Cowboys vs Rams | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
  • Cowboys vs Rams. Last year the Rams lost at home in the playoffs. Now the Cowboys come in as the 4th seed to hopefully get the win. Who do you got? Join Josh & Shawn as they provide their Live Play-By-Play & Reactions as well as interacting with you in the Live Chat!


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  • Runtime : 4:14:35
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  • Penny Pincher-Coins
    Penny Pincher-Coins   1 weeks ago

    i said on the pre-game video that the cowboys had to score 30 or more to win and that didn't happen

  • Jonathan Grogan
    Jonathan Grogan   1 weeks ago

    3:28:15 but he loves his Cowboys tho smh man called at least 2 players a piece of shit 😆

  • Marcos Flores
    Marcos Flores   1 weeks ago

    Kinda sad the Rams didnt get the run back with your bears.... But ill take a W against the cowgirls any day. GO RAMS

  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton   1 weeks ago

    Shawn you didn't know what you where talking about.cowboysare starting to look for new coach

  • jcamman99
    jcamman99   1 weeks ago

    in case you don't know, u gotta fix the livestream for the chargers game

  • Mitch The god Trubisky

    Sorry Shawn but you know you guys will bounce back and next year will be the bears vs cowboys for nfc champions

  • Sam Dath
    Sam Dath   1 weeks ago

    Am a seahawks fan but i feel bad for shawn

  • xBacon Grizzler69
    xBacon Grizzler69   1 weeks ago

    Shawn, sorry for your loss, even though I hate the Cowboys I won't rub it in your face because you're one of few Cowboys fans I like lol keep your head up and good luck next season!

  • kry sohard
    kry sohard   1 weeks ago

    it makes my heart happy to see the cowboys walk away with an L i just hope my charger can beat the pats and refs today

  • Tristan Egan
    Tristan Egan   1 weeks ago

    Shawn I didn’t know what you expected the cowboys aren’t anything special

  • MrBaddog7676
    MrBaddog7676   1 weeks ago

    I am laughing so hard at your comments on my beer! 😂😂😂😂

  • MrBaddog7676
    MrBaddog7676   1 weeks ago

    27:00 lol. Josh, when buying Stella, I should've told you, always make sure you grab the ones that are buried in the back. The ones exposed to light tend to get skunky.Hope that's why you thought that beer was bad. LolSTELLLLLAAAAHHHH

  • RapidFireReaper
    RapidFireReaper   1 weeks ago

    No thats the right call! It was a violation of Rule 12, Section 1, Article 4(b): No offensive player may...use interlocking interference, by grasping a teammate or using his hands or arms to encircle the body of a teammate He was clearly hugging Dak to keep him standing. Penalty is a loss of 10 yards, but it would have stayed 3rd down. Source:

  • ginNaujus
    ginNaujus   1 weeks ago

    Congrats to the Rams on the win. Sorry Shawn.... including myself...somehow they did not take into consideration... oversized CJ Anderson.

  • That Football Guy
    That Football Guy   1 weeks ago

    Shawn is the only reason I’d be okay with the Cowboys winning. But hey be happy about the Cowboys season, everyone thought they were done after week 8 and they ended up winning the division and they won a playoff game. Also that first rounder the Cowboys gave up for cooper is so high I almost consider it a second rounder, that trade paid off for the Cowboys. Cooper helped turn your season around, just wait until he plays a full season with the Cowboys.

  • Joe thomas
    Joe thomas   1 weeks ago

    I always feel bad for good fans when their teams lose ! Cowboys and Bears both have alot to look forward to next year !

  • beastmode 1562
    beastmode 1562   1 weeks ago

    Well all three of us felt pain. Bears lost. Seattle lost and Dallas😥

  • Bird Gang
    Bird Gang   1 weeks ago

    "But thanks for giving us money" I always enjoy the content, but after that, it makes me wonder.

  • L A Lou
    L A Lou   1 weeks ago

    It's a good day. My Rams won me a pizza. Good game Shaun. We'll see you guys next season.

  • JC 295
    JC 295   1 weeks ago

    Sorry Shawn cowboys are still the cowboys