Day 27 of Fallout 76 - Live with Oxhorn

  • Published on: 13 January 2019
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    #Oxhorn #Fallout #Fallout76
  • Runtime : 3:35:51
  • fallout 4 scotch and smokerings oxhorn


  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis   13 hours ago

    Oh dear, you took the salt from the open coffin. The real zombie apocalypse will now begin. ;)

  • Ainrev White
    Ainrev White   1 days ago

    It made my heart bleed when he said the spire workshop was too far... Ox, the spire was the top of the mountain... T_T...The Liberators are confirmed a red herring for anyone who's completed the main story. Ox, I heart you... been watching these back to back, nice to finally catch up!

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith   2 days ago

    When a treasure hunt video turns into a lore video

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith   2 days ago

    I feel like the real treasure was finding all these otherwise undiscovered locations with fun local history. Like the dude who realized he was ding so just sat and watched the sunset in his favourite place.

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith   2 days ago

    Oxhorn Not that old he’s 3 years younger then I am.

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith   2 days ago

    Kinda Ironic, fairly certain Oxhorn destroyers the Enclave in Fallout 3 however he’s a member in fallout 76

  • Yeti Smith
    Yeti Smith   2 days ago

    Oxhorns Bowler Hat should be a legendary item grants +10 to Charisma and a 50% chance at finding a cigar

  • Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell   4 days ago

    Yeah, I'm finally caught up on the live streams

  • The Emperor of Man
    The Emperor of Man   4 days ago

    Oxhorn...seriously...let it die dude...76 is a joke of a "game" and Bethesda doesn't give a shit about their community anymore...You make great Lore videos. Don't let 76 be your coffin...

  • Elsya
    Elsya   4 days ago

    This piece of scat of a game has literally killed your channel, i hope to god it was worth it.

  • Ms. Fire
    Ms. Fire   4 days ago

    "I am 37!" "What?!""I am 37! I am not old!" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  • chris Vardeman
    chris Vardeman   5 days ago

    I watched this after your live broadcast and kept wanting to say "you've been here before!"

  • Joe Pringle
    Joe Pringle   6 days ago

    aww Oxhorn ....i remember watching your live screen when they mentioned it was gonna be a multiplayer game ....your face (was a picture)...but now that you've been 27-28 days (streams) into it i see alls not as bad as you thought ( by the way its pronounced "gorse" not gowse rifle lol ) keep up the good work sir respect from the U,K,

  • David Mclennan
    David Mclennan   6 days ago

    Hey Ox.. Watched the part of the stream and finally caught up with the replay... One thing is obvious... Ox.. Love ya brother but you need a navigator or improve your map skills. LOL

  • Dee Tiger Hoover
    Dee Tiger Hoover   6 days ago

    When is Ox gonna fix the arm on his power armor? Everying is in yellow except that one red arm hmmmmm.

  • Duderonamus
    Duderonamus   1 weeks ago

    Also, this video is A Lot of fun, man. I'm lovin every moment of it.P.S. You should Really hotkey Purified Water to maintain your AP

  • Justin Durfee
    Justin Durfee   1 weeks ago

    So you do encounter the bugs and glitches that plague Fallout 76! Questions answered.

  • Justin Durfee
    Justin Durfee   1 weeks ago

    I'm concerned about your fascination with cigars. They contain tobacco, which contains carcinogens, which cause cancer. I know that the effects can take years to cause problems, but I really don't want you to experience some catastrophic physical complication (heart attack or stroke) and meet an untimely end. I'd hate for your kids to be without a father due to what is a potentially poor life choice on your part.Please understand that this is not a criticism; I'm not trying to preach at you or send you on a guilt trip. You're a grown man who can make your own decisions and I respect the one you've made about cigars. I'm just trying to express my concern over the effect this decision could have in the future.With all sincerity, you're a great storyteller and your content is great. Best of luck to you and yours. Happy New Year! :)

  • Duderonamus
    Duderonamus   1 weeks ago

    Bro, don't even try to play through fallout 2 anytime soon, or at least, don't try to publish many videos on it. To be as thorough as You usually are, with that game and how many different ways each conversation or each scenario can go, you'd need a month of Constant gameplay to do it properly. not to mention that whole issue of saving every 5 minutes cuz the game can crash at any moment with no autosaves. Though, if/when you finally get around to that, I'll watch all the videos Gleefully, but like I said, take your time, Fallout 2 cannot be rushed.

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom   1 weeks ago

    I don't know which company is worse [even though I am not complaining] Bethesda or YouTube?

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom   1 weeks ago

    You should take pictures of the savage divided.

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why people are complaining about your live stream. I received my notifications. Before and after. I didn't watch it because I was busy. But now I am.

  • Jorge Grajeda
    Jorge Grajeda   1 weeks ago

    Oxhorn can you talk about those creepy shrine things you find in fallout 76 there is normally a skull in the in the middle of the shrine I don't remember where they are located

  • Dee Tiger Hoover
    Dee Tiger Hoover   1 weeks ago

    Hehehe I can refer to Oxhorn as a young'in cause I am older than him.

  • attimus103
    attimus103   1 weeks ago

    At the Philippi Battlefield Cemetery house I got a piece of pie out of the Port-a-Diner!!!!!!

  • Zach
    Zach   1 weeks ago

    Ox is Bethesda's biggest schill, so pathetic

  • Rickard Ulvenhag 9D Dacke

    The first location you fast traveled to their is a rare mask and a bunch of safe's. Just a tip :P