Future, Juice WRLD - Astronauts (Audio)

  • Published on: December 18 Okt 201

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  • Runtime : 2.51


  • Eric Walker
    Eric Walker   1 weeks ago

    Best Song On This Whole Album next to Ain't livin right

  • CeoYT
    CeoYT   1 weeks ago

    ☄️☄️☄️☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥 Detroit #Eastside #Mack On Repeat 🔊🔊🔊

  • Bell view
    Bell view   1 weeks ago

    Why everyone here like "juice snapped" we just gonna ignore future? Disrespectful smh

  • Her Beloved
    Her Beloved   2 weeks ago

    this shit hotter than a spoon at Demi Lovato’s house🔥

  • Haxord 2
    Haxord 2   3 weeks ago

    Just found this song but it’s fire 👌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • johnathan barnes
    johnathan barnes   3 weeks ago

    Wayne, lil uzi, meek milly would all kill this on a remix

  • SilentShadow
    SilentShadow   1 months ago

    Future ruined every song on this album he's trash

  • Jacob Zeman
    Jacob Zeman   1 months ago


  • Ki Powell
    Ki Powell   1 months ago

    Let’s go juice show them how we do in the Go the real Land

  • Grimm Jr.
    Grimm Jr.   1 months ago

    [Intro: Future]Just like a astronautWe don't detoxYeahPlayin' in the mud, all these drugsLike a weirdo (Yeah)One of a kind, VVS diamond on my earlobe[Chorus: Juice WRLD]Hop in that 'Rari, I drive fast, I'm a a-hole (Skrrt)I got cashflow, bitch droppin' the ass lowRide dick like a lasso40 on me, it's fuego hotGive you a haloAt your neck, ready or notMe and Pluto astronauts[Verse 1: Future]Alien, I'm not a regular guyEmilio Pucci, not regular flyIt's been a year since I went in the mallI'm not a regular guyWe put them beams on a semi, you better be ready to dieI got on wings like a Bentley, I feel way too highLeft the sticker on the window still got the paper tagLouis Vuitton bandana, too many shopping bagsRichard Mille or the Rollie, it don't tick tockHermes bandana just like 2PacMy little brother, he a scammer, ride with 2 choppasWe want ecstasy and codeine, we don't detox[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]Balenciagas on my feet, these ain't no ReeboksI grew up a bad kid, coulda been on The BoondocksI keep my hand on my tool, ahhClip look like a rulerI roll with them shooters, shootersAin't with the talking, we just do itStripper bitch, big ol' bootyYour ho dirty, she got cootiesBig ol' 30, and it'll do youUh, I shoot that shit like a movieWhite bitch nerdy, her name Susie, uhThe bitch head game go stupid, uhBirkin bag on my back hold the Uzi, uhTwo Percs to the face, I'm booted[Verse 3: Future]Blood on my hands, blood in my eyesCodeine in my cup, money on my mindGonna take this Percocet and try and see starsPresently, they askin' young niggas I got barsHope you never get to murder solvin' like nothin' wrongHope, the day you run into your ops, you get 'em goin'I be with my Chi town brothers, Al CaponeMe and Juice killin these niggas like they got they hands downBlood in my eyes, blood on my handsBlood in my cup, blood on my bandsMade a million dollars in abandoned buildingsDrinkin' out the bottle, you abandon my feelingsI took three 10s and went hasta luegoJuice WRLD prolly in that 'Rari actin' a a-holeI'm with some bartenders, they bad like J-LoKeep the cannon like a tummy tuck, pushin' yayoBlow my head off, she deserve Chanel cocoI got dirty bands, I'm gettin' my El Chapo[Chorus: Juice WRLD & Future]I drive fast, I'm a a-holeI got cashflow, bitch droppin' that ass lowRide dick like a lasso40 on me, it's fuego hotGive you a haloAt your neck, ready or notMe and Pluto astronautsI got bands, hasta luegoI got cashflow, bitch droppin' the ass lowRide that shit like my last hoChopper on me, I'm B.G. hotGive you a haloAt your neck, ready or notMe and Juice astronauts

  • Ayman Husein
    Ayman Husein   1 months ago

    I have a rap here it is and by the way I love your music guys seperate it’s good bu together it’s better here is my rap though You look like a muffinYou said you wanna fight me why you bluffinI came to fight you but you were already runninIt wasn’t a surprise all you tell are lies this isn’t my fight just your demiseWe all know I’m your biggest fear your worst nightmare and I’m someone you can’t scareMy words sting like a bee you say bet I put a g I hear your voice it goes like reeeNobody will defend-er I meant to offend-er I don’t surrender you look like a tender that was just in a blender(blender tender)You smell like tuna fish(tuna fish)Your acting ludicrous(ludicrous)Are we really doin this(doin this)Caprisun don’t choke on his linesBut he ain’t comin back he said his goodbyeI’m the best and you know that I’m blessedYou are my guest I do not rest and I can rap better than Kanye WestYour stomach so full(full) you look like a bull(bull)I’m on a roll I do not trollYou post a pic on your story look at your views you only got 40Gotta a mansion 6 storiesMy head in the clouds but they tell me to stick to the grounds Watch where you stepping I don’t want to see you I got yellow diamonds shining like pikachuI bought every pair of Nike shoes and you already know that I just can’t loseThey say it’s raining tacos so you run outsideCan’t see your feet so you slip and slideDon’t hop on this isn’t a rideIf you want to rap you need a dictionaryI’m already doin it like it’s PictionaryYou ain’t a horror film but your scary(lookin)I got the tightest flow on the planetI’m righteous and don’t panicI’m on a worldwide stageYet in a real tight cageI just got paidThis raps almost complete Please take seatI’m like the teenage mutant ninja turtlesI’m lean and mean minus the greenThis isn’t the night—showYou weren’t in the right—thoI thought you wanted to fight—oh(Ay ay) but this is just childs playThis isn’t your day you think your BeyoncéBut I’m on display there is no delay and that is okayCan you shave that facial hairCause we thought you were a bearYour looking pretty anxiousSomebody rank thisHow did I make this(I didn’t fake this)

  • harry sof
    harry sof   1 months ago

    we can allll agree that FUTURE fuckin killed it

  • MIR Swag
    MIR Swag   1 months ago

    Look at my video to this song if u like it subscribe 🔥🔥

  • xxtry hardxx
    xxtry hardxx   1 months ago

    " i grew up a bad kid could've been on the boomdocks"

  • neeftek26 Uriel
    neeftek26 Uriel   1 months ago

    Stop doin features with future he be fuckin ya songs up