Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

  • Published on: December 8 Jan 2019

  • We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/SUBSCRIBE - Week's Video - - https://dolantwins.comEthan’s StuffINSTAGRAM - - - EthanDolanGrayson’s ThingsINSTAGRAM - - - GraysonDolan
  • Runtime : 25.06


  • Olivia Patterson
    Olivia Patterson   37 minuts ago

    So sorry for you guys loss prayers out to you guys and your family ❤️

  • STH 123
    STH 123   1 hours ago

    7:02 THICKY NICKY Lol 😂

  • Hannah Weitz
    Hannah Weitz   1 hours ago

    “Who was sleeping up there??”cough cough Emma?

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor   1 hours ago

    I heard about your loss. I just want you guys to know that we are all here for you. I wish good luck to u guys and the rest of your family. ❤️

  • Hannah Weitz
    Hannah Weitz   1 hours ago

    “Say another cool adjective”Why is that literally me to myself when I’m writing an essay

  • Vanessa Rose
    Vanessa Rose   1 hours ago

    In this video I was annoyed with Ethan the whole video & felt bad for Grayson cause of how childish Ethan is

  • Olivia ONeil
    Olivia ONeil   1 hours ago

    “Sugary cereal, that’s all you want?” “.......yes”

  • McDreamster
    McDreamster   2 hours ago

    I lost myself at the Toe nail part 😂😒

  • j_gj5
    j_gj5   2 hours ago


  • Melana Madera
    Melana Madera   3 hours ago

    I can't stop laughing a the part when garrison pulled Ethans hair

  • Life _with_ Soph
    Life _with_ Soph   3 hours ago

    16:17 doosh bag shirt 😂😂OMG I laughed so hard !!!!!!!

  • Kerri-Ann Allen
    Kerri-Ann Allen   3 hours ago

    Hey Guys! My mom bought me your merch for my birthday! I love you so much and I hope you see this!💘💘💘💘💘💘💘😇😇😇😇😇😇💘💘💘💘💘

  • Elishea Beswick
    Elishea Beswick   4 hours ago

    I feel like the milkshake was cruel what if his tummy went funny 😭

  • breathing for taehyung

    guys the twins dad sean just passed away may he rest in peace and pls let's show the twins some love and let them know that we are always here for them

  • MAile Burman
    MAile Burman   4 hours ago

    I lost it when Gray pulled Ethan by his hair and then he started punching him

  • Avery Rowzee
    Avery Rowzee   4 hours ago

    8:11 is he un-crusting his uncrustable?!

  • mallory grice
    mallory grice   5 hours ago

    ethan looks a little sleep deprived in the intro :(

  • Lee Amaris
    Lee Amaris   5 hours ago


  • YodaSoda 23
    YodaSoda 23   5 hours ago

    They’re really dumb they should go back to living with their parents cause they are babies

  • Tanisha Parekh
    Tanisha Parekh   5 hours ago

    ethan, grayson, im so sorry about your dad, stay strong, aw i know its going to be tough without him, just help ur mum get through it. its so hard to lose someone so close to u. i cant even imagine what u 2 are going through. sending u and ur family all my love xxx💕 just try to remember all the happy moments and cherish them with ur heart

  • xo_chrissy
    xo_chrissy   5 hours ago

    when Grayson said "can you come with me" to the store ethan should have said "can I change first" so then he could

  • Jojo Thwaite
    Jojo Thwaite   5 hours ago

    Grayson was making Ethan look like Freddie Mercury 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • tmcv v
    tmcv v   6 hours ago

    Ethan please be my husband

  • Jasmine Grant
    Jasmine Grant   6 hours ago

    I wish I could get a shoutout but I am not on Twitter 💩🥺