Starting a Podcast? 100% Roadster? Ask MKBHD V34!

  • Published on: 07 January 2019
  • I literally can't believe how much noise gets made when I turn the mic on.

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  • Vokul Marcus
    Vokul Marcus   20 hours ago

    Lmao did the same thing with my contacts when I lost my glasses.

  • Des
    Des   3 days ago

    Lol great vid. Haha so funny tho. Ah

  • spaladon
    spaladon   4 days ago

    2:45 :oHow many exercise minutes was that???

  • TheBradge
    TheBradge   5 days ago

    Oh man, PLEASE start a podcast!

  • MisterKraky
    MisterKraky   6 days ago

    Start a how-to-tech podcast called "Know The Drill."

  • Phil Rubio
    Phil Rubio   1 weeks ago

    So he can get a 2020 Tesla Roadster for only somewhere around $20-40K (if he has to pay taxes)? That's still a good deal!

  • nutrol
    nutrol   1 weeks ago

    you need sound deadening hardware and noise removal tech in ur office

  • nutrol
    nutrol   1 weeks ago

    imp Lasik info - the more u delay, the better the technology gets. I regret getting Lasik 15 years ago. and now corrective surgery ain't possi.

  • nutrol
    nutrol   1 weeks ago

    which mob cam is betterSamsung Note 9One Plus 6T

  • Shorty4
    Shorty4   1 weeks ago

    Why is 55 people 100% when its 2% per person, shouldn't it be 50 people?

  • Samy Awwad
    Samy Awwad   1 weeks ago

    2:44: Overlaps in the thousands of points for exercise and movingAlso 2:44: *Doesn’t have the standing ring closed*LOL

  • Exstir
    Exstir   1 weeks ago

    You cannot make this stuff up, the drilling 😂

  • Evaldas Raisutis
    Evaldas Raisutis   1 weeks ago

    I've seen people complain about issues with pixel 2, but it always seems to be the XL model. Been using my pixel 2 (regular one) almost since release and haven't had any issues. Still silky smooth.

  • Mike Gray-Ehnert
    Mike Gray-Ehnert   1 weeks ago

    Reminds ( the background noise) me of the old saying. "Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you." Started writing this just after you got back in your chair and the drilling started again.

  • Stefan Daniw
    Stefan Daniw   1 weeks ago

    PLEASE do a video on the Blloc Phone Zero 18

  • felix Marseille
    felix Marseille   1 weeks ago

    Will the insurance on your car pay for the diminished value of your Tesla?

  • Joshua Lindsey
    Joshua Lindsey   1 weeks ago

    Please make a video on how bad the pixel 3 is. Google needs to fix it

  • Dominic Odisho
    Dominic Odisho   1 weeks ago

    where can i find that car picture in the background?

  • David Ben James
    David Ben James   1 weeks ago

    This has to be one of the funniest MKBHD Vids ever... XD XD

  • Billy Konyani
    Billy Konyani   1 weeks ago

    I don't know much about Tesla's history but it's not a coincidence that their cars come in models S, 3, X and Y right? I don't know but the first time I heard that I automatically but those model numbers together to read "S3XY"= "SEXY"

  • Onkar Dogra
    Onkar Dogra   1 weeks ago

    Good to see Marques is staying true to his “Quality Tech Videos” slogan and not trading videos for its quality.

  • Avi Locke
    Avi Locke   1 weeks ago

    I got LASIK last year and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. Please check out Millennium Laser Eye Centers in Florida. Highly recommended.

  • alxv213
    alxv213   1 weeks ago

    How bout you edit the drill moments out? It's not funny it's annoying.

  • Richard Maher
    Richard Maher   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see the person walking by in the background?

  • Dude Sah
    Dude Sah   1 weeks ago

    Disliked because of the intro volume