FAST MOBILE BUILDER on iOS / 920+ Wins / Fortnite Mobile + Tips & Tricks!

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    1) How do I record / stream?
    - I use the elgato HD 60 to capture gameplay and audio and I use the program OBS to create my overlay and broadcast what my elgato is capturing straight to YouTube.

    2) What device am I using?
    - The iPad Pro 2018 11" and the iPad 2017 as a backup device.

    3) Do I play with a controller / mouse and keyboard?
    - I play "claw" on my iPad where I use four fingers to control my screen, my left index finger uses the shoot button while my right index finger switches between guns and builds that I want to use. My right index also uses the jump and crouch button and flips ramps / uses the edit button. My right thumb looks around the screen and is used to open chest / loot / or edit walls and my left thumb uses the joystick.

    4) What sensitivity do I use?
    - Touch: 0.40, Touch ADS: 0.40, Touch Scope: 0.80, Vertical: 1.00

    5) How long have I played Fortnite on mobile?
    - Ever since it was released I was playing Fortnite on mobile.

    6) Why not play Fortnite on PC or Console?
    - There are already a ton of pro players that are known on Console and PC, I did not want to take the time to "get good" on those platforms when mobile is like second nature to me. My entire channel is based around mobile games so why move over to another platform. Im here to grow the mobile community as much as I can and I hope you guys stick with me through it!

    7) How old am I?
    - 19 years young.

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  • great game ssnsanta bulletforce livestream m200 critical m4015


    BUSHY BROW34   1 weeks ago

    fight me one v one me im mobile my gamer name is BUSHYBROW34yt

  • RealStrone
    RealStrone   1 weeks ago

    6:28:33 Gg ss santa he killed me and i wasn’t using balloons It was my back bling the ice cube but gg man! <3

  • iMxsty
    iMxsty   1 weeks ago

    Can someone carry me?My ign is Mrs Yui.. and I play on mobile (obvi)

  • Raul Barajas
    Raul Barajas   1 weeks ago

    hey guys hope y’all enjoy ik you’re day ... my 2019 is too be a good tuber help me out pls I make fortnite content

  • Alex Rios
    Alex Rios   1 weeks ago

    1:13:15 that guy had 18 kills omg

  • Spartalex Man
    Spartalex Man   1 weeks ago

    I think that you played better with 4 fingers just my opinion

  • Ricardo Olvera
    Ricardo Olvera   1 weeks ago

    I love live streams because it’s so much content and it doesn’t take much editing for Santa. It’s a win win!

  • Adonis Mendez
    Adonis Mendez   1 weeks ago

    All of your thumb nails your head is big asf

  • Outplyd_ TaterTot
    Outplyd_ TaterTot   1 weeks ago

    Is there any way to reset edit on mobile can someone tell me if there is a reset button

  • Apple Fanboy
    Apple Fanboy   1 weeks ago

    Though I practiced the 6 finger claw feels so weird. So I just play with my toes

  • Alex Zabitino
    Alex Zabitino   1 weeks ago

    Can i be in your new vid as the best iphone player?

  • This guy Dannyyy
    This guy Dannyyy   1 weeks ago

    5:42:41 that stupid kid is so trash at Fortnite!! You should kill home with your AR instead the pistol!

  • Jacob Gaming
    Jacob Gaming   1 weeks ago

    I also play on same device as you and I Only get 40FPS,I got 5GB because I didn’t buy I wanted to ask did you get extra space?

  • Hyunjun Ju
    Hyunjun Ju   1 weeks ago

    Love your vids man!Mobile players%§§§ unite!!!,!!!

  • Draw do fortnite and animations

    Bro I love your content I’m good too on mobile I have Been playing since season 4 ios event and I wanted to play in season 3 or something

  • Zaın ali
    Zaın ali   1 weeks ago

    bro how to download fortnite in mobile...?

  • FakeAccount101
    FakeAccount101   1 weeks ago

    When your mom tells your to pause on online game....

  • Isaac Mathew
    Isaac Mathew   1 weeks ago

    I stayed in the live chat for 2 hole hours after the stream ended

  • SlashGameLover 6600
    SlashGameLover 6600   1 weeks ago

    I was in this stream but I couldn’t type in chat because I was watching on my tv

  • its sheik ninja
    its sheik ninja   1 weeks ago

    I also play in mobile can add me my name is ZayedKhan11