Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: December 4 Des 2018

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  • Runtime : 3.54


  • Officially Courtney
    Officially Courtney   2 hours ago

    1:35 I like how the woman on the end is holding that poor child 😂😂

  • Ozzy Laguna
    Ozzy Laguna   3 hours ago

    who else thought that it was Chris Rock in the thumbnail

  • Dandan Diqce
    Dandan Diqce   4 hours ago

    This is a big baby. Congratulations to your partner for pushing this beast out....hahhahahahhaha

  • Laura Corbett
    Laura Corbett   7 hours ago

    After I get married I hope I'll have a little girl first and then a little boy

  • Iam1MeGaHobO
    Iam1MeGaHobO   7 hours ago

    ‘This beast’ 😂 how did my man not fear for his life?!

  • Kayla Co
    Kayla Co   8 hours ago

    That was very hella offensive calling that baby a beast look at the dad's face he is so ready too kick your ass chose better words

  • Karrington Xo
    Karrington Xo   11 hours ago

    He called the baby a beast🤦🏽‍♀️

  • BlueNumber77
    BlueNumber77   15 hours ago

    this karlos shithead is a rude ass mother fucker

  • JD82
    JD82   15 hours ago

    Did this fruit cake said he don’t like babies ? Fucking cock lover.

  • Tereza Denisova
    Tereza Denisova   15 hours ago

    2:54 is so cute the babies at the back were holding hands

  • takubousoka tak
    takubousoka tak   21 hours ago

    I'm a new mother and I'm dying of laughter right now. So I guess the next 18 years I'm going to be broke especially since I have a girl and I'm always trying to match us. Lmao

  • Joe Chan
    Joe Chan   21 hours ago

    You. You. You don't have a baby

  • dee welsh
    dee welsh   23 hours ago

    This was brilliant 😅 We are having fun with our racial differences, such a great idea 😀 Humans are finally growing up!

  • xMyamareex
    xMyamareex   1 days ago

    lol when I out in captions it says baby’s gambling

  • Amelia 078
    Amelia 078   1 days ago

    babies are cute but he summed up exactly what I think of them at the beginnng

  • Tacos
    Tacos   1 days ago

    i knew she was the mom at 1:38 the way she looked at her baby haha

  • Taurus_crown
    Taurus_crown   1 days ago

    Lmaoo he described the big baby as a beast ( innocent joke )

  • Teen Girl
    Teen Girl   1 days ago

    Thats a big baby and thanks foe delivering this beast🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Talisha Sture
    Talisha Sture   1 days ago

    “ he sees me with his mama and he’s cool with it “ WTF LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Naji Pine
    Naji Pine   1 days ago

    “Congratulations to your partner for pushing out this beast “ Lol I died😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emily/Bacon Seto
    Emily/Bacon Seto   2 days ago

    Karlos: I don’t like babies Karlos 2 mins later: YOURE JUST SO CUUUTE

  • Miss Shaneice
    Miss Shaneice   2 days ago

    this was cute. lol that one baby ran to her mom.

  • It’s me Kimmy
    It’s me Kimmy   2 days ago

    3:35 did anyone notice on the far right the baby pulled her moms hair?😂😂