The Auction Corvette is STUPID Fast... FULL SPOOLING On The First Drive!

  • Published on: December 20 Des 201

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  • Runtime : 14.59


  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland   3 weeks ago

    Updates on the Crown Vic are coming soon. Likely the problems came from my tune (not Jeremy’s) but the one I had put in it for the new engine. Going to get it figured out quickly, no ones fault but mine. Everyone be patient please :)

  • Per Johansen
    Per Johansen   1 days ago


  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams   2 days ago

    "How does this happen to us?". Well sparky, I'd say it starts with not paying attention! I've never seen somebody take so much pleasure from making boneheaded mistakes! 😋

  • villen
    villen   3 days ago

    That lady looked like she was one rev away from calling the police lmao

  • Dominic Threatt
    Dominic Threatt   4 days ago

    I love seeing your growth man!! True McFarland fan since you found Leroy! Binge watching your videos is awesome!😎💯

  • Brian Fulwood
    Brian Fulwood   6 days ago

    Shit sounds like a Cummings with a shorty dump pipe when it’s spooling up lol

  • dirtrider1092
    dirtrider1092   6 days ago

    Get full send cut out or engraved on the stack water cap so at wot it the correct orientation

  • Bldudley33
    Bldudley33   1 weeks ago

    The same thing happened to my ls 5.3 after we swapped to the blue ls6 valve springs my bro and I didn't torque it tight enough and the rocker came loose on the same cylinder haha gotta love chevy LS

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young   1 weeks ago

    Streetspeed717 n his grampa vet best watch out Ruby's gonna get all in that ass!

  • RedBirdAuto
    RedBirdAuto   1 weeks ago

    oh my lord. Ive never been that lucky with a car breaking down like that hahaha.

  • Jackson Walton
    Jackson Walton   1 weeks ago

    Losing a cylinder basically gave you a massive cam

  • Jason Suter
    Jason Suter   1 weeks ago have to play this song whilst driving the car🤟🤟🤟

  • Bell End
    Bell End   1 weeks ago

    Great videos, love the channel but you guys are a bunch of cowboys. When you strip down anything you always check it and check it again but with your team it is a recurring theme. One f**k up after another.

  • Tracybeme
    Tracybeme   1 weeks ago

    I'm thinking a 15 horse driving a turbo train. This will remove some load from the driving engine while keeping the boost available. Weird idea, but it would make for a great tube video. The other idea is to calculate O2 volume consumed for a 11 second run. You may just need an air tank and regulator. Last ditch is RATO (very large rocket motors) hooked to the back. Where there's a will, there's a way. Rocket Assist Take Off should drop it down to 6 or late 5's.

  • Michael Fish
    Michael Fish   1 weeks ago

    Well I wouldn't call it pretty but it sounds cool.

  • jason applin
    jason applin   1 weeks ago

    Do you fit in the c6 better than the c7?

  • Bob Grey
    Bob Grey   1 weeks ago

    This guy could build some great cars with daddies money but instead builds this horrible looking things, us old gear heads don't get it, why not take dad's money and restore some real classic steel then put your power plant into them, you young ladies will learn one day.

  • bugsta2012
    bugsta2012   1 weeks ago

    Ive never been into this stuff at all,but now this channel made me I’m getting stupid visions of putting a turbo in my shit box

  • Jose Vallejos
    Jose Vallejos   2 weeks ago

    8:08 right side of cletus, is a wild supra😍

  • Erebus
    Erebus   2 weeks ago

    2:40 the car jizzes itself

  • T J
    T J   2 weeks ago

    Mad Max...deliveries instead fella's

    JVINCEMUSIC   2 weeks ago

    This brings me back, I almost died going over backwards on my 900RR on SR50 right there in 2005!

  • casey young
    casey young   2 weeks ago

    How would loose rocker keep valve open? Wouldn’t valve spring it self keep it close so you still would have compression?