Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 11

  • Published on: December 8 Jan 2019

  • This is one of the best rebuilds we've done yet! It is a tough one but finally we got together everything we need to finish it up. This 2014 Dodge Viper Time Attack is one of only 93 in the world. Making it an even more amazing rebuild. Follow along and watch this beast come alive! -GOONZQUAD HOODIES: A Patron: [email protected] CREDITS: MUSIC:
  • Runtime : 20.35


  • Mark Skywalker
    Mark Skywalker   15 hours ago

    These guys ain't real car builders how about making your own panels from scratch real craftsmanship rely on bank of mum and dad fuck oem spoilt rich fucks

  • Liquillacole
    Liquillacole   2 days ago

    You boys are damn impressive, I just watched you go from buying the wreck to making it kick ass, liked, sub'd, phenomenal work. You really go the extra mile and pay attention to details. 33, Dale would be proud! I watched 11 vids in a row, I think that is a new record. Keep killin' it!

  • joao pereira
    joao pereira   3 days ago

    Can’t wait to see more of this rebuild, great channel that you guys have keep it up

  • PAscaLeFo
    PAscaLeFo   3 days ago

    I received my shirt today guys and it's amazing!!! I love it. :) Keep up the great work.

  • Oleg
    Oleg   3 days ago

    Saving the world one car at a time 😎🤟🏻

  • funkyzero
    funkyzero   3 days ago

    hey guys, just a tip/trick from an old welder... when doing wire aluminum welding and working on really thin materials, clamp a piece of STEEL to the back side of the aluminum for support. you can weld a little hotter, and burn-through wont be an issue. the steel behind it will keep the weld from blowing through... and the magic is that it'll fall right off afterwords because the aluminum obviously wont stick to it. then you can just grid off anything on the back side that happened to burn through.on really thin materials like these body panels, it can also act a little bit as a heat-sink to slow down heat spread and warping. try it on some scrap and you'll see what I'm talking about. this is especially useful if you have large gaps to fill.

  • Mike Maille
    Mike Maille   3 days ago

    have you guys ever tried the rim doctor? pretty impressive the way they can fix a rim that is damaged. there is also a plastic repair for bumpers instead of fiberglass. mind you the repairs you made look pretty darn good. I would consider a tig welder for aluminum repairs and not fiberglass. it would give a better structural repair, then add your glass or Bondo to smooth out the surface. however I have been impressed at your repair videos. congratulations on your award. some of your back ground music is little to be desired, and is a bit loud, would be nice if it was the same volume level as your speech portions. best regards Mike Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada (The Great White North)

  • madu655
    madu655   3 days ago

    See, complete one after one. It’s boring to watch incomplete vehicle restoration

  • David Williams
    David Williams   3 days ago

    You could practice your aluminium repairs on that side skirt you were otherwise just gonna throw away

    I AM KING   3 days ago

    Hey, I dont know if you guys share the build prices, But are the builds usually cheaper than buying the car

  • yungoat
    yungoat   4 days ago

    best rebuild channel on youtube. they do everything themselves that they possibly can.

  • dani martinez
    dani martinez   4 days ago

    Hi guys...I followed your Corvette and now this Viper reconstruction and it has been fantastic and very enjoyable thing to watch.....keep up with the good work....I am from Barcelona, Spain....and we love to check your videos here too!...I like your editing and melow music.....and the pets....I love it!!!

  • junior baez
    junior baez   4 days ago

    What bondo do you guys use to repair dents ?

  • 5to plano films
    5to plano films   5 days ago

    cant wait to see another chapter of this!! Nice work you guys

  • KwSTurtle
    KwSTurtle   5 days ago

    i like how they use a knife on a no knife box 😂

  • eric D
    eric D   5 days ago

    You guys do amazing work are these cars going to be for sale and would you do a car for someone else

  • 01Sterlitz
    01Sterlitz   5 days ago

    New word of the day- "dude". Great vocabulary.

  • cheerio
    cheerio   5 days ago

    Viper vs gtr when they are done

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez   5 days ago

    If you want to find leaks on a tire just submerge the whole tire in water. There is a few tub containers out there big enough for tires.

  • Bailey Butler
    Bailey Butler   6 days ago

    I'm thinking of modding my '05 mercury mariner v6 fwd with a new intake and higher performance spark plugs

  • stefan mills
    stefan mills   6 days ago

    Can you guys finish the viper so I can finally bust a nut, please?

  • Gamer_ Tag
    Gamer_ Tag   6 days ago

    Street legal racing redline is looking good

  • djeans33
    djeans33   6 days ago

    Great work on the Viper and I love watching you guys bring great cars back to the road. I have been watching you since the Jeep and F-250, so long ago I can’t remember which came first.

  • TenZki na
    TenZki na   6 days ago

    You should try this paint job on this viper :))

  • Rusty Wagstaff
    Rusty Wagstaff   6 days ago

    If you guy have a aluminum spool gun why don't you just tack weld some pull plates to the door.