Introducing/Firing Up Neighbor's New 1200+ Horsepower Engine... IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

  • Published on: December 14 Des 201

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  • Mr.Binks
    Mr.Binks   1 days ago

    Did you just build a motor with stock exhaust manifolds?

  • Kevin Russbach
    Kevin Russbach   6 days ago

    -- Video does not support clear visibility of dash info. Filter required.

  • Brandon Currie
    Brandon Currie   6 days ago

    My 6.0 stock chevy motor has 80 oil pressure all the time

  • Dog
    Dog   1 weeks ago

    blames a ford for not being able to set the timing correctly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TF mate all v are flat plane cranks, do it for dale lmao dont you mean do it for valve

  • BIG SHamon
    BIG SHamon   1 weeks ago

    Dash is nasty💲😳😳💯💯DAMN BRO neighbor is ready

  • Sergeantmk3sedan
    Sergeantmk3sedan   1 weeks ago

    How did you blow up a gt500 block?? Arent those things practically bulletproof

  • chuckle chuckle
    chuckle chuckle   1 weeks ago

    1:06 "it happens" 💀, no it dont the only other place i seen it done was on the cletus McFarland channel

  • B4Ctom1
    B4Ctom1   1 weeks ago

    Weirdest LS engine evar..

  • Dana Coyle
    Dana Coyle   1 weeks ago

    It must .be nice to waste that type of money on a pos

  • Ronan Dixon
    Ronan Dixon   1 weeks ago

    Wont be running for long without an all aluminum radiator for better heat transfer .

  • HoleShot 86
    HoleShot 86   1 weeks ago

    Went to L&M on a college trip. Great company to do all your motor work. Really nice shop.

  • Iain King
    Iain King   1 weeks ago

    Well lads this girl sounds sick, I love the rumble just speaks power. No doubt now you two are the ones, keep em coming

  • wheelman1991
    wheelman1991   2 weeks ago

    That tears it. Im bringing my 2015 Charger Pursuit to Houston. Cop car burn outs?

  • Trent Robey
    Trent Robey   2 weeks ago

    Cooper always walking around with a phone in his paws

  • 199vinny
    199vinny   2 weeks ago

    🙏 THANK YOU for NOT riding the train of LS swaps it's getting old seeing every vehicle swap to an LS

  • krazy caleb
    krazy caleb   2 weeks ago

    How did you do that to the dash I want one

  • Brenton K
    Brenton K   2 weeks ago

    I don't mean to be Rude,, but, I'm guessing it's still gunna' throw a rod &..BaNG!

  • Chunkyninja 69
    Chunkyninja 69   2 weeks ago

    Please get some new headers! Perhaps some kooks headers!?

  • Eric Haskins
    Eric Haskins   2 weeks ago

    @cleetus mcfarland what Dash system did you use in Neighbor?? Been looking for something to mod my 7.3 F250. Do you all source your shirts here in Tampabay? Love your vids

    JAX POSE   2 weeks ago

    How about a better radiator? The stock crown vic radiator isn't exactly full pull rated

  • dustin Davidson
    dustin Davidson   3 weeks ago

    Is anyone else wondering what the heck happened with neighbor he made a Facebook post saying shit happens and has yet to give any other update lol maybe im just fanning too hard but you know its like a cliffhanger man

  • Nick Fay
    Nick Fay   3 weeks ago

    You guys want a fun project? Come get my 85 mercury cougar xr7. Orig 2.3 turbo, 5spd car. Needs the dist put back in. Ran fine. 2step, full msd, stinger 3" pipe, boost controller etc. MURICAN 4CYL V8 KILLR...

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers   3 weeks ago

    Man, this is such a contrast...I lived in Germany for many years and visited AMG and BMW M guys look like you’re out of something like a Dickens novel, very Victorian by comparison.“Doesn’t sound like we got the valves hitting the pistons, so we got the timing”...shit, real pros!!

  • jeffrey smith
    jeffrey smith   3 weeks ago

    How much was that engine? I have a project car. We call it the fermercury

  • Jonny G
    Jonny G   3 weeks ago

    Breather hole in the oil pan to cool faster

  • wrc11
    wrc11   3 weeks ago

    Ford engines are a thing of beauty

  • kevin leigh
    kevin leigh   3 weeks ago

    im curranty trying to mod my R53 mini cooper S. i have no shop and live in canada so working in the snow and rain and dont have the special tools needed but finding out tricks to get er done anyhow hahah. love your show ive been a car guy since 12 yrs old and now 37 yrs old.

  • Jason Henderson
    Jason Henderson   3 weeks ago

    That's not an old cop car the key dings. It's probably a p72 fleet car. Cop cars are usually in dark mode no dome lights or key/light warning sounds and it has to be enabled or disabled at the dealer.

  • Scott D.
    Scott D.   3 weeks ago

    Just got turned on your channel watching the segment with Rudy you guys rock looking forward to watch the rest of it and then keeping up with you on a regular basis up the great work love the videos

  • Robert Incze
    Robert Incze   3 weeks ago

    Know exactly how stressful that was xD when I did my engine rebuild I was off with my crank too. Same technique rotating crank and head to get the piston paat. Fun times

  • E VH
    E VH   3 weeks ago

    Hell Ya Brother!!!! My Favorite Car You Have