Leroy's New Diff Works AMAZING... Two of His Cleanest/Quickest Launches EVER!

  • Published on: December 22 Des 201

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  • Runtime : 13.22


  • CrisXChevrolet
    CrisXChevrolet   1 days ago

    Who thinks that Cleetus with Leroy should race Roadkill with the VetteKart? Like so he can see it.

  • Jonathan Medina
    Jonathan Medina   1 days ago

    The parachute deploying, To slow the beast down, Leroy It’s not wanting to slow down! Insanity brothers!!!!! Fucking love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keaos0
    Keaos0   2 days ago

    I like everything about Leroy but I can't stand the Turbos being mounted where they are... But, I also can't think of a better more economical place for them to go; as I imagine they're cooled better in the wind...

  • Justin Backues
    Justin Backues   3 days ago

    Change them damn wheel bearings and rotors Cleetus! U can hear it every time u slow down. Bet it shakes like a bitch when u brake! Lol

  • Tennessee Jeff
    Tennessee Jeff   6 days ago

    Put that visor down please!!!!! You’ll wished you had if you ever experience a violent crash/fire. God forbid that never happens.

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward   6 days ago

    Didn't hardly see the nose drop on gear change, he's dialed lol good job

  • Zann Newman
    Zann Newman   1 weeks ago

    @ 5:28 I got the biggest wood. Better than porn... Hail Leroy

  • AntacidSphinx23
    AntacidSphinx23   1 weeks ago

    You were in Indiana. Dammit I must have missed an even

  • Brittney Self
    Brittney Self   1 weeks ago

    Cold in indiana killed the battery... Just like everything else here.

  • Graham Hart
    Graham Hart   1 weeks ago

    Wow. Y'all do some great work. Nevermind making that car aerodynamic..I think the air moves aside to let that beast by.

  • Dasdfjkl
    Dasdfjkl   1 weeks ago

    I think Leroy is angry because you gave her a boy's name.

  • Nova Jetfire
    Nova Jetfire   1 weeks ago

    u need to get an electric blanket to put on leroy's block. Put it on like an hour before you pull up at where ever you are going.

  • alex john
    alex john   2 weeks ago

    Ohh fuck me now your gonna start with sponsers

  • james chang
    james chang   2 weeks ago

    will you ever take it to the salt flats and try to be in the 200mph club

  • Duncan Gray
    Duncan Gray   2 weeks ago

    Cleetus: seriously, why have you not yet put some kind of shell on that beast of a monstrosity (n.b. love it) ... you heard what the wind tunnel guys told you didn';'t you? ;-)

  • AcXHarris
    AcXHarris   2 weeks ago

    8:42 Can be only a Godzilla. :D

  • DavesRestoration454
    DavesRestoration454   2 weeks ago

    Since Leroy seems to want to go left on every launch, anyone ever think about doing a "rollout" on the rear slicks to see if the right one is bigger??

  • Brian Connelly
    Brian Connelly   2 weeks ago

    You should take someone in the passenger seat for a 1/4 mile run

  • CHEAVYguy650
    CHEAVYguy650   2 weeks ago

    Some idiot just killed his trany outside my house

  • Jacob Fleischer
    Jacob Fleischer   2 weeks ago

    I’ll continue to say it, but I could watch a 12 minute video of a remix of Brent laughing. Who has the skills for that?

  • essnz
    essnz   2 weeks ago

    I was hoping to see the rotary I heard in the background...

  • Foxy fabrication lsx
    Foxy fabrication lsx   2 weeks ago

    Have you ever ran the Leroy 1/4 mile with the wing on? You should do a run with and with out to see if it helps with your aero issues ;) do it for dale🇺🇸

  • J. J.j
    J. J.j   2 weeks ago

    Lmaooooo all those automatics lovers hating...

  • Thomas Weatherford
    Thomas Weatherford   2 weeks ago

    When we going to see Leroy on the street maybe at a small tire cash days??

  • Jacoo929
    Jacoo929   2 weeks ago

    Leroy vs street outlaws??

  • Ashworth Automotive Ltd

    Only found your channel last night. Subscribed straight away. Loving what you guys are up to.

  • .: Freddy G' :.
    .: Freddy G' :.   2 weeks ago

    Oh shit that reminded me, I need to drain my catch cans on my Subie lmao thanks

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven Thompson   2 weeks ago

    Dayumm.. When you see leroy launch... Compared to anything else.... it fuckin sick.. We all know you... Haha you definitely tear stuff up

  • MAX3D2
    MAX3D2   3 weeks ago

    Thank you for the ride along with Leroy!!! You gained a new fan and subscriber!!!!