Taking Leroy Through the Drive-Thru... Mountain Dew DISASTER lol!

  • Published on: December 2 Des 2017

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  • Runtime : 18.43


  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland   1 years ago

    Thank you guys so much for 500k subs! We were so slammed this week we didn't even see it happen. Freaking amazing, thank you all for the love and support over this past year ❤️️💪🇺🇸 Do it for Dale!!!

  • Willy Jimmy
    Willy Jimmy   5 days ago

    One year later and Mt. Dew is sending you merch. Been a good year for team Bartle Skeet.

  • ade 1772
    ade 1772   1 weeks ago

    Can ya send some mountain dew to the UK at all what's it tast like

  • Jason Vaughn
    Jason Vaughn   1 weeks ago

    Handing out dewskies! Hell yeah brother!

  • Mark Mooney
    Mark Mooney   1 weeks ago

    I know that I am about a year late, but Cleetus you should have changed the slogan to Dew it for Dale

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel   1 weeks ago

    thank god i made it thru this...the mountain dew counter nearly exploded.

  • jackson mcbride
    jackson mcbride   1 weeks ago

    they do have roll cage cup holders got 5 of them in my friends jeep

  • Lee 6789
    Lee 6789   1 weeks ago

    This might be the most American video I’ve ever seen 😂

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown   1 weeks ago

    Hey, congrats on your sponsorship!

  • PhatKid68
    PhatKid68   3 weeks ago

    10 drinks, "I just need 1 straw". Ha!

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks   3 weeks ago

    1 gallon ... 2 gallon... 3 gallon.... 4 gallon.. lol

  • D Jackman
    D Jackman   1 months ago

    I had to stop watching when you took ten mountain dews without cupholders..

  • Someidot
    Someidot   1 months ago


  • Geoff Infield
    Geoff Infield   1 months ago

    "Sorry about the noise, I was just doing it for Dale" lol

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones   2 months ago

    If I was a cop I’d taser you the shoot you in the leg and arrest you while I impound the car and throw you in jail

  • Johnny Florkiewicz
    Johnny Florkiewicz   2 months ago

    This is one of the most american videos ive ever seen and i just got a colgate toothpaste ad in Spanish

  • Trace Kassler
    Trace Kassler   3 months ago

    What Yee yee fuck pulls up ina swim turboed vette yellin wanna mountian dew brother

  • Alex Duke
    Alex Duke   3 months ago

    Fuck yeah Dale drank Baja blast it's the best thing next to mountain dew and twin turbo Leroys

  • Cringium
    Cringium   3 months ago

    Good thing we are not streetdrive420

  • Blistikmoo
    Blistikmoo   3 months ago

    If you’re at the front of the lights when thay turn green you got some takeoff speed under your sleeve

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie   3 months ago

    this video is the equivalent of Harold & Kumar go to White CastleThis video should be renamed to Cleetus & Coop doing the Dew!!!!

  • carson moore
    carson moore   3 months ago

    If I see a mustang can I throw it at em?

  • Jeffrey Ott
    Jeffrey Ott   3 months ago

    https://youtu.be/r3D-Yjgm-ts this is doing it for dale

  • Russell Daniels
    Russell Daniels   4 months ago

    Ole Mt Dew corn syrup made using E85... Fructose must be science speak for octane.

    JUGoWATER   4 months ago

    wtf that thing is street legal?!