• Published on: December 5 Jan 2019

  • CANDACE OWENS SHREDS Alexandria OCASIO-CORTEZ on policy issues and insights on history enjoy!As always thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe and share You can follow me on Twitter at @frankthetank358 and Facebook at let's be Frank
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    Direct View   1 weeks ago

    IF ALL POLITICIAN’S JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE, WOULD YOU JUMP OFF WITH THEM?The presence of the bridge and the expectations of other people are somewhat unavoidable. Whether you jump or not, however, is entirely up to you.Are you jumping off the bridge or are you standing on your own?I am a voter and taxpayer of the United States. Politicians need to work for, “We the People”. “Every” active Politician needs to answer the following questions. As a voter and taxpayer, I “am entitled to know” their goals and intentions, in regards to border security and immigration.1. Do you support Open Borders? Yes or No – If yes, why?2. If the US Border Patrol and/or ICE highly recommends a stronghold along our Mexico/US border, i.e. wall, fencing, steel, etc., do you support their recommendations? - Yes or No – If no, why? 3. Do you support the UN Migration Pact? Yes or No – If yes, why?4. Do you support Sanctuary Cities and/or States? Yes or No – If yes, why?5. Do you support Sanctuary Laws? Yes or No – If yes, which ones and why?6. Do you want amnesty granted to all illegals/undocumented immigrants that are currently within the US? Yes or No – If yes, why?7. Do you support DACA/Dreamers? Yes or No – If yes, why?8. Do you support illegals/undocumented immigrants having driver’s license? Yes or No – If yes, why?9. Do you support illegals/undocumented immigrants to have the right to vote in local elections? Yes or No – If yes, why?10. Do you support the idea of illegals/undocumented to have the right to vote in state/federal elections? Yes or No – If yes, stipulate which level you support and why?11. State laws may allow illegal aliens to access many state-funded programs. Do you support that initiative? Yes or No – If yes; which programs do you believe illegals/undocumented should be entitled to use? > Educational – Yes or No – If yes, why?> Medical – Yes or No – If yes, why?> Housing Programs – Yes or No – If yes, why?> Food Stamps – Food Programs – Yes or No – If yes, why?> Administration of Justice, should an illegal/undocumented immigrant receive free legal aid? Yes or No – If yes, why? * Side note: Taxpayers subsidize the cost of incarcerating, feeding, and housing illegal/undocumented criminals. Refer to US Government Accountability Office for statistics. LEERY OF THE POLITICIAN THAT WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.Folks......We the People have a voice as well. Sounds like each of us (legal voting citizens) need to decide what we want for our country regarding border security, migration and illegal/undocumented immigrants. > I challenge each of you to answer all of the questions as well- what is it that you want? > Do the politician’s that you are voting for and/or supporting have your same concerns and/or interests regarding migration?> Stop being silent and question the politicians that you vote into office.... especially if their goals are goals that you do not support.AGAIN, ARE YOU JUMPING OFF THE BRIDGE OR ARE YOU STANDING ON YOUR OWN?

  • Daniel Ehringer
    Daniel Ehringer   16 minuts ago

    WOW!!! AOC is SUCH a damn DUMMY!! She makes completely irrational comments about economics and foreign policy and then backs off like a little girl making a misstep. Her Four Year degree from Boston University is in Economics with a minor in Foreign Relations. WTH?!?

  • Mister Metokur Archives NOT JIM

    Candace Owens is controlled opposition don't trust her lol she tried to start a Doxing site called Social Autopsy AOC is a useless cunt but Candace ain't much better

  • Teddy Mullins
    Teddy Mullins   22 minuts ago

    Cortez is an idiot and how did she get in public office I would be ashamed to have said I voted for this

  • Doug Rogers
    Doug Rogers   1 hours ago

    Ocasio is a nut bag. This woman is totally insane. If this is the future of the Democratic party then this country is in major trouble. Get ready for giving up every aspect of your life. Government will rule your life forever and you will have nothing left but a pile of shit. People need to think for themselves. If you let the government think for you then you will lose everything.

  • Lynn V
    Lynn V   1 hours ago

    These 2 women aren't even on the same intelligence plane. It's like Ms. Owens is taking about a kindergartner. Lol...

  • Maria Naranjo
    Maria Naranjo   2 hours ago

    How is she representing our country? Is this what our children have to look forward to? I'm sure our veterans are thinking this is not what they were willing to give their lives for. So SAD. LOVE Owens. She is brilliant.

  • Peter Newhouse
    Peter Newhouse   2 hours ago

    She is correct, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not know history of the law making process.

  • Jigov
    Jigov   3 hours ago

    I am observing USA politics for the last 4-5 years. I have contacts and friend in USA and i love normal american guy. From what i have seen, since Donald Trump came into power, and from whats going on in USA today, my conlcusions are: 1st: USA is under attack of Bolshevik ideology (LGTB, Feminism, Sexism, Racism, Comunism(Socialism - soft form! while Bolshevism ->Hard-Core form) This is all Left ideologies. I recognize them very easy, because my country was occupied by comunists for 45 years. Now it is occupited by capitalists for the last 30 years. Both are the same coin, but different sides. Ideology takes a good idea, abuse it, abuse it, abuse it, till it twist it in a shape that its almost not recognisable or just with its negative content. Ideology is used to destroy a good idea. The same like Religion is destroyng the Faith, the same like Clishe's in the Art destroys the good peace of Art. The same principle. 2st: Whats going on in USA is the same that happened to the Russian Empire 100 years ago. EXACTLY 100 years ago, Bolsheviks took the control in Moscow. The Pedophile guy Lenin, came from Germany, sponsored by the same people who sponsor today Left Ideologies. Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton are Lenin today for USA (imagin). Donald Trump is the guy who come after Lenin - Stalin(imagin). He cleaned all the scum left from Lenin and with HUGE SACRAFICES OF RUSSIAN PEOPLE, managed to Stablize his country back. Thats why Russians preffer Stalin then Lenin. And thats why Russia preffers Trump then Clinton >< 3st: Your society is a new society. You are just 200-300 years old country. There are countries that are more then 7500 years old. Their societies are created long time ago. Their nations are 1000 years old and more. You can learn something from them. But instead, your politics are destroying their countries and turn them into graveyards. NB: If you cannot understand that Christ is the MORAL FACTOR of this world, and if you do not follow HIS MORAL and HIS RULES, not a constitution or an administration which takes the place of Christ and nothing else, you are doomed. We live in time when Every action that you do, has instant effect, which means: You do evil - evil you got in return INSTANT. You do Good - Good find you, faster then usual. We live indeed in very interesting times, which is very dangerous, for people outside of Christ's Moral ><

  • Matt Frost
    Matt Frost   3 hours ago

    Candace was spot-on with her observation of AOC. It's a shame she was such a defensive cunt towards Blaire White.

  • Jasonhb07
    Jasonhb07   4 hours ago

    If the wealthy are taxed at 70%, they are going to take their money and the jobs that their companies provide and leave.

  • Rutkay Uğur Durgun
    Rutkay Uğur Durgun   4 hours ago

    So, being frank is to try to humiliate a politician you're not agree with by making the video cover from an arguably unattractive image of her , on the other hand putting a standard image of the politician(?) you support? You're really funny guyz but it isn't . Freakings from Turkey!

  • Maria Castillo
    Maria Castillo   5 hours ago

    10 dollars I worked for you keep 7 I get to keep 3 hmmm and the 7 then goes to people who dont work how bout no

  • Adriana M. Guillot
    Adriana M. Guillot   5 hours ago

    Wow, she has become a political joke. America we are smarter than this!!

  • MrNoturaveragerednek
    MrNoturaveragerednek   5 hours ago

    AOC not only lacks intelligence but also common sense which makes her a perfect for the demon party and the re-election of Trump next year.

  • Jacob Stegall
    Jacob Stegall   5 hours ago

    These liberals and socialists always want to enforce their ideals on others but they can never ever start with themselves

  • John Hanks
    John Hanks   6 hours ago

    "Lets be frank"  That; 's how a liar starts.  Like "believe me"

  • Ginger May
    Ginger May   7 hours ago

    She can't hold a candle to Candace

  • mike siharat
    mike siharat   7 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi can take her in as house keeping, she dont know jackshit about politics.

  • lynnjenny77
    lynnjenny77   7 hours ago

    "Can you expand on that?" Not hard to walk Ocasio into a corner😂

  • sebtheanimal
    sebtheanimal   7 hours ago

    Candace should be in office instead of this bimbo

  • Judy Hinton
    Judy Hinton   7 hours ago


  • Mo
    Mo   8 hours ago

    The intro is needless, just get to it.

  • Scott Davis
    Scott Davis   8 hours ago

    AOC is awesome! She doesn't go far enough. We need 200 more of her!

  • Bennewman11
    Bennewman11   8 hours ago

    Alexandria Occassional Cortex lol is a low iq communist working for the Jewish illuminati. She has a pathological hatred of White European Americans and White Europeans.

  • PHeMoX
    PHeMoX   8 hours ago

    Holy shit those Cortez EYES though!!!

  • Mary M. Tucker
    Mary M. Tucker   9 hours ago

    Candace is a very intelligent woman an she will go far.

  • Mimi Austin
    Mimi Austin   9 hours ago

    Alexandria is an example of how the US is changing for the worst. Electing someone someone so badly informed shows how many uninformed voters we have. If we elect someone like her who has no idea of economics, the US will soon be like Cuba or Venezuela.

  • Mrsalty101
    Mrsalty101   9 hours ago

    Candace Owens threw them off a little with the "we have to stop mocking her"They were like "But we have the tippy tops clip ready to play"

  • michael l
    michael l   9 hours ago

    I would love to know who this puppet's master is because no one can be so idiotic and be elected into a government position without someone else pulling the strings.

  • jm sparger
    jm sparger   9 hours ago

    The only way to get rid of Ocrapio-Cotex and her anti-prophet Muslimish sisters from Minn&Mich, the Bin Laden twins, is to round up and deport the illegals and Demonazis that elected them. Do that and you can wave buh-bye to Pelosi, Waters, and Feinstein as well.

  • Z Canes
    Z Canes   9 hours ago

    Another community organizer. Jeez

  • Z Canes
    Z Canes   10 hours ago

    NYers are some of the dumbest people on earth and I was born/raised there. Thank god we left. This chick got elected after lying, she has no experience. She’s a socialist yuppy chick from Yorktown

  • Tyler Parisi
    Tyler Parisi   10 hours ago

    GO CANDACE!! We loved your segments on the luxury accommodations we have set up illeagals! The on site, boots on the ground reporting was especially excellent

  • Bone Headed
    Bone Headed   10 hours ago

    I have the tippy top of something Alexandria Ocazio Guadalupe Chimichanga Cortez can have...

  • mark bosley
    mark bosley   10 hours ago

    Alexandria OCASIO-CORTEZ should be a blonde she is so fine but so fucking stupid.. omg