The Auction Corvette COMES TO LIFE w/New Turbo Setup! (Launch Control is Unreal)

  • Published on: December 16 Des 201

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  • esbekay
    esbekay   22 hours ago

    4:19 .... brents hands drop with the beat... thats amazing

  • Zach
    Zach   3 days ago

    7:33 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • J Cunningham
    J Cunningham   3 days ago

    dont touch valve springs with bare hands. thats what PAC says

  • Billy Mehaffey
    Billy Mehaffey   5 days ago

    All that fancy shit and you left the old cam bearings in it. And I’m wondering why you didn’t leave the AC compressor in the car sealed up? Or did you road sign the AC system?

  • Matthew Prince
    Matthew Prince   6 days ago

    Dude I love your content man I was born an raised in Florida currently living in pa just wanted to know I'd love to come an check out your shop man absolutely love your shit man for sure definitely make my day

  • Space Emperor Karl
    Space Emperor Karl   1 weeks ago

    I am by no means a corvette dude, but what Cleetus and friends just did was awesome!!!!!!

  • LaineClarkJr
    LaineClarkJr   1 weeks ago

    Wanted to ask what is the music that starts at 2:11? Also that corvette is pretty bad ass

  • imillnotsick420
    imillnotsick420   1 weeks ago

    Man Brent and Jamie are so awesome, always such a positive and good attitude with insane work ethic but the ability to not take it too serious and still have fun while doing great quality work. They went from doing so much at their new shop to come help Cleetus and immediately got to work upon arrival.

  • marc hayes
    marc hayes   1 weeks ago

    u r putting new parts in it why dont u put a new timing chain in it dont make any since unless u want breakdowns

    DSMSTAZ   1 weeks ago

    Where can you buy the cordes fuel tank tap?

    DSMSTAZ   1 weeks ago

    Anyone know what fuel tank tap kit he uses?

  • Chuck Pope
    Chuck Pope   1 weeks ago

    You guys are having way too much fun, you're supposed to be working, let's see some real world moaning and groaning. At least act a little like it's really hard.

  • Jeremy Acevedo
    Jeremy Acevedo   1 weeks ago

    Hi! I just found your channel!!! I’m subbing, I hope you keep up content. And I hope you guys are able to clear any of my questions and curiosity’s hahahahah. I was watching another channel, but they are in London. They are not bad but I prefer something closer hahahaa

  • Educated Man
    Educated Man   2 weeks ago

    Did you fit a new timing chain on the engine? And no run-in lube on the camshaft? !! Dude!

  • Odeezy2Ez
    Odeezy2Ez   2 weeks ago

    Thought it was gonna blow. This guy really liked high fives.

  • SonicBroom
    SonicBroom   2 weeks ago

    That sounded so good. Need to see this beast run ASAP. Great vid.

  • Luis Quinones
    Luis Quinones   2 weeks ago

    What’s the part number for that fuel tank fitting ?

  • The Caleb Downey
    The Caleb Downey   2 weeks ago

    Cooper's comments are awesome. The dumpster fire... makeup on a pig... 😆😆🦅

  • Tbird761
    Tbird761   2 weeks ago

    Painter's tape is nice, but you might look into good gaffer's tape (pro-gaff is a good example). It costs a bit more, but it's leagues beyond standard blue tape. It's more durable, generally sticks as well or better, and is cleanly removable for quite a bit longer.

  • dannon2010
    dannon2010   2 weeks ago

    They make it look so easy...I changed the CV joint in my Acura Legend and wanted to kill someone, mainly myself after hours of hell. Just horrible. I'm amazed cars even run at all. Those bushings were shredded. I think about cars I've driven and it makes me shiver.

  • Wes Carpenter
    Wes Carpenter   2 weeks ago

    ENT time That fireball was serious.. MAWP MAWP LANA!

  • James Monroe
    James Monroe   2 weeks ago

    25:35 Fireball! Awesome sound! Get those earplugs out lol!

  • Rolf-Bjarte Hagen
    Rolf-Bjarte Hagen   3 weeks ago

    Who the hell is the thumbs down assholes? How can you thumbs down this? Ohh wait, I figured it out! = Jealousy!My opinion= That's just soo cool! Love the sound!

    JAX POSE   3 weeks ago

    How about a better radiator for Leroy?

  • 77gravity
    77gravity   3 weeks ago

    23:25 something came out the waste-gate on startup, looked like a lump of rag.

  • nhguapo
    nhguapo   3 weeks ago

    That engine sounds so freakin good - I love it!!