Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

  • Published on: December 22 Mar 201

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  • Tommy Oh.
    Tommy Oh.   3 hours ago

    Just watch the movie again.. He is dying because scientists put GMOs into food and water to deactivate the x-factor

  • Some_ Guy
    Some_ Guy   5 hours ago

    To make a extra unneeded video short he gets old heals faster can’t stop metal poisoning

  • Bob Slydell
    Bob Slydell   9 hours ago

    I seriously think you are over complicating this. It pretty much says in the movie that society has genetically altered the food to suppress the mutant genes. HELLO!!!???? thats whats actually killing him not natural gene decay

  • alex cobred
    alex cobred   22 hours ago

    Dude he lost his healing powers because of the adamantium poisoning

  • Easy Gaming
    Easy Gaming   1 days ago

    I just searched stomach ache and the same thing happened XD

  • the game master
    the game master   1 days ago

    I thaink it was that old guy that cut of his claws and started to drain him he prob would be fine if he killed that guy for good

  • Pablo Vazquez
    Pablo Vazquez   1 days ago

    But shouldn’t his telomeres just heal instead of chipping off

  • sZ Argyle!
    sZ Argyle!   1 days ago

    alright, tried to watch it but can't stand this nerd.stop trying to be funny lil fucker

  • יואב פרידמן-מרין

    He was 197 years old, not 140. Wow, matpat CAN make mistakes... ShockingEdit: And the human body can fix most mutations

    DEADZERO   1 days ago

    SMOOTHEST sponsorship EVER! good one.

  • HardCopy
    HardCopy   1 days ago

    In Logan movie. Where is Sabertooth & S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  • Kobe S
    Kobe S   1 days ago

    Wouldn’t Logan’s healing ability heal his rubber bumpers on his genetic bumper cars as well though, or does it just heal superficial wounds?

  • ii_ reaper
    ii_ reaper   2 days ago

    Actully this video doesnt stand on strong therory cuz he can regenrate from 1 cell soo he can regenrate dna

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X   2 days ago

    I was kinda wondering about that. Makes sense. He ages, his cells break down, same as anyone’s, just slower.Lol...he just old.

  • Zixxus01
    Zixxus01   2 days ago

    I just thought he was eating the anti mutant food the government was growing and his healing factor couldnt handle both so it was slowly killing him... he'll probably wake up a month or so after his death wondering what happened anyway.

  • James
    James   2 days ago

    A real theory would stay within context of the movies, ie Logan was never cured of the Viper's poison. The bear from The Wolverine foreshadowed Logan's future.

  • Stanislav Dugas
    Stanislav Dugas   2 days ago

    One flaw in your theory.... because of his healing powers his Telomere would get repaired as well. (boooom) theory failed .. sorry budy.

  • Israel Villarreal
    Israel Villarreal   2 days ago

    no one saw where they sead they put something in the food to kill the mutants

  • Aly Catniss
    Aly Catniss   3 days ago

    I love how you explain science, you somehow do it infinitely better than any teacher ever has. Consider doing videos where you have to do more math, like algebra! I need help passing that class!

  • Waqas Rabbani
    Waqas Rabbani   4 days ago

    ok, so one thing i remembered from the movie that sort of counters this theory is the fact that mutant gene suppressors were added to food and water through a government program, ensuring no new mutants are born... i believe that consuming that same food, logan has shut down his healing factor or at least slowed it down... breakdown of genes in a single generation is possible on a drastic level, theoretically. but environmental factors are more to blame rather than natural components.. !

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo   4 days ago

    It was very smooth how you drop in those razors lol

  • Kieran Luff
    Kieran Luff   5 days ago

    I have just noticed if Logan would mind his own business and not go to war or fight he might have lived for a lot longer

  • survivor 1129
    survivor 1129   5 days ago

    Well shit guess im gonna die with my metal plates in my knee

  • Mr, blast master kimjong u

    Loagen age is 250 because the movie Logan is taking in the future and the x men are dead and Logan. Has been in 4 wars in order. So that makes him 250 years old

  • Luke Pryor
    Luke Pryor   5 days ago

    But his healing factor would stop that so theoretically his healing factor would stop him from his healing factor going away. Right?

  • Phoenix 5089
    Phoenix 5089   6 days ago

    Wow that’s one smooth transition into the sponsor 11:22

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald   6 days ago

    It's a manly film watch it . Your girlfriend will probably hate it but for a man it's inspiring😂