The Auction Corvette Goes DRAG RACING! (Ends Horribly, Engine EXPLOSION!)

  • Published on: December 24 Des 201

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  • Runtime : 23.30


  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland   3 weeks ago

    Merry Christmas everyone! Leroy/Neighbor are already being fixed and we found a new engine for Ruby (from a local junkyard). Got the V back up and running so that’s the next vid, then we’re tearing down Ruby’s engine to see the damage... then replacing that 5.3 with another one and going back to get our 10 before we put a built trans in. It’s going to be a BUSY off season lol. Love you guys, new vid on Wednesday!

  • goopah
    goopah   14 hours ago

    I don't know how I even got here. I'm not that much into cars. But I got hooked on the C6 auction car story from the first video, and I been following along like a good story. I am now seriously emotionally attached to Ruby, and shed tears of joy at 3:57 when Cleetus said, "It didn't blow up!" Like I said, I'm not into cars, but it's epic stories like these that turn normal guys into motorheads.

  • Beans
    Beans   1 days ago

    Turbo and a 200+k non conditioned junkyard motor, there was no other outcome 😂

  • Tony
    Tony   1 days ago

    I have to thank you for all the ruby clips you guys did. from the auction house to track and finish. Nothing has kept me riveted to youtube lately as much as the ruby footage. TY TY. I wish I could do something like you guys do, but no funds for that in my life. So very happy to see it out of outers.

  • Ravnican127
    Ravnican127   1 days ago

    But but... That guy who said he was the previous owner said the trans was already built. No way he lied about any of that to get on the show or anything right? right?!?

  • Warren Stuart-mitchell

    i can not believe that you had vice grip on the battery terminal i bit rough guy .

  • Izzy motorsports
    Izzy motorsports   2 days ago

    Nice vid I should get a corvette can any one sub to my vid

  • MrDeathZone
    MrDeathZone   2 days ago

    3:46 what happened to your eye... 😉😉😉

  • Slayo710
    Slayo710   2 days ago

    "We don't have much oil pressure, I guess that's just part of life folks." -Cleetus

  • Jeff' Ro
    Jeff' Ro   4 days ago

    Don't forget to add more oil...

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan   4 days ago

    16:45I don't think that fluid is supposed to look like chocolate milk like that. Or, you know, be sprayed across the windshield instead of in the engine.

  • Bobby Finley
    Bobby Finley   4 days ago

    Poor ruby but hey 5.3s are bad ass ive got or i should say i had an LS 5.3 in a 2000 silverado that is now pushing 992 HP at the rear wheels 5.3s were built to be punished PERIOD.

  • Duke Dog Tom
    Duke Dog Tom   5 days ago

    say what you want to about gm and chevy, but holy guacamole, nobody makes a better v8. long live the LS. God Bless the LS. DO IT FOR DALE! Dale ain't dead, he's just a lap ahead! BARDLE SKEET

  • Michael Khoury
    Michael Khoury   6 days ago

    Why not pick up a stock LS1 for $3000 rather than keep torturing yourself with POS truck motors? Seriously that's all it needs and you have yourself a real 'vette; why go cheap when you've got everything else already?

  • EssTEye
    EssTEye   6 days ago

    She’s the Cherry Bomb!

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward   6 days ago

    I feel like TSP is going to send a big gift for ole girl Ruuuuuby lol

  • Brian Landers
    Brian Landers   1 weeks ago

    That's what happens when you punish a 200k+ engine, I'm just surprised it didn't blow in the shop. Of course there was no load on the engine. You should've put heavyweight diesel oil in it, it might've went for another round. However you're right about finding another engine for it, maybe you'll get lucky and find a Corvette engine for Ruby, it really sucks that it didn't come with an original equipment engine already. That's the gamble you take when bidding on something sight unseen. Good luck, this was fun to watch. I'm just saying.

  • Anonymous CyberCrime
    Anonymous CyberCrime   1 weeks ago

    Thats not the engine blown but thats just the piston is breaking may causes the piston has old?

  • Chris Wirth
    Chris Wirth   1 weeks ago

    Running 1/4 mile passes on 5 psi of oil pressure, what could possibly go wrong? :o

  • Jerrance Harris
    Jerrance Harris   1 weeks ago

    im so ashamed had to see a chevrolet get towed by a ford :(

  • Korlim Services
    Korlim Services   1 weeks ago

    The oil pressure is low, i see some smoke coming out of the engine, there is a strange sound somewhere around the engine...BUT LETS GO FOR THE 10 SEC BOYS 🙌🙌🙌

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini   1 weeks ago

    Built trans he says... will hold 1000 hp he says... Guess it was just a shift kit after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nobby Barnes
    Nobby Barnes   1 weeks ago

    The only thing this mindlessness was missing was the dude yelling "shake and bake baby, shake and bake".

  • David Williams
    David Williams   1 weeks ago

    😂so dramatic when you knew this was going to be the end result, well done on the fuuuuuulllll puuuuullll

  • Brad Young
    Brad Young   1 weeks ago

    Thing still ripped like a beast regardless js..

  • Larry Schwartz
    Larry Schwartz   1 weeks ago

    This kinda makes me sad. This corvette should be somebody's pride and joy in the garage instead of this. :(

  • Tyrone James
    Tyrone James   1 weeks ago

    I've never fucked with autos but what would happen if you were to use hydrologic fluid as trans fluid in your kind of situation

  • Tyrone James
    Tyrone James   1 weeks ago

    Oh the rx7 from the last video hopfully some kind of quad rota 20b

  • Just Like Paradise
    Just Like Paradise   1 weeks ago

    Very impressive but I love seeing a Ford towing your BadAsh ride... Keep it up! Love your channel.;

  • Chuck Pope
    Chuck Pope   1 weeks ago

    You need to know when to say when, you knew it was going to blow you saw the sign With the low oil pressure. Still pretty impressed with your team, keep it safe.

  • Das Borke
    Das Borke   1 weeks ago

    You can hear her hammering after the first pass. RIP that engine.

  • Tony Griffiths
    Tony Griffiths   1 weeks ago

    RIP engine. Dramatic and sad, but entertaining like all your vids .... cheers 1 :)