The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

  • Published on: December 5 Des 2018

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  • TMG252
    TMG252   2 hours ago

    A local man made my matress for $300. weve had it for years its amazing

  • theSollundForYou
    theSollundForYou   3 hours ago

    Well mattresses aren't exactly a regular purchase, so to stay in buisness off course they'll need a big markup, or else it's gonna end up like everything else and you'll need to buy a new one every year

  • Dawsachu
    Dawsachu   4 hours ago

    Everything was fine and dandy until his face melted off

  • SaraOrgana
    SaraOrgana   4 hours ago

    Dear Adam, I live in Pittsburgh and here we do have a better option. It is called The Original Mattress Factory and they don’t sell outside brands. Their mattress factory is local and employs local workers. Each mattress is made to order and the prices don’t change based on where you are. I refuse to believe that Pittsburgh is 100% unique in this arena. There has to be an equivalent in at least some other cities.

  • A Smith
    A Smith   4 hours ago

    That was scary af at the end. Now I have to sleep???

  • apocalypse369
    apocalypse369   5 hours ago

    I've been sleeping on the same mattress since I was 7 and I'm 28 now. I ain't getting a new one until I'm married

  • Rhylee Gras
    Rhylee Gras   5 hours ago

    5:27 Nice crappy nightmare fuel adam, you totally did NOT looked like a markiplier thumbnail

  • Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander   5 hours ago

    I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past 10 years. Absolutely no problems.

  • Cody
    Cody   6 hours ago

    She's so attractive

  • TheSnowFoxParty
    TheSnowFoxParty   9 hours ago

    Just got one on Amazon and I'm sitting on it now and it's awesome lol and no one sponsors me xD

  • Christian Emmler
    Christian Emmler   13 hours ago

    In Germany there is "Stiftung Warentest" which ist totally independent and Ad Free. They testet Mattresses and best teted (second time in a row and the only one with Bestnote 1 ever) came from a Producer who only sells online in his own shop and it costs €199,- . The owner was pissed bey the Big Ripp off and refused to sell in the stores

  • Danelle McCloskey
    Danelle McCloskey   14 hours ago

    Laying on my purple mattress stressing about my now challenged bed superiority. I don’t care Adam! I love this thing.

  • ROArecords2
    ROArecords2   16 hours ago

    I got one of those mail order mattresses (not Casper)  and I really like it. It's firm yet squishy and was on sale for under $500. Would recommend (except I'm not saying which one so people don't think I work for them). I'm sure they're all pretty much the same anyway.

  • P
    P   16 hours ago

    Am I the only person who has never bought a mattress?

  • Seamus Howling
    Seamus Howling   17 hours ago

    Buy from the local hustler who sells them out of a storage unit. Paid $300 for a Queen and am still using it 15 years later.

  • covishen
    covishen   18 hours ago

    I went to Ikea. Good mattresses at a decent price.

  • Mghow Genius
    Mghow Genius   23 hours ago

    I know websites coming under different brand names but owned by the same owner. These sites claim to be “experts” with fake profiles and images taken from shutterstock as their profile photos.Afterwards, they provide false reviews placing the most frequently sold products on the top of their list to ensure that they generate the most money out of it.Here’s the kicker: They never even touch the product in the first place! And using good SEO practices, they make it show up on the top search results.Nothing but hot air. And they’re making millions out of it.

  • Kyle Albertsen
    Kyle Albertsen   23 hours ago

    All I can say is shop off-brands there cheaper better quality and no hoops to jump through if something goes wrong with the mattress. Also shop at mom and pop shops they will do anything to keep a good name in there community.

  • hunn20004
    hunn20004   1 days ago

    ... aren't you supposed to try the mattress yourself before buying? Some people need softer ones, some need firmer.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M   1 days ago

    Uhh, the online memory foam mattresses let you try for a year. At least the one we bought from did.

  • Celia Lovett
    Celia Lovett   1 days ago

    I hang upside down from the ceiling. Space saving, cost effective and I'm 4 inches taller than I used to be.

  • Comment Comment
    Comment Comment   1 days ago

    I sleep on my floor. It’s only cuz I don’t like soft beds.

  • Scott Huber
    Scott Huber   1 days ago

    Thank you Adam and College Humor for this one. Just in time for me too, not that there is much I can do about it I guess.

    CYRRYANC97   1 days ago

    The reason why mattresses are such a rip off is because it's not something you buy often. People keeps mattresses for 10~ years so the retail is much higher then the cost to make it. I worked at a furniture store as a sales person and mattresses had like 200 dollar spiff for a 1500 dollars mattresses. Im not disagreeing it's a rip off but it's kinda justified.

  • Chayton Obrien
    Chayton Obrien   1 days ago

    Lol i caught what the generic podcast was poking atcheeky

  • Mr Ouiner
    Mr Ouiner   1 days ago

    It’s in Adam Ruins Everything interest to make everything seem worse than it is. The success of the video relies on it. Where is ‘Adam Ruins’ Adam Ruins Everything??

  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma   1 days ago

    These days you should just pick a scam that is the least of evils, I think there's no fixing it.

  • Monica Evie
    Monica Evie   1 days ago

    Growing up, my family always found mattresses at yard sales or outside of peoples house with a big old sign on it that said "FREE". Weve never gotten a dirty mattress and have always found very comfortable and clean ones. We still do this, and to this day have never bought a mattress in a store and have saved thousands of dollars :)

  • Forever Undying
    Forever Undying   1 days ago

    So how is this white people, straight people, the nra, Trump, or organized religions fault?