Meanwhile... Look Up At The Super Blood Wolf Moon

  • Published on: December 12 Jan 201

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  • digitaldj44
    digitaldj44   22 seconds ago

    How did I end up on this leftist crap? Bye!

  • schrodingers cat
    schrodingers cat   4 hours ago

    Jake Tapper is completely safe. Wolf only thirst for the blood of innocents.

  • Flajelo
    Flajelo   5 hours ago

    why American movies don't have native Americans on them?

  • Ace Marshall
    Ace Marshall   6 hours ago

    Hey S.C. does your Mom still lead you around by your right ear?

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin   7 hours ago

    I used to think cats always liked getting petted, all my cats were extra cuddly and loved getting pet. Meet my new cat, she is like all the cat horror stories combined. Even the art thing happens, my mom is a painter, I have to cover all the walls in my room cause she likes to scratch them. Especially the wall next to the scratching post, and it’s only ever at night and only when I’m laying down to fall asleep. She doesn’t drink from water bowls they are beneath her, she only drinks from the bathroom sink, and you have to let her drink until she says no more or else she will go after your walls more aggressively. You can’t pet her when she’s on you cause she will give you the death stare of doom. She only wants you to pet her in the mornings and only for about 10 seconds. She will sleep on you at night only if you are laying straight out on your back. If you wake her at anytime during the night she will scratch your walls. During the day she will scratch the glass of your cabinet and the doors make loud banging noises. She has 2 litter boxes one for poo one for pee, she will only poo at the entrance of the one box. She will only have one kind of food, any other and she will starve. She must have her food twice a day at 3AM and 3PM, before or after will not be excepted. She must eat before my other cat. Wrappers are the only toy she will except, without one she will find one by going in the trash bin. Boxes are beneath her. I can go back to bed at 3AM but must be out by 5 or else. I am her owner of choice, any other human will be promptly be put in their place by well timed hisses.

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb   10 hours ago

    Steven is funny if you can get him off Trump talk

  • Mike Coffin
    Mike Coffin   11 hours ago

    Nice insurance scam on the painting.

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik   11 hours ago

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  • Son of Jah
    Son of Jah   12 hours ago

    He is coming..does He know you?

  • Mizu Astrum
    Mizu Astrum   13 hours ago

    Meanwhile, Madison is grappling with the fact that not ev'ry issue can be settled by Committee.

  • deleted
    deleted   13 hours ago

  • Afron Prime
    Afron Prime   14 hours ago

    Did he say MILF Ford. I did not know  Ford and a mini van called that. 1:08

  • Nilda Suarez
    Nilda Suarez   16 hours ago

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  • John Millard
    John Millard   16 hours ago

    Repent, believe in The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

  • Boisey
    Boisey   19 hours ago

    Came immediately to the comments for all the folks who remembered the first time Flight Attention happened. I was hoping it would be as funny this time around as well.

  • D R
    D R   19 hours ago

    Oh goodie; is this a segment where everything is taken out of contex, or just blatantly distorted, so we can all feel morally superior to something or body else? I haven't watched it; I'm just guessing.

  • artofnick
    artofnick   22 hours ago

    That was a beautiful Maya mash array animation at the beginning. Looking at you vfx editor for Late Show!

  • Peggy Jenkinson
    Peggy Jenkinson   23 hours ago

    No Way. I took a United flight from San Diego to Washington DC and ALL we got was a crunchy cookie. Long Flight 7 am.... I can do better at 7-11.

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen   23 hours ago

    Colbert is funny when’s not talking politics

  • Earl Green
    Earl Green   1 days ago

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  • craig storey
    craig storey   1 days ago

    That was funny but now it's time for you to tell me how to "think" through the medium of "comedy".

  • Tevzzy
    Tevzzy   1 days ago

    Literally sounds like a furry saying

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71   1 days ago

    That cat is so typically cat. You have to watch them. I wouldn't let mine anywhere near a priceless painting.I am very concerned by the fact that an airline has set a tip precedent, given that a lot of places get away with paying people less because average tip rates are assumed.