LG V40 Impressions: 5 Cameras on a Phone?!

  • Published on: 03 October 2018
  • LG V40 (ThinQ) is official and it definitely has more cameras than your current phone. But why?

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    Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


    Phone provided by LG for video review.
  • Runtime : 8:26
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  • Stanging 84
    Stanging 84   1 weeks ago

    G7 and V40 are the best smartphone to date hands down. Check them out in personal. It takes excellent high quality pictures. It has a headphone jack so you do not have to use Bluetooth to add to cancerous radiation.

    THRIQUILLED   1 weeks ago

    . . .. . . Will this one brick hard AF!!!?

  • Mystery man 9899
    Mystery man 9899   2 weeks ago

    Should i get the iphone 8 or the lg v40? Having a hard time deciding.

  • Akshay Sital
    Akshay Sital   2 weeks ago

    That triple shot video made me laugh. :_)

  • joshua43214
    joshua43214   3 weeks ago

    On the subject of audio.If you are using Bluetooth, you do not care about audio quality.Bluetooth and fidelity are mutually incompatible

  • Frank Trejo
    Frank Trejo   3 weeks ago

    So it's the same shit as the LG G7 just with a 2 more cameras okay?

  • Jonah Kai
    Jonah Kai   3 weeks ago

    Not a helpful review for someone not tech-savvy and not familiar with previous phones. This review seems to compare everything to past models. So unless you know about those past models, I'm a bit lost.

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez   4 weeks ago

    LG "think" not Thin-Q ... Amirite??? Catchy way to spell THINK

  • brad h
    brad h   1 months ago

    It pains you guys to say anything good about LG phones. Afraid to get Samsung mad at you or something?

  • Miguel Felix
    Miguel Felix   1 months ago

    Really helpful video about this phone. 👍

  • Jake Stocker
    Jake Stocker   1 months ago

    Man, I've been a huge LG fan since the Optimus Prime and I really wish they would get their marketing together. The G2, Nexus 5, Optimus G Pro, G6, V30 all were amazing, underrated, and ahead of their time. They just can not seem to market their devices for shit.

  • sajid ewu
    sajid ewu   1 months ago

    Your review for LG V40 Thinq is not up to the mark. I was expected better from you.

  • SonOfWrath
    SonOfWrath   1 months ago

    I still own my v10... And i still love it... Probably the nicest looking phone ive seen, still runs great and holds itself.Fight me.

  • Robert Hall Photography

    I don't think the different lenses have a different color science per se, whats happening is as you zoom in by switching you are excluding portions of the scene that would have influenced the white balance of the camera. Like in the photo samples you were constantly reducing the amount of sky in the image and increasing the presence of the tungsten bulbs. So the more sky that is taken out the more the camera will reduce the Kelvin to be more appropriate for the tungsten lighting.

  • jayashankar mr j
    jayashankar mr j   1 months ago


  • Shane Subashe
    Shane Subashe   1 months ago

    How would you compare this to the oneplus 6 if price weren't a factor?

  • Eli Ybarra
    Eli Ybarra   1 months ago

    Watching on the V40 best phone out 🙌

  • Ian Lucas
    Ian Lucas   1 months ago

    picking this up at sprint for $20 a month. deal of the year for sure. the G7 is also on sale for $15. JS

  • Davis Lawrence
    Davis Lawrence   1 months ago

    I don't understand why this isn't a review. Is there some kind of agreement not to review LG phones on this channel? What was the last one to get an actual review, G4?

  • Samir Andrade
    Samir Andrade   1 months ago

    Where is my removable battery? It seems like I will have to keep the v20 for the rest of my life

  • Troy Truong
    Troy Truong   1 months ago

    Best time to buy v30 now. No need to upgrade to v40

  • F C
    F C   1 months ago

    Cool t-shirt!

  • Kenryu Wiley
    Kenryu Wiley   1 months ago

    Innovative phone, because this is the only phone that has wide angle lens in front and rear camera.... But it is pricey... Hopefully, other brands would imitate this double wide angle lenses in a cheaper price...... Oppo, vivo, samsung, huawei... Pls check on this... Thanks...

  • Flying Nihilist
    Flying Nihilist   1 months ago

    LG should just use Android One on their phones and add a few interesting features here and there in proprietary camera, dialer, and other basic apps. Nokia and Xiaomi are doing something like that on some of their phones and it makes their mid-range products much more appealing.

  • Don ellis
    Don ellis   1 months ago

    I just checked the price point and they want 900 bucks for this thing..... now is it really worth 900 bucks?