking nonsense. People in love do not sit smiling at each other every second of the day. You can manipulate photos to fit anything.

  • ChristineUK all-dolls

    Leave them a lone!!! Hasn't what happened to HRH Princess Diana taught the media anything?

  • Angela Fu
    Angela Fu   2 weeks ago

    So many words without any proof