Neil Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Published on: December 9 Jan 2019

  • Neil Patrick Harris talks about working with his kids on the set of A Series of Unfortunate Events, his hesitance to let them start an Instagram account and making a crossword puzzle for The New York Times.» Subscribe to Late Night:» Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers:» Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC.LATE NIGHT ON SOCIALFollow Late Night on Twitter: Late Night on Facebook: Late Night on Tumblr: http://latenightseth.tumblr...Connect with Late Night on Google+: Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes.NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: NBC: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google+: Instagram: Patrick Harris Talks About His Kids' "Weird" Cameo in A Series of Unfortunate Events- Late Night with Seth Meyers Night with Seth Meyers
  • Runtime : 6.58


  • Yon ce
    Yon ce   59 minuts ago

    Sometimes when he talks he sounds like his acting still 🤔

  • Alliyah Rashid
    Alliyah Rashid   3 hours ago

    Can’t you see Mr Poe he’s Count Olaf in disguise

  • Cindy Jarvis
    Cindy Jarvis   11 hours ago

    Very Fascinating Disguise there 👁️

  • Pearl Ashton
    Pearl Ashton   1 days ago

    Oof now I have to go back and rewatch Carnivorous Carnival

  • Morgan Fall
    Morgan Fall   1 days ago

    I need him and Andy samberg to star in a tv series

  • Rebecca Chen
    Rebecca Chen   1 days ago

    Didnt know that the show was filmed in Vancouver!

  • Adelina Blaise
    Adelina Blaise   1 days ago

    All I want in life is to meet Neil.(imma text this comment to my friend with no context and yeah that’s basically all I do with my life thnx bye)

  • Jenny
    Jenny   2 days ago

    its better to have a fist in the cheese than a horse on top of it!

  • McPopGaming
    McPopGaming   2 days ago

    I think he is the peacock in the masked singer

  • jason mcclain
    jason mcclain   2 days ago

    @Late Night with Seth MeyersHow can I block any content from this channel from showing up on my page? I have reported, thumbs down, and even ranked it as harmful and misleading. How can I permanently ban or block the channel from ever appearing in my suggestions ever again?

  • Steven Enno
    Steven Enno   2 days ago

    .... this man should be a role model for the gays. Take notes ya fairies

  • Danielle Julapong
    Danielle Julapong   2 days ago

    Seth Myers is so awkward. It seems like he didn't even tried to research what the show is about. Uckkk

  • LoquaciousLaners42
    LoquaciousLaners42   4 days ago

    Lol, 8 and the book series is too dark for them, that's when I read them! (I'm 16 now, lol)

  • Alexa Ofelia
    Alexa Ofelia   5 days ago

    I really love how committed he seems to letting his kids make their choices (to read the Series books, to act, etc)

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo   5 days ago

    "his kids"are they though? -.-

  • Katie M
    Katie M   6 days ago

    "So it's called gidgitgrams" looks into the camera

  • A M
    A M   6 days ago

    He’s legend... wait for it......dary

  • DomDiggity
    DomDiggity   6 days ago

    You can really see how many times Seth wanted to bang the crap out of Neil!!! The look on Seth’s eyes whenever Neil spoke is undeniable lol

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous   6 days ago

    How the heck does a gay dude have kids?