Try Not To Look Back Challenge (ft. FBE Staff)

  • Published on: December 8 Des 2018

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  • Runtime : 9.08


    REACT   1 months ago

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  • Pixel Art Fam
    Pixel Art Fam   1 weeks ago

    They get the taste of their own medicine lol. Now they know how the people feel lolll

  • Zoe Butler
    Zoe Butler   1 weeks ago

    At the start JC went I'm winning this no matter what according to my memory he turns around so much

  • Domilego4
    Domilego4   2 weeks ago

    No joke, I was watching this and thinking "what if they put The One Moment in it?"And then they DID

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred   2 weeks ago

    Did my boy noticed,the game is don't turn around challenge??lol

  • Nyan Girl
    Nyan Girl   2 weeks ago

    The editor is named cara? This might not be a *frisk*ing coincidence everyone

  • Pichu Bro
    Pichu Bro   2 weeks ago

    6:36 to 6:42 have fun comment section

  • sunshinegirl 93
    sunshinegirl 93   3 weeks ago

    OMG I would so win this challenge because I could of just searched for it afterwards

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D   4 weeks ago

    Who else didn't even watch the video and just listened to it?

  • nate061607
    nate061607   4 weeks ago

    0:59 Fear of FOMO. Fear of fear of missing out.

  • jessica lines
    jessica lines   4 weeks ago

    how do you get on these videos?? I want to do these challenges.

  • Fatchoi 27
    Fatchoi 27   1 months ago

    Selena Is The Best Part Of The Taki Taki Video. How Cruel.

  • Snoozy Sleeps
    Snoozy Sleeps   1 months ago

    I don’t think JC understood how the game worked

  • pandoralover21
    pandoralover21   1 months ago

    you gotta have some slow mo guys stuff in these videos

  • Alina Dutra
    Alina Dutra   1 months ago

    tip:if you know or going to turn around then turn at the beginning so you won't miss it

  • Etta Stone
    Etta Stone   1 months ago

    But we get to watch it...........

  • Asriel Dremmurr
    Asriel Dremmurr   1 months ago

    Get K-pop fans to do this challenge but with k-pop videos

  • Addie Mae
    Addie Mae   1 months ago

    Ok so I have an idea you should do something kinda like this but instead of looking back you do it with popular music and you play the part before the drop and then they choose if they put the headphones on or not

  • Brittany Stack
    Brittany Stack   1 months ago

    I seriously love this channel. Thank you for existing. 🙂☺

  • John OuO
    John OuO   1 months ago

    XDDDDDD looked back when it ended xD

  • John OuO
    John OuO   1 months ago

    But you win nothing anyway