The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2018!

  • Published on: 04 December 2018
  • Finally! After millions of blind votes. The results are revealed.

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    Intro Track: Game, Set & Match II by 20syl

  • Runtime : 19:54
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  • Tyrone De Asis
    Tyrone De Asis   41 minuts ago

    I'm a proud of owner of the Pocophone F1 because it's the best phone I can afford, real talk. I know it's not the best camera in any scenario BUT I think it does very good considering the price and I'm glad I'm not the only one who think so. Runner-up, baby!

  • Tinusha Nirman
    Tinusha Nirman   1 days ago

    Now i decided to by buy PocoPhone..!! thanks bro..

  • TheRojan
    TheRojan   1 days ago

    Sony vs BlackBerry > Any Other

  • Dana Liu
    Dana Liu   2 days ago

    I'd rather a more detailed photo cause the brightness and contrast can be easily edited afterwards. But details will be impossible to replicate 😂

  • Ardit Ibrahimi
    Ardit Ibrahimi   2 days ago

    Any one know where can I get this wallpaper? 7:39

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar   3 days ago

    The Pocophone beat 7 other straight up. One last pic comparison between pocophone and mat 20 needs to happen.

  • Ken Man
    Ken Man   3 days ago

    He doesn't sound like a black person.

  • Cassandra Halsey
    Cassandra Halsey   3 days ago

    i have the pocophone because my mom didn't want to spend on me and my mom has the note 9, she wants mine now

  • Jackerola
    Jackerola   4 days ago

    Well i don't care much for taking photos personally, but my blackberry does seem to make some decent quality pictures.

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow   5 days ago

    lol test..where sony xz3? the king of camera

  • Ritesh Nemade
    Ritesh Nemade   6 days ago

    This is the real psychology behind photos. What good is that dxo rating now?

  • Osman Nevres
    Osman Nevres   6 days ago

    For me, the finals are between Mate 20 Pro and Note 9. But I can't decide which one wins! ;)

    EVOLICIOUS   1 weeks ago

    I think there is a massive issue that most people are viewing these photos on shit phones. Very similar to political voting, the majority are blind and stupid. Pixel 3 is an obvious winner by lightyears, and didn't even make it past the first bracket. What a load of bullshit.Oh and it's obvious you had bots from india voting for the pocophone, that phone has too much toxicity surrounding it, even though it is a fantastic phone.

  • meganoob 682
    meganoob 682   1 weeks ago

    Razer phone 2 beat one plus 6t????????????????

  • Aziz AG
    Aziz AG   1 weeks ago

    8:30 make a meme 😂😂😂😂

  • Leon Wadii
    Leon Wadii   1 weeks ago

    how the hell did the p 20 pro beat the pixel 3!

  • fahad khan
    fahad khan   1 weeks ago

    Seems u have too many Chinese followers🤣😂

  • V. HD
    V. HD   1 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this tournament. It was fun trying to guess who was the best.I did really miserably, though. In the eighth-finals, I was only able to guess two correctly: Mate 20 and Hydrogen. Some of those losses seem really surprising. I was completely out by the quarterfinals.Overall, I thought the iPhone XS or Pixel 3 would take the tournament considering how much I hear about their cameras, but I'm not surprised by the end results after seeing the photos.When choosing cameras I like, sharpness/brightness/vibrancy usually wins out over all other factors. The camera that gives the most sharp and color-accurate photos while illuminating as much of the scene as possible is usually the one I like the most too. Barring all else, sharpness/vibrancy alone will win.

  • Plasmaboo
    Plasmaboo   1 weeks ago

    Conclusion: people that don't know how to use a camera wants a camera that can compensate for it.People that can use a camera wants raw sensor data and use their expertise to get a photo that no AI could possibly guess.

  • C2 Soul
    C2 Soul   1 weeks ago

    The most crazy fact that poco beat the crap of iphone and note9 straight out😎

  • Ritz Abraham
    Ritz Abraham   1 weeks ago

    couldnt wait to order the pocofone online instead went right to the mi store and bought it !! Thanks to you i love it <3 never would have bought the phone if it wasnt for this video !! great effort bro, need more stuff like this , Thumbs up from dubai

  • Nutellah
    Nutellah   1 weeks ago

    good phones got kicked out directly... nice (note 9, XS, pixel 3 etc)

  • Ozk 470814
    Ozk 470814   1 weeks ago

    "Raise your hand if you had a perfect bracket.... Put your hand down your lying" 😂😂😂

  • Ernet Ten
    Ernet Ten   1 weeks ago

    Sorry but I miss Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 which has one of the best camera IMO.

  • murtisoft
    murtisoft   1 weeks ago

    I dont think it is surprising. A similar outcome can easily be observed with 3D rendering. People will almost always prefer a cinematic look over a realistic one. Saturated, warmer and brighter colors are perceived better. This was talked about in cryengine documentation, I think.

  • Joseph Supnet
    Joseph Supnet   1 weeks ago

    Then again, the Pocophone does have a really competent sensor which it shares with many major flagships (Sony IMX 363).

  • SlipliN
    SlipliN   1 weeks ago

    the pocophone is f1?

  • Shadrick Wagner Sr
    Shadrick Wagner Sr   1 weeks ago

    OK shake I need a camera that has built on stabilization do you sell you phones

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord   1 weeks ago

    Pocofone haters pissed their pants...

  • sarfef
    sarfef   2 weeks ago

    Only 1 more thing could've made this test better: A Loser's bracket !!!