OK Is THAT What We Doing Now?! Alissa Ashley x NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on: 19 August 2018
  • heyyy! Today's video we'll be diving in and testing out the new Alissa Ashley x NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation an Matte Primer! This is an IN DEPTH review at the product, concept, new shades, and includes a wear test. IF you do not like thorough reviews this ain't the channel for you HENNY! Enjoy!

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    NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Primer + Foundation http://bit.ly/2vVecRO
    Primer http://bit.ly/2LbIggC

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    Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (my shade is Chai) https://www.toofaced.com/jackie

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  • Jackie Aina
    Jackie Aina   5 months ago

    no shade, but this is not the time or the place to bog down this accomplishment with "but what about fair skin"....dark skin people have been maliciously and strategically, AND purposely left of beauty (not just foundations, just very little visibility in so many ways, too many to name here) so please do not try to compare the struggle of not finding a light enough foundation to the struggle of darker skinned people. It is not the same struggle and it never will be. IF you genuinely have an issue with the lack of lighter shades I would recommend expressing your concerns directly to the brand or creating your own platform just like I did. Because until it became a trend, people with lighter skin sure as hell were not speaking up for us for years. Enough is enough, and I will not allow people to try to steal MORE shine from people who have been overlooked for years. Not today and not on this platform. tis all! -management

  • Eliana Rodriguez Nunez
    Eliana Rodriguez Nunez   10 hours ago

    This Beyonce hair!!!🙀 Just when I thought I've seen all your videos!❤❤❤

  • Charvonne Walker
    Charvonne Walker   18 hours ago

    Urban Decay is actually NYX mother, an Ulta employee shared that with me.

  • Lisa T-Wright
    Lisa T-Wright   1 days ago

    I love what you said about the "problem" of having so many shades that it's like, Oh my goodness--which one?? How far we've come. That is a classy problem! 💙 💙

  • Ericka Clifton
    Ericka Clifton   2 days ago

    Hey Jackie! If u have oil skin and u dry it out it’s only causes ur pores to create more sebum since ur pores r trying t nourish ur skin :) I have normal skin but I learnt in school a water based moisturizer is good for oily or colbo

  • MultiScrappydo
    MultiScrappydo   3 days ago

    I think they are using the undertones as what you would need. So if you were a cool undertone person you would need more yellow to counteract that so that's what you get, not that what's in the bottle is cool. If that makes any sense, lol

  • Katie Cat
    Katie Cat   4 days ago

    I live for your videos!! You have such a great personality and you are gorGEOUS!!! 💜

  • Kyra Phose
    Kyra Phose   5 days ago

    OMG you look so much like Beyonce omg

  • Bianca Cordova
    Bianca Cordova   5 days ago

    I loved right before you put that flower powder on. You we're glowing.

  • LYIA
    LYIA   5 days ago

    Yasss Jackie that skin is glowing✨✨✨👅

  • Corie Johnson
    Corie Johnson   6 days ago

    Jackie I hate youuuuu why every time I talk about this I sing that song 😭😭😂💀

  • Sasha Flower
    Sasha Flower   1 weeks ago

    Your face is too light for that foundation..but u do try to match your body so it works.. you are the QUEEN of youtube..just luv u..your my friend in my head. Lol. Luv your pinned statement..talk that talk babe!! 💕👏🏾👏🏾💕

  • Valon Ariga
    Valon Ariga   1 weeks ago

    Facial expressions such as 13:40 really give me life xD

  • Rachel Hodge
    Rachel Hodge   1 weeks ago

    Would this foundation be beneficial to someone, me, with eczema and psoriasis patches on their face? Can never find a drug store foundation that covers all the way, I don’t always want to color correct.

  • Dasery Ballesteros
    Dasery Ballesteros   1 weeks ago

    I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION 😭❤️ I went to go buy another today at ulta and it was the last one (soft beige) ❤️

  • vaphillips76
    vaphillips76   1 weeks ago

    Mahogany is my color in NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop concealer. They NEVER have it in the damn store. I’m gonna have to find another brand because I am not an online shopper for make-up.

  • Tonjianne Leonard
    Tonjianne Leonard   1 weeks ago

    Ive never seen a foundation blend in so perfectly to the color of someones neck/body...im shook

  • Sharice Bryant
    Sharice Bryant   1 weeks ago

    I consider NYX drugstore adjacent. Love them nonetheless. Gonna try this foundation for dem broke times ya girl can’t get fenty lmao. Thanks for the vid jackay

  • Gianna Taylor
    Gianna Taylor   2 weeks ago


  • Jughead Jones
    Jughead Jones   2 weeks ago

    This shade range is so underrated, like I haven’t seen a lot of you tubers rate this like this range deserves sm more praise

  • lynette bodiford
    lynette bodiford   2 weeks ago

    Jackie,you are soo real girl!!Keep up the good work.Pray God continues to shine in your life.Thank you girlie😘

  • Rollie Shepherd
    Rollie Shepherd   2 weeks ago

    Can we just get rid of the whole white cis men thing please

  • Anna Marusarz
    Anna Marusarz   2 weeks ago


  • gracie wood
    gracie wood   2 weeks ago

    i LOVE the shade range but this foundation performed a little weird on my skin and i gave it a few chances. none the less, i’m very happy it worked for you!! you look gorgeous!!! cheers to poc representation!!!

  • Hey It’s Tay
    Hey It’s Tay   2 weeks ago

    If I ever get the chance of making a cosmetic line I wanna make 40+ shades and make the each shade in different undertones. I wanna do this because I’ve heard Jackie and my friends say “the color is right, but the undertone isn’t”

  • Maya Beck
    Maya Beck   3 weeks ago

    I hate people talking to people with lighter skin and saying that it is so easy to find a foundation I'm so happy when a big brand comes out with more than 2 foundations for darker shades I'm talking about you shape tape foundation and you go alissa

  • Laurel J
    Laurel J   3 weeks ago

    I just have to say that although I’m in the fair/light shade range, I love watching your tutorials because they’ve taught me sooo much about undertones. Many of the fair/light shade range youtubers don’t really teach about undertones, cool warm neutral, and I just love that you teach about these things. It’s super helpful, even for me to apply to my shade. So thanks lovey! ♥️

  • S•M •E
    S•M •E   3 weeks ago

    the can’t stop won’t stop concealer is freaking awesome i love it they have light and dark shades so everyone can be happy

  • Gaby Aguilar
    Gaby Aguilar   3 weeks ago

    When you start saying your name im already in dance position

  • Cataleya Díaz Del Bosque

    Nyx made my jaw drop. I went to ulta and spotted it and was shocked with its colour range!!! It was wonderful. I found a colour, Deep Rich, and I finally have a foundation that matches my neck, which is red/gold in the face! I used Mac and Nars and Fenty. Fenty was either too light or too dark and never matched even after letting it dry and settle. It was frustrating so no more Fenty for me. But NXY...just wow!! A shade for me at, free at last free at last!!!

  • ari ashlar
    ari ashlar   3 weeks ago

    Personally, I have very tan purple toned skin and I have a hard time finding shades, because most foundations are warm-toned for darker shades. But this foundation has the perfect shade for me and I love it!