We Installed QUAD TURBOS for CHEAP

  • Published on: December 9 Jan 2019

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  • Runtime : 13.31


  • Life OD
    Life OD   1 weeks ago

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  • The infamous Pj
    The infamous Pj   5 minuts ago

    Idk what’s worse Orion or the fat old guys sucking his dick on camera

  • Paul Zerbe
    Paul Zerbe   18 minuts ago

    That had me rolling! Serious redneck shit right there. Now I want to go buy a beater and do the same!

  • ground hog
    ground hog   1 hours ago

    Weird Indian looking dude is a tool bag fucking idiot

  • Junior
    Junior   1 hours ago

    Its got 4 jet engines... Lol.

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel   2 hours ago

    Lol this is great. I always been kinda curious if this was doable. lol. Now do a V8 :D

  • Joe speick
    Joe speick   2 hours ago

    It looks like you guys have more dollars then brain cells

  • Jackson Shelton
    Jackson Shelton   3 hours ago

    Race enhancements to an extreme extentIt’s not RICEIt’s REEEAlso that engine refuses to explodeHonda VTEC engine probably can’t survive that wtf

  • Heverton Diniz
    Heverton Diniz   4 hours ago

    Muito fraco seu Carro pra 4 turbinas ele morrendo pra patinar

  • Scrotum Monster
    Scrotum Monster   4 hours ago

    I'm not knocking anyone but a 90 degree pipe??? Holy hell dude... MAYBE 45 degree then another 45 degree allowing a slower direction change for airflow. But for the purpose of the video, it works I guess.

  • Theextremegamer2
    Theextremegamer2   5 hours ago

    Man I bet you if they did this to a 2004-08 Ford F-150 Triton V8, the spark plugs would be shooting out the instant they add the nitrous.

  • Paul864
    Paul864   6 hours ago

    There are more ads on this video then there is boost on his car.

  • Shaurmator
    Shaurmator   7 hours ago

    Ебать вы сумасшедшие

  • RON_2001
    RON_2001   8 hours ago

    4 cilinder 4 turbines its maseratti super cars tehnologis

  • 猫村
    猫村   12 hours ago

    It is good to bend the pipe connection to less than 45 degrees at a time.

  • Chavoosi
    Chavoosi   13 hours ago

    In the history of car vids on YouTube. This has been the most entertaining one I've ever seen 😂

  • vasylpoz
    vasylpoz   14 hours ago

    90 degrease turbo pipe is a stiupid idea...

  • Lordreflex
    Lordreflex   15 hours ago

    Yes guys we installed it for cheap. We didn't install for any amount of money. We installed it for cheap.

  • russell379x
    russell379x   23 hours ago

    how much back pressure does it make?

  • russell379x
    russell379x   23 hours ago

    7:24 that was my reaction to 😆😆😆

  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed   1 days ago

    No oil and water lines to/from turbos, no intercooler, no map and all these dumb fucks think they making power. They tied the car to try to do a burnout..wtf!

  • Ed P
    Ed P   1 days ago