Our Retired Cop Car Made 1,000 HORSEPOWER!!! (Boost and Nitrous GT500!)

  • Published on: December 16 Nov 201

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  • Runtime : 43.15


  • Cody Price
    Cody Price   2 days ago

    The only thing that came to mind when y'all hit it with a taste of nos was the late Steve Irwin saying ... Ah look what we have here is the late American police car this one is angry oh yeah he's angry lol

  • Timothy Couvillion
    Timothy Couvillion   3 days ago

    James totally did that intentionally! He wanted that vic to earn it's license plate frame!

  • P. K.
    P. K.   6 days ago

    Lol james!!.Thats itJust a crack.Lol!!!

  • Space Emperor Karl
    Space Emperor Karl   1 weeks ago

    I'm just sitting here realizing that on an average daily driver setup, that vic does nearly 850hp......my god that is both terrifying and awesome! XD

  • mazdaspeed life
    mazdaspeed life   1 weeks ago

    Jeremy is the king of tuningthese cars he always working his magic

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker   2 weeks ago

    LS blew up in Ruby? Coyote swap that bad boy...girl...

  • Russ Nordstrom
    Russ Nordstrom   2 weeks ago

    You guys say don't make fun of the air filter, but I knew when I seen it all dented in, that it would limit your powwahhh. Nice vid

  • Joyride Moto
    Joyride Moto   2 weeks ago

    Needs literally a 3 shot, gives it a 200 just because.

  • uno efx
    uno efx   3 weeks ago

    you fellows have some fun projects for sure, it would be nice to know the actual price tags on some of these as we might like to copy one but would like to know the budget beforehand!

  • Atheer Sabih
    Atheer Sabih   3 weeks ago

    That air filter sure made a story, I'm glad you blew the motor, I really got tired of looking at that turd of a filter.

  • MrForrestcl
    MrForrestcl   3 weeks ago

    I wonder how Jeremy would tune a turbo 5.0. You have twin independent exhaust and intake cams to mess with.

  • tom
    tom   4 weeks ago

    How to say I sat here for 7 hours and watched every single one of your videos your the man Do it for Dale and you are such a nice gut god bless you and the USA  my dad was a World WarII veteran he loved this country and he loved our flag he passed away last Nov 8 at the age of 92 he would have loved to meet you thank you for all you do wtm913

  • Jimmie Fitz
    Jimmie Fitz   4 weeks ago

    lmao!!! shout out to ford head gaskets

  • Skilz_Killing
    Skilz_Killing   4 weeks ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the kid getting that 2 step in his face 😬😵

  • Shawn Libby
    Shawn Libby   1 months ago

    it needs a better air filter needs more air

  • Shawn Schroeder
    Shawn Schroeder   1 months ago

    Too bad the CV is no longer in production. It was the ultimate expression of the ‘65 Galaxie engineering, that NASCAR also based its car chassis specs on until the car of tomorrow introduced in the 2000’s.

  • Brandon Gamble
    Brandon Gamble   1 months ago

    I’ve got ur extra 3hp me in side ima make an extra 160hp🤫🤫🤫

  • Christopher Fodor
    Christopher Fodor   1 months ago

    Idk how often u guys read this but I went from watching dirt every day which I think is from motor trend to you guys and honestly very good show and now I want to see what that 5.3 does

  • billy manilli
    billy manilli   1 months ago

    Forget the sandbags in the trunk...Take the pushbar off the front and it'll wheelie...lolJoking aside, keep it the way it is... I love it!

  • Brian Haight
    Brian Haight   1 months ago

    OMG..😲 DATZ CRAZY..!!! Made Ed proud for sure..!!! Nice job gentleman. Y'all asses be lucky she didn't blow..🤣

  • Foxy
    Foxy   1 months ago


  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt   1 months ago

    Maybe I missed it but what engine management are you guys using on this, or on all your builds? It doesn't seem to be mentioned much.

  • Michael W
    Michael W   1 months ago

    32:02.... the last time she ran right hahaha... FULL PULL! GET THE BOTTLE!

  • Michael Gro
    Michael Gro   1 months ago

    look at James "cracking" the bottle on the Dino, and when he reenacts it in front of cleetus!

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith   1 months ago

    i respect you so much for donating to the JMS Burn Centers in Augusta Ga, i live 30 mins west in Thomson, Ga. My mother is a teacher / ambassador for JMS , and travels to teach about burns , including Pediatric Burns. I watch your videos daily , love them ! i hope you see this & reply ! #HellYeaBruther

  • Adam S
    Adam S   1 months ago

    Why dont they make toothed belts and pulleys for superchargers so you dont have slipping problems?

  • MithroJin
    MithroJin   1 months ago

    I can't believe a used gt500 block, from like 08, survived that...

  • Udon Nomi
    Udon Nomi   1 months ago

    Wish I could shoehorn an engine like that in my 30 y/o Pathfinder

  • DrtyBrd5.0
    DrtyBrd5.0   1 months ago

    Bro. You need to use the PMAS D.D. air intake with the big throttle body, it should help with the issue. Plus make an extra 30-50hp

  • Rethil Allison
    Rethil Allison   1 months ago

    Cleetus ur awesome man i dont comment on any videos but i spent time in that burn center i got caught on fire restorein a 64 falcon and burned 93% of my body beyond 3rd degree did nerve damage to the point that it didnt hurt unless it was bandage changing or the skingraph just wanted to say thank you for helping those kids man means alot to people like me ur a good man

  • 3enzik Films
    3enzik Films   1 months ago

    I live in Australia and I would almost literally kill for a crown vic that sounded like that