Why Bradley Whitford Misses 'The West Wing'

  • Published on: December 11 Jan 201

  • 'Valley of the Boom' star Bradley Whitford misses having a place carved out in the culture to do a show like 'The West Wing.'Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTubeFor more content from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", click HERE: http://bit.ly/1AKISnRWatch full episodes of "The Late Show" HERE: http://bit.ly/1Puei40Like "The Late Show" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1df139YFollow "The Late Show" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1dMzZzGFollow "The Late Show" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1JlGgzwFollow "The Late Show" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/29wfREjFollow "The Late Show" on Tumblr HERE: http://bit.ly/29DVvtRWatch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert weeknights at 11:35 PM ET/10:35 PM CT. Only on CBS.Get the CBS app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE: http://bit.ly/12rLxgeGet new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B---The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the premier late night talk show on CBS, airing at 11:35pm EST, streaming online via CBS All Access, and delivered to the International Space Station on a USB drive taped to a weather balloon. Every night, viewers can expect: Comedy, humor, funny moments, witty interviews, celebrities, famous people, movie stars, bits, humorous celebrities doing bits, funny celebs, big group photos of every star from Hollywood, even the reclusive ones, plus also jokes.
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  • Grace Skerp
    Grace Skerp   1 days ago

    Josh Lyman's voice coming out of that Grandpa's face ???? damn

  • Emma Bunch-Benson
    Emma Bunch-Benson   2 days ago

    "children being slaughtered in schools with weapons of war is part of the cost of freedom but universal background checks are too high a price to pay" YES anyone who can stand by and put their "freedom" over the lives of innocent students needs to reevaluate their humanity and their soul.

  • Vanessa Pierson
    Vanessa Pierson   2 days ago

    Sometimes Democrats get together and say things that are so so so blind to all the people in the middle of the country - right, left, and middle.

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog   2 days ago

    Republicans don't recognized fact-based sanity..

  • ursaltydog
    ursaltydog   2 days ago

    Too far to the left? naww.. not far enough.. The party needs to be brought back to the left..

  • meh
    meh   2 days ago

    I disagree about the digital technology. Kids today seem to be learning how to interact with other people online rather than in person... I don't think that's good for them, to be honest. Digital communication just gets easier and easier while face-to-face interaction, at least in the wealthiest countries, seems further away.Also, automobiles did screw up cities in the United States. Just saying.

  • K Myers
    K Myers   3 days ago

    Bradley Whitford is awesome. :)

  • Jon Paradero
    Jon Paradero   4 days ago

    I miss the West Wing too Joshua. I miss Josiah Edward, Claudia Jean, Samuel Norman, Leo, Tobias Zachary, Donnatella, Charlie and Abigail so much I am crying.

  • windseafrogs
    windseafrogs   4 days ago

    For every hour of current news I watch two hours of The West Wing. It helps!

  • Jim Mauch
    Jim Mauch   4 days ago

    Blue cult from Madison, WI say hi.

  • Puppeteer Master
    Puppeteer Master   4 days ago

    If you don't say rude things about the current year President, everyone tars and feathers you. ♫ But jokes on them I like white feathers on tar! ♫

  • ramo moreno
    ramo moreno   4 days ago

    there are only 2 gangs in L.A the gangs we make 2 protect us & lapd

  • Christiane Carson
    Christiane Carson   5 days ago

    Of course Bradley Whitford loathes Trump! How could he not? After all he worked for the best President America has ever had for 7 wonderful seasons!!!!! Bartlett was a highly intelligent, deeply moral, kind and humanitarian man; flawed certainly, (well, aren't we all?) but an honourable man in every way!!! Watching the Trump's Thanksgiving phone call to the troops instantly reminded me of Bartlett's heartbreaking phone conversation with the young radio operator on a small supply ship doomed to sink in a terrible storm in season one!!! HE didn't start showboating, and talking about himself, HE didn't praise himself, HE didn't discuss politics, HE didn't launch into a self glorifying rally rant about a nonexistent crisis! HE just knelt on the floor and asked the young lad about himself, his family, his fear!!! The memory of that episode sent me scrabbling for my DVD box set to re-watch just that one episode, and I ended up binge watching all 7 seasons!!! The comparison was starkly horrendous!!! Thank you The West Wing writer, actors, producers etc. for all the thought provoking moments, the laughter, and the tears!!! What a pity someone can't tie Trump to a chair in a locked cellar, tape his eyes open and force HIM to watch all seven seasons on how a real president, a real White House, a real government SHOULD behave!!! Hell!!! Better!!! yet, put it on a continuous loop and lock him in there for the next 2 years!!!

  • Mia7189
    Mia7189   5 days ago

    I LOVE Bradley Whitford!

  • Jane Guarnera
    Jane Guarnera   5 days ago

    Bless the progressive children, shine on, shine on...They're savvy about their times,siri alone creeps me out; I figure 20 yrs. left.at best..I'm ready, more than ready to pass on the torch. I was a weekend stepmom at 13, yup fell in love with a molester..., babysat multible kids and the adults , mescaline was the popular weekend party back in my day. Had my own first at 30, my last at 38 ....I love all the kids, the adults...well.... I want nothin' more now than for the kids run the world....I've played Cards for Humanity (fun that) but enough to know.....kids,tag your it.... let this wild, dotty old lady have the fun she was foolish enough to pass up in her youth. Frankly haven't had too much problem with it. Yeah every once in a while they look at me and ask WTF mom. I just reiterate tag, you're it. They may not be that savvy with governing, let alone parenting...figure the last half century has been bizarre; if push comes to shove I 'm still capable of losing myself in the woods.

  • Chavez Ellis
    Chavez Ellis   5 days ago

    didn't even mention him being on Brooklyn 99

  • M.
    M.   5 days ago

    Bradley Whitford should be Kamala Harris' campaign manager.

  • M.
    M.   5 days ago

    oh wow, what a coincidence. I'm watching the west wing and now this comes out today.

  • Uriel238
    Uriel238   5 days ago

    I don't think it's a gun violence problem. I think it's a suicide problem. 40K commit suicide every year, and only half use guns. Which suggests those who don't have guns have other options.

  • Cognitive Dissonance

    Thank you for wearing the orange ribbon! It means a lot to bring attention to gun violence

  • Drummers Eve
    Drummers Eve   5 days ago

    ERIC!?! You're going to give the company to Eric? He is a bad, baaad man.

  • Pogo
    Pogo   5 days ago

    He looks like a certain CNN host

  • Ana Perez
    Ana Perez   5 days ago

    President Barlett would mop the floor with the Orange Buffoon, 0 to 60, in 2.3 seconds

  • Na M
    Na M   5 days ago

    If wanting universal healthcare is "crazy," then put me in a straight jacket and send me to Bedlam.