Won't Stop Until I ESCAPE PRISON!

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
  • Parker plays the Escapist, and can't stop livestreaming until he beats the game.

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    Warning: Very Bad Gameplay
  • Runtime : 1:38:44
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  • Rachel Beiling
    Rachel Beiling   18 hours ago

    I am 9 and my name is shayden. I have watched all your episodes on tv 12 times each

  • LpsMiraculous
    LpsMiraculous   1 days ago

    you said you'd read all of the comments...... so here read my comment!

  • Nathan Oldham
    Nathan Oldham   2 days ago

    You said you read all the comments so are you reading this

  • Levereet
    Levereet   3 days ago

    44:35 ‘I heard Officer Graser’s spilt with his wife.’ Harmony Hollow..

  • Anthony Hill
    Anthony Hill   3 days ago

    I’ve been watching your channel even when it’s on TV

  • Bendy & Sammy
    Bendy & Sammy   3 days ago

    Random person: I had to fight 10 people with a spoon.Me: ?

  • Bendy & Sammy
    Bendy & Sammy   3 days ago

    Hey Parker I love your TV show me and my sisters stay up late to watch the show. And you make gaming horror or not funnier. Plus you should've named him Parker because you're awesome.

  • OliviaNewLeaf
    OliviaNewLeaf   3 days ago

    44:35 “I heard Officer Graser’s split with his wife” 😂

  • OliviaNewLeaf
    OliviaNewLeaf   3 days ago

    I like how when Parker streams, he reads the chat AND still plays the game instead of pause it EVERY time! I know it’s probably hard to pay attention to the game and read the chat but I appreciate how he does both at the same time!

  • Little Bear 3
    Little Bear 3   3 days ago

    HE USED DUCT TAPE YAY Duct tape best tape (immediate like for video)

  • Trinity Fisher
    Trinity Fisher   3 days ago

    Mint chocolate😩🤤 and apple juice tastes better to me, not a big fan of oranges tbh

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix   3 days ago

    This prison is not challenging, at least the second one

  • teenagers scare the living cheez wiz outa me

    So I have a Spanish test tomorrow, and we have so many vocab words this week (50) that I have enough flash cards shuffle them like a deck of cards. Thanks for the studying entertainment Parker!

  • gameing for noobs
    gameing for noobs   4 days ago

    Hey my brother just started a channel and it would mean alot to him if you could shout it out

  • Braedan McIvor
    Braedan McIvor   4 days ago

    Hey Parker when is the next Parker plays episode coming out

  • Getty the Yeti
    Getty the Yeti   4 days ago

    I’m watching this now and I wish I could have watched it during the live stream

  • Pixel Plays 72
    Pixel Plays 72   5 days ago

    Hi @ParkerGamesI have about 20 Parker Plays episodes on DvR

  • George Anderson
    George Anderson   5 days ago

    1:28:26 Parker: Why is everyone selling what I need now that I don't need it. Me: That's How Mafia Works

  • Milan Bulatt
    Milan Bulatt   6 days ago

    I love that you dont swear, thanks for making your awsome vids!

  • T R
    T R   6 days ago

    Congrats Parker! Can't wait for the next one