Michael Cohen to testify publicly before Congress

  • Published on: December 10 Jan 201

  • President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen will testify before the House Oversight Committee, the first major move by House Democrats to haul in a member of Trump's team connected to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, according to a schedule published by the committee. #CNN #News
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  • Tim Stay
    Tim Stay   4 days ago

    Traitorish activity should be good for one hell of a lot more time than three years! Just because the low life fu-k is rich! The rich can buy murder!!!

  • Happy Haze
    Happy Haze   4 days ago

    This is somewhat a shot at redemption, Michael. Go on the hill and kick the Turd Wonder's ass!!!

  • Shaken not stirred
    Shaken not stirred   4 days ago

    Its amazing. Mueller spends over $25 million in 2 years and NO indictment? Stormy? The Playboy whore? Tom Arnold? 24/7 non-stop CNN lies and fake news? You can pile on all of hell and it doesn't matter. Trump rocks on like the Trump Bomb Blaster he is and has always been. Trust me. The Dimms will find 100 ways to completely totally fuck up the impeachment, the gov. shutdown, phony Russian collusion...etc, you name it and in the mean while the GITMO Military Tribunals keep goin. Bye bye John asshole McCain and Pappy Pedophile. Rumor is the silk pantied Morom bastard Harry Reid is next on the death list. RBG will be removed when LL spills the beans of the Phoenix Tarmac agreement for her to step down when HRC was elected and LL would be the next SCOTUS Judge.

  • kbern12
    kbern12   4 days ago

    If you voted for Trump and affected by HIS shutdown, this is what you get!!! It made your day!!!

  • kbern12
    kbern12   4 days ago

    The truth will prevail and America will be great again without Drumpf in the Oval office!!! God is gracious!!!

  • Backup Boulanger
    Backup Boulanger   5 days ago

    Now federal sentences can be deducted for good behaviors, how long will M Cohen actually in jail then?

  • Competitive Combat Sports

    More like; "Michael Cohen to (lie) publicly before Congress"... He's already been proven to be a known liar but of course Congress is used to that with the likes of Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, etc. etc.... Can't wait to see Cohen spew more lies to save his corrupt ass....

  • S B
    S B   5 days ago

    It's one thing after another with this awful President, he's after all supposed to be a mascot for the USA! The office has been brought into disrepute under his watch. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 33 people and three companies that we know of — the latest being Michael Cohen. Five former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Seven of these people (including now all five former Trump aides) have pleaded guilty. Come on America WAKE UP! This is the actual House of Cards. Impeach his ass!

  • Tobin Durazo
    Tobin Durazo   5 days ago

    Hey donald tRUMP, one message: TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

  • phildirt3
    phildirt3   5 days ago

    Lets hope this is the takedown!

  • Isaiah Ridley
    Isaiah Ridley   5 days ago

    I want to believe this will amount to something substantial. But I just have this feeling Cohen will say a lot of "I don't recall.", "I don't remember", or "I wasn't aware of such meetings." Let's keep our expectations extremely low. Another reason not to get excited is this most likely another distraction attempt. Cohen would be more believable if he said this from the start and didn't get himself involved in the lies, corruption, and stood up for what is right from the initial jumpstart. Instead he allowed himself to be corrupted by money, greed, and power.

  • Dontasme Eydidnudoit

    Republicans are attacking the Dems House over this..But they couldn't wait to get Bill in front of camera about a Blow job..But working with the Russians to get elected isn't worth it.. Look what they did to Hillary. A total witch hunt..

  • Thomas Wolfe
    Thomas Wolfe   5 days ago

    Media...Stop calling him the "president"...You play his game...Call him "Donald Trump". That's his name, after all.

  • Dixen Yourmomsprolapsedanus

    CNN promotes violence against its political opponents, some of which has been carried out. Also CNN has doxed numerous private citizens for their political beliefs. They have also complained when their competitors did the same and had their buddy YT ban them. Also YT promotes CNN in your feed no matter how much you say "not interested" or thumbs down their content. Why is CNN and their butthurt victimhood mentality propaganda forced on Youtube when it does in fact lead to violence? Any other creator would be banned for even the hinting at promoting the type of violence CNN does. And Anderson Vanderbilt and Homo Cuomo are CIA butt buddies if you didnt know because you are one of their brainwashed plebs! But you wont find a CNN article or washed up obese cat lady/beta male trick Snopes article to "fact" check that little tid bit.

  • nii amon
    nii amon   5 days ago

    I wonder what Trump thinks of R Kelly

  • nii amon
    nii amon   5 days ago

    When the righteous rule the people are happy.

  • theRealAV8r
    theRealAV8r   5 days ago

    "Mrs Sanders! I need Warp Spin!""Ah canna lie any faster capten!"

  • one truth
    one truth   5 days ago

    I’ll drink to that I’ve been saving my self for something to have a drink to.🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

  • Katherine Jenkins9
    Katherine Jenkins9   5 days ago

    I hope micheal cohan drops all the tea on trump! This on feeling xenomorph! Cares nothing about his fellow man! People are on the brink of being evicted from there homes! Not able to take care of there families! Cohn maybe going to jail! But hopefully! So will agent orange also known as xenomorph!

  • Gary Alexander
    Gary Alexander   5 days ago

    Hahaha CNN he lie he full of shit and there's no Trump building in Moscow so you going to put the president in jail for talking about building a building just so happens to be a lawyer going to jail for tax invasion wanting to make a deal to shorten this sentence oh I lie on the president to if I can find a way out of jail some weak shit was a president when he was paying all the women no and we had a president that got a blow job while he was still in office what happened to him nothing so that's telling me we wasting taxpayers money and guess what's going to happen this time the same nothing

  • puppy love
    puppy love   5 days ago

    tell us the abortions and give us the list of other women Trump has paid off

  • American Mom
    American Mom   5 days ago

    Will Michael Cohen's sworn testimony be televised? We want to know! We want Robert Mueller's report to be made public too! Americans need information and not kept in the dark.

  • Mobley House Video
    Mobley House Video   5 days ago

    Where in Washington is the anchor filming from that the Canadian flag is flying behind her?

  • Rich Pasquin
    Rich Pasquin   5 days ago

    CNN equals FAKE NEWS>Wake Up ! Fraud, corruption, election rigging, uranium exports, Soros, deep state collusion and misleading the public ... plunder, degrade and cheat at will; we MUST be talking about the Democrat Party! “Business as usual ” or the fast descent into party implosion? America is becoming a third world country, fraudulent election sponsored by Dems, witch hunt to destroy our president, SCARY USA>Mueller huge/enormous conflict of interest and not one gutless republican does anything about it. Screwed over Bernie and you clowns accepted the fraud.

  • Canadian Civilian
    Canadian Civilian   5 days ago

    CNN puts much stock in Cohen's lies, but then they are the ones who gave Hillary the debate questions, so there you have everything you need to know about them.

  • Canadian Civilian
    Canadian Civilian   5 days ago

    Cohen's words will be no different than any other criminal that lies to save themselves.

  • Bailey
    Bailey   5 days ago

    I don't think Trump will be worried...he hardly even knew him.

  • Jo Wauneka
    Jo Wauneka   5 days ago

    By the looks of Cohen's left eye he got the vril implant. Yikes! The Righteous God will prevail however.

  • jmlfa
    jmlfa   5 days ago

    Only a Democratically controlled House would invite a man convicted of lying to Congress back to Congress to, now, tell the truth. Liberalism = Delusion

  • Nephilim
    Nephilim   5 days ago

    Ruuuhh Roooohhh!!!!🙊🙊🙈👀👀