Huawei Mate 20 Pro Impressions: Underrated?

  • Published on: December 16 Okt 201

  • 4 cameras. 3 colors. 2 materials. 1 notch. Yes, the title is a pun.Optical flow shirt: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now:
  • Runtime : 8.14


  • Arya Satwika
    Arya Satwika   1 weeks ago

    To be honest the reverse wireless charging is not all that useful because when you're charging you kinda just toss it in a bag so the phones don't really stick together

  • Jappan Behl
    Jappan Behl   2 weeks ago

    you completely forgot to mention that it's one of the only 3 phones (including mate 20, honor magic 2) released this whole year that's using the new kirin 980 chipset as opposed to the kirin 970 in other phones.

  • Ankur Mazumdar
    Ankur Mazumdar   2 weeks ago

    Hey Marques, what you have to say about the HUAWEI VIEW20, the first inclass notchless Indisplay Camera Display with 7nm tech that we were waiting for?

  • Man Steel
    Man Steel   2 weeks ago

    It has a IR blaster. Did u missed or forgot or it's unnesseray ?

  • lyer25
    lyer25   3 weeks ago

    I'm reading up (as it were) on this phone after I came across it in a store and thought it looked cool. Checked out this vid and what the fuck is with the Huawei stan rage against MKBHD? Jesus, people can't have fucking preferences?

  • LiquidPlayz
    LiquidPlayz   3 weeks ago

    the huawei p smart is a good phone to.

  • Liam .P
    Liam .P   3 weeks ago

    I'v had this phone for a few days now and love it! Nova Launcher is a must though

  • Gayan Abeysinghe
    Gayan Abeysinghe   3 weeks ago

    question - i phones got 3d face unlock which learns ur face overtime but does this do the same ? or do we have to reassign our face again after a shave ?

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana   1 months ago

    No glue gate talk I see all the reviewers are saying anything about that

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi   1 months ago

    but where did u go to cover it? it is not in USA???

  • Wet Rain
    Wet Rain   1 months ago

    I think this phone will win the blind camera test

  • Rudy Alfonsus
    Rudy Alfonsus   1 months ago

    if trump had a thought like you he didnt have to banned huawei in usa

  • Zach
    Zach   1 months ago

    I don't get all the hate towards Marques?? This isn't even a full review of the phone, he's just giving some quick impressions.

  • Taieb Mufarid
    Taieb Mufarid   1 months ago

    You only praise Samsung why Huawei is not bad you fuk ass

  • Ravenwing19
    Ravenwing19   1 months ago

    Why are so many comments using broken ass English you may ask? Welcome to Huawei reviews Huawei good or we pay people to shit on you. Our spyware and theft is good fuck all who dissent!!?;?!!?!!+73-_+$$+47-$&$Fucking CCP can go ahead and combust now.

  • John Zhao
    John Zhao   1 months ago

    My dad is in that company and I’m so proud of him.

  • Rasika Kelum
    Rasika Kelum   1 months ago

    So since the US government is banning Huawei all over, do you plan to stop making videos on Huawei products?

  • T Jnerd
    T Jnerd   1 months ago

    "should I have It in the camera comparison" Mate 20 wins. And I know softening and saturation ( for those who have seen the comparison ) but that aside the camera is still the best in terms of versatility. Obviously the pixel is the best for point and shoot. Love the videos. Could have done this beast of a phone a little more service and I know it doesn't ship to the US. But it's available world wide and Huawei sell more phones then apple and SamsungπŸ˜….

  • Dani Wayne
    Dani Wayne   1 months ago

    Oh man you're absolutely useless with your fake reviews seriously ! People dont listen to him he's just saying shit !

  • Jon P
    Jon P   1 months ago

    It's a Vers nice Phone. I love it!

  • rogers owen
    rogers owen   1 months ago

    America just asked its dog Canada to arrest Huawei cfo, that has answered the question.

  • Dee Elite
    Dee Elite   1 months ago

    The notch killed this phone but I love the πŸ”‹ power!

  • mustang chevrolet
    mustang chevrolet   1 months ago

    And you call this a ( Review ).. Shame on you ! You are so bias ! I guess if this was a Samsung or an Apple crappy phone like the pathetic (XR) you will manage to make all the flaws look like advantages!!

  • Titus Joseph
    Titus Joseph   1 months ago

    Spent 3 days testing Note 9, One plus 6T, Pixel 3 XL & Mate 20 PRO to finalize my 1st Android phone - I ended up buying the Mate 20 PRO.I will still use my iPhone X for my Work #.IPhone is the Best for Work like the Old Blackberrys & after 7 years I'm convinced that Android is the Best as your Personal Phone.

  • Paul G
    Paul G   1 months ago

    can you review the Punkt MP02 ?

  • young roller
    young roller   1 months ago

    what can i say.. huawei win the blind test!!!!