My Pixel 3 Display Problem? Ask MKBHD V33!

  • Published on: 25 October 2018
  • We've got a lot to talk about in this busy #techtober...

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  • Runtime : 10:8
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  • Warke Boy
    Warke Boy   3 days ago

    The two to one ratio is amazing I have an iPhone Xr and the little black bars looks amazing

  • Xxsucram89xX
    Xxsucram89xX   1 weeks ago

    Pixel 3 has a serious call quality issues with the phone dialer. Please make a video about this so Google can acknowledge! A quick search on Google or Reddit will show this is a widespread problem. Please help us!

  • Angel lopez
    Angel lopez   2 weeks ago

    Extremely disapointed with Google Pixle 3 XL due to the Black Crush. It literally makes black scene patchy and pixalated. How could Google put out a bulshit display like that and be ok with it and not offer any fixes. I will be returning this phone.

  • Rihards Aksels Nāburgs

    I personaly don't like the 16:9 ratio, because i am using a device with samsung's "Infinity display", and 16:9 ratio creates lotta black bars on sides, because i watch videos on landscape mode. So thank you so much by minimalaizing these black bars on sides.😉😉

  • john forgione
    john forgione   2 weeks ago

    Had to rotate my Pixel 3 XL so my notch didn't crop you out lol

  • Black Hornet
    Black Hornet   2 weeks ago

    Just received my Pixel 3 in the mail and the top left area of the screen has a large black/green burn in mark. This in combination with the courier delivering to the wrong house, and me having to pick it up at the delivery centre. Not happy with this experience.

  • Max Greiner
    Max Greiner   2 weeks ago

    Question: In your new video you talked about the punch-out for the selfie camera in the new S10... What is your opinion on killing the selfie camera? The headphones jack was killed... You could add another small screen to the back of the phone - like the phone jerryrigeverything took apart... What do you think? I would say the selfie camera is absolete...

  • its just luke Revive
    its just luke Revive   3 weeks ago

    Got to appreciate Marques for having changing the aspect ratio, was annoyed by the black bars but now I'm happy.

  • Tim Le
    Tim Le   4 weeks ago

    Thank you for the 2:1, it works great with my S9

  • 4boyscouts
    4boyscouts   1 months ago

    That headphone jack question was from the verified pluto account.

  • PurpleNinjaPower
    PurpleNinjaPower   1 months ago

    Let's get a like if you're watching this on a phone with a big ass pink stripe down it! :) S7 Edge here with a big ass line, my buddy got an S7 active with two big ass lines. Glad to see the update, I was thinking about getting a Pixel instead of an iPhone LOL.

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush   1 months ago

    Resolution wise, the video is cropped from the top and bottom, removing 240 pixels. So the video is 3840×1920 instead of 16:9 with 3840×2160. But if your camera records in 4320×2160, then YouTube scales it down slightly, which would mess up the sharpness. – I was hoping YouTube could stick to 4320×2160, because then they could offer an option to crop the sides of a 2:1 video to fill the 16:9 screen. When not running in full screen, the YouTube player does match the 2:1 format, except for when the window is smaller than 1146px wide with Cinema mode.

  • Pixie Panda Plush
    Pixie Panda Plush   1 months ago

    Thank you for saying 2:1 and not 18:9, we use the smallest common denominator. It's 4:3 and not 12:9.

  • Sean Ferney
    Sean Ferney   1 months ago

    the back bars line up perfectly with the youtube players buttons and junk. i like it.

  • Bellas 2cents
    Bellas 2cents   1 months ago

    You deserve it. She mispronounced your name though, right? Maybe I’m wrong.

  • Royal Yt
    Royal Yt   1 months ago


  • BC P
    BC P   1 months ago

    Flaws like dead pixels is just a fact of life when dealing with tech... Thats why they offer warranties. Just return it to whatever phone company you bought it from and get a new one... Its not a big deal.

  • Fisal El Bayoumy
    Fisal El Bayoumy   1 months ago

    Can we have your feedback about pixel 3xl now after you have tried for all this time?

  • Senior Tecnolge
    Senior Tecnolge   1 months ago

    Give your Google pixels to me.its Not available in my country 😭💔

  • Rahul M. Prathap
    Rahul M. Prathap   1 months ago

    You're still justifying Apple for that OnePlus event issue. What is this, Marques ? 😐

  • zander hartman
    zander hartman   1 months ago

    What’s the photo editing software you use and how can I beat get into photography

  • Diego
    Diego   1 months ago

    wheres the wallpaper link

  • Gavin Paull
    Gavin Paull   1 months ago

    I love the 2:1, it makes iPhone X have minimal black bars and no notch intrusion

  • Christian Holland
    Christian Holland   1 months ago

    what is the genre for the intro music, and the same genre on unbox theopy, they sound simular?

  • MrFrieday
    MrFrieday   1 months ago

    Try filming in 120 fps or even 60 fps with your pixel 3... You won't be able with the built in software. If you ask Google about this they will ask you to make a feedback ticket and download a 3rd party app on play store xD! Even though it's in the spec. So what they did is add an automatic fps fonction witch is rediculous obviously. I bought my pixel 3 exactly for shooting in 1080p 120fps... I really enjoy my first experience with Google!

  • Fudge Dredd
    Fudge Dredd   1 months ago

    If they’re going to force 1/8” headphone jacks out, then maybe the industry should just make all headphone jacks USB C instead (?). I don’t know the best solution, but it’s BS that a few players are mucking up people’s ability to use their amazing headphones without adapters they never have on them. This also shows companies like Apple’s lightning port (instead of USB C) creates further problems with universal solutions as well. This reminds me of Sony’s proprietary headphone jacks on their Walkmans in the late 80’s early 90’s. Notice that went the way of the dinosaurs.

  • Nexus Hexus
    Nexus Hexus   1 months ago

    Dude you dropped the phone, it's already been proven. Just exchange the phone under warranty and shut the fuck up Brownlee.