2019 Tech I'm Ready For!

  • Published on: 01 January 2019
  • I am so ready for Dope Tech 2019. iPhone 11. Galaxy S10. Mac Pro. Tesla Model Y. And so much more.

    Mac Pro 2 concept: http://pascaleggert.de/macpro.html

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    Intro Track: Homebound by Droeloe

  • Runtime : 7:53
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  • MastaMan88
    MastaMan88   2 hours ago

    Why would you need 1Tb of storage on a phone?

  • 4x4forlyfe
    4x4forlyfe   4 hours ago

    Marques, what do you think of the new GR Supra?

  • Ryan Kane Fitzgerald
    Ryan Kane Fitzgerald   5 hours ago

    Dude, I love your work but if I gotta listen to you talk about "notches" and "hole-punches" on phone screens, I might go crazy. Please please talk about more interesting points of tech. Keep up the good work. You've carved out a great little "notch" for yourself! ;)

  • Lukey
    Lukey   6 hours ago

    Apple needs to make a monitor that works with the Apple Pencil.

  • Ravi Adluru
    Ravi Adluru   9 hours ago

    I want the hole punch in the middle too

  • Techkid720
    Techkid720   10 hours ago

    Can you explain what expandable storage means in one of your vids. Some People dont know what it actually means and think it holds FULL APP. PLZ do a video on it to help 7.7 mil ppl

  • Nowell V
    Nowell V   1 days ago

    Get ready your money folks

  • gor tos
    gor tos   1 days ago

    come on man 50% of the show is about apple products

  • Big poppa
    Big poppa   2 days ago

    seen like 20 videos from this guy, and re watched the beginning 5 times each, cant understand what he is saying when he introduces himself? what is his name, TBHD ?

  • Justin Cowgill²
    Justin Cowgill²   2 days ago

    I think the Mac Pro is going to have the same upgradability of the iMac Pro where you can only upgrade the ram & processor. Because when Apple says “modular” they usually mean newer ports...

  • SMC
    SMC   3 days ago

    Waits years for a quasi desktop Mac... Or could just buy a proper desktop PC today for way way less Oo

  • love kush
    love kush   4 days ago

    Black people dont need 4 K res . 480 p is enough

  • rästik
    rästik   4 days ago

    theme red black white Lenovo X1

  • freedom&conscience
    freedom&conscience   5 days ago

    Punch out punch out hype hype... some other companies might fix the punched hole etc. i know you really have a grudge against samsung since samsung didn't properly invite you to the samsung event in the past. In short, u r a child.

  • Kurt V.
    Kurt V.   5 days ago

    5G is the going to make robots from us and kill all organic materials. Have a look at studies about 5G where birds are falling out of the sky, being fried by 5G

  • Sierra Symone
    Sierra Symone   5 days ago

    The infinity O display.............. I'll probably never say those words again Says it again in new video

  • Mustafa Siam Ur Rafique

    I don't understand what is the problem with bezels. Galaxy S8 and S9 look nice. At least nicer than notched or holed display.

  • 1mezion
    1mezion   6 days ago

    Whether that's a hole in the screen or a notch it's the same damn thing to me, but they're experimenting with other ideas and that's good, personally, I preferred oppo's solution with the whole top sliding up thingamajig.Wait that shiny miniature trash-can looking thing cost $8,000 only apple.

  • Pungkoy
    Pungkoy   6 days ago

    everyone should stop using apple product

  • thatbratshinji
    thatbratshinji   6 days ago

    this is the same stuff you look forward to every year. Hell we do to

  • Kyler Yake
    Kyler Yake   6 days ago

    My S9+ has too many software issues

  • Tsuki no Otaku
    Tsuki no Otaku   6 days ago

    Honestly, I want the notch to be kept... Am I the only one who covers their front camera? The thing is never off and there have been so many security failures in the past that I can't trust an uncovered camera anymore... At most I would like the extending one maybe but not a fullscreen insertion like the s10 which would make covering the camera really weird.

  • Brandon Camarillo
    Brandon Camarillo   6 days ago

    Heres a game changing idea for bezelless display. No goddamn front facing camera... Boom game changer

  • Franz Galahad
    Franz Galahad   1 weeks ago

    Desktop Mac with dual monitors? Now that's gonna be....REALLY EXPENSIVE!!

  • Blayde
    Blayde   1 weeks ago

    mark-ass brownlee

  • Alex Allip
    Alex Allip   1 weeks ago

    yea .... you really checked new tech upcomings in 2019

  • suspects2097
    suspects2097   1 weeks ago

    Hmm I never had a Workstation that was not modular. Ok - to be fair, I had to switch after the G5 from apple to PC. Just because - as long apple doesn't build their own CPUs for Workstations, it's like buying a hackintosh from Macintosh so that's why I wanted to "Be different!" - see what I did there :)

  • Seamus Mc Donnell
    Seamus Mc Donnell   1 weeks ago

    I'm calling saturation point on phones with nothing but a year long gimmickry charade from the big companies.