You Won't Believe Who's Under The Pineapple Mask! | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER

  • Published on: December 9 Jan 2019

  • Check out the post show interview with the person under the pineapple mask!Subscribe now for more The Masked Singer clips: more videos from The Masked Singer: The Masked Singer on Facebook: The Masked Singer on Twitter: The Masked Singer on Instagram: FOX on Facebook: ‪‬‬Follow FOX on Twitter: ‪‬‬Add FOX on Google+: ‪‬‬Hosted by Nick Cannon, THE MASKED SINGER is a new celebrity singing game show featuring panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke.Based on an international format, and already a viral phenomenon with over half a billion fans worldwide, THE MASKED SINGER features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity.With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. Ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes, and everything in between, the singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated each week, ultimately revealing his or her true identity. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whosungit!”You Won't Believe Who's Under The Pineapple Mask! | Season 1 Ep. 2 | THE MASKED SINGER
  • Runtime : 1.10


  • The Masked Singer
    The Masked Singer   5 days ago

    Pineapple is a survivor! 🍍Did any of you guess right?! Catch the full episode here!

  • _Spam _
    _Spam _   1 days ago

    Wasn’t there another Korean show that was like this?

  • Maximus W
    Maximus W   2 days ago

    My stepdad guessed it correctly

  • pooty peepee
    pooty peepee   3 days ago

    The poodle is Judge Jeanine Pirro. Her one poodle died and went on to the Rainbow bridge

  • pooty peepee
    pooty peepee   3 days ago

    I think the poodle is Judge Jeannine Piro. She owns two poodles and her clue was '...your honor'

  • Whimsical Marshmellow

    Why is Jenny Mcarthy on this show .... isn't she a pornstar😕 anyways she doesn't fit the panel, she's a bit cringy.

  • Fat
    Fat   4 days ago

    Pause at 0:21 I think that these are all the people who ended up getting eliminated making a performance before the lion and rabbit matched up, keep in mind that it has pineapple and hippo, who have already been eliminated. Idk if I’m right, but the idea seems cool

  • ziggysway
    ziggysway   4 days ago

    I do like this show but they talk too much and say the same thing over and over all the time. Who is that, they not a professional singer, they athlete, crazy guesses who they think it is. The clues to me are cheating. Judge on the freaking act. lol I rather watch it after it airs and I can fast forward skip all that. The audience act fake to me. lol

  • Annie K.
    Annie K.   4 days ago

    Love Tommy Chong. Comedy legend

  • VirgoDar
    VirgoDar   4 days ago

    So wait, that's Jenny McCarthy? She wouldn't need a costume since she already has a new face. :-/

  • Apple Kim
    Apple Kim   5 days ago

    Do you know this comes from South Korea.

  • fallOthewItrabIT
    fallOthewItrabIT   5 days ago

    I guessed right; the clue(s) "up in smoke" gave it away, along w/pipe dreams, never wipe the smile off my face, & overcoming a life threatening disease, public eye 4 decades.

  • Rosie Donut
    Rosie Donut   6 days ago

    Can someone tell me how someone gets unmasked?? Ik when someone gets unmasked it means they lost but how?

  • Via K.
    Via K.   6 days ago

    You know it's Tommy with that THICC Canadian accent. He sounds like one of the moose from brother bear, eh?

  • Bunk Bed Comedy
    Bunk Bed Comedy   6 days ago

    HmmmmmMascot has been on this forever

  • John Holst
    John Holst   6 days ago

    Amazing! This show is a rip off of a popular Korean show. I hope Americans enjoy it.

  • Callen Way
    Callen Way   6 days ago

    So, I find it wild that they use a "singing" competition and not everyone is a singer. So naturally, it's the ones who sing that will be voted for and kept around. Not the athletes. Not the comedians. Not the actors. Couldn't there have been a more fair way to compete?

  • thekachoman
    thekachoman   6 days ago

    Funny, people asking who is Tommy Chong... People saying he is not an A celeb... People these days are thinking reality stars are??? Wait, it's not funny... it's sad... and Dave? Yeah, Dave... Dave's not here!

  • Gaia's Guardian
    Gaia's Guardian   6 days ago

    The "up in smoke" comment at the end was the clincher for me. Knew it was Tommy Chong from the start.

  • Mibby
    Mibby   6 days ago

    I watched the original South Korean show too and I feel like they’re singing time is too short in this American version. I understand that it’s an hour show and has to be cut short but I really wanted to hear more. Hearing the full song would’ve been nice.

  • Kui I
    Kui I   6 days ago

    he sound like the moose in the brother bear

  • HRH Decanio
    HRH Decanio   6 days ago

    I'm sorry I know none of these people

  • Ayanlez channel
    Ayanlez channel   6 days ago

    This is why the American Version of MASKED SINGER is better. A lot well know legends from all over. comedians, Actors, Singers, Players. Can't wait to see them all.

  • lol okay
    lol okay   6 days ago

    I wanna see someone who i know 😭

  • lol okay
    lol okay   6 days ago

    I don’t even know him. Wtf. I don’t know both of the revealed star. Ugh.

  • Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists

    This "Masked Singer" television show is just a copy cat of the much earlier and original "The Masked Singer" of Korea, which features great singers, not the often mediocre singers on the American fox t.v spin off. I feel sad I will have to endure these stupid American versions when I search for the much better Korean shows. By the way, I'm American, not Korean. But many so-called American singers suck (they can't enunciate and are only famous because they are perceived as cool); of course, some Korean idols can't sing either, but they are not invited to sing on the original "The Masked Singer" from Korea. In Korea, there is also a great music variety show called "I Can See Your Voice".

  • caca yang
    caca yang   6 days ago

    Antonio brown and Tommy Chong are A list celebrities. Why do ppl think otherwise

  • TE BE
    TE BE   6 days ago

    When he took his pineapple mask off. I think I blew a gasket! Love this guy, love their standup, movies, everything! I can never come close to even guessing. But I don't put emphasis on that. I enjoy the show for what it is. Very exciting to see him on stage!

  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith   6 days ago

    Anybody know how many singers there will be in total before they recycle the leftovers from episode 1?

  • Psychedelicacy
    Psychedelicacy   6 days ago

    The disrespect in these comments for my man Chong 😤